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Where to find the anvil in Darnassus World of Warcraft FAQ

Darnassus city

Darnassus city is the delightful beautiful capital city of the night elves, long time members of the alliance. Here can be found the leaders of the druids and the priests and priestess's of elune. Guarded by the formidable sentinels and ancients of war and populated by the night elves, wisps and small animals of the woods.

Here in this serene and beautiful place, seldom visited by the people of the alliance it can be a nightmare to find those object of great use the anvil and forge. These are vital to a character with the mining, blacksmithing or engineering profession. Useful objects like the forge and anvil do not show up on the mini map and can be awkward to find unless you know where to look, for some reason many of the elven towns lack them or they are difficult to find unlike in the human and dwarf settlements.

Where to locate the anvil and forge

Starting at the bank area of Darnassus by the hero's call board which is located in the temple gardens area of Darnassus you want to moving towards the warrior's terrace across a large bridge. When almost across the bridge it broadens out. The area is surrounded by pillars and a carpeted slope leads upwards, here travel to the right hand side of the the right hand pillar. You have now reached your destination.

The map below shows the area you want to be in marked with a large X.

X marks the spot


New worgen on the block

Before cataclysm there were not even mining,blacksmith and engineering profession trainers in Darnassus, luckily Deathwing has brought some benefit to the forces of the alliance as there now are. Rolf Karner is the worgen to speak to if you want training in the arts of the blacksmith. This also gives the player another way to help them find the anvil and forge in Darnassus, speak to a sentinel and ask for the blacksmith profession trainer, the arrow will guide you in the right direction and he will appear on the mini map. Right next to him is what you seek the anvil and forge of Darnassus and a welcome sight to those who have searched in vain for them..

Rolf Karner



GreatSword23 from Belgium on August 04, 2017:

ahhh the memories in this one

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Gordon D Easingwood (author) from Wakefield, United Kingdom on February 20, 2012:

Yeah it used to be much harder for professions trainers often only trained you to a certain level 75 or 150 and then you had to travel to find a master trainer somewhere. Profession trrainers just seem to be eveywhere now.

John Roberts from South Yorkshire, England on February 13, 2012:

A nice guide and very helpful. I wasn't around before Cata, so I didn't know that they lacked BS, Mining and Engineering supplies. Yet when I saw the engineering trainer, I was a bit confused - Night Elves? Engineering? Surely you jest!

I'm surprised that they have little forges, but I suppose you need only look elsewhere like Orgrimmar or Ironforge for such things. Yet I'm in Darnassus for the beauty - indeed, it's an underrated place ^^

Gordon D Easingwood (author) from Wakefield, United Kingdom on February 13, 2012:

Thanks obviously the night elves aren't big on metal.

More WoW related hubs will be forth comining the future watch this space.

Worldofwow1992 from Michigan on February 13, 2012:

Awesome hub! I am a bit of an addict with this game. I never even realized that there were no anvils in Darnassus before reading this. I always camped out in SW. Darnassus is truly underated. A very beautiful city. Would love to see more WoW related hubs man. Great job.

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