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Where to Farm Light Silver in "Order and Chaos"

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Light Silver Farming

Light silver in WI, oac.

Light silver in WI, oac.

The Struggles of The Warrior

Unlike mages and monks, warriors cannot get all of their mats for killing the same humanoid. Warriors need scraps, which drop from humanoids, AND ore. You probably already know the difficulties of ore farming.

Bty the time you are ready for light silver, you have already experienced marcasite. The days of bronze mineral and primal ore are long gone.

To farm light silver in Order and Chaos comb Whispering Islands and The Great Desert

There are more light silver spawn points in Whispering Islands than there are in the Great Desert. But, in the GD there are farmable chests which may contain up to 9 light silver. Some chests have many, and other chests have none. This often makes farming in the desert faster.

Light silver is gold in appearance and features glowing white crystals. It sells for a high amount on the auction house. That is good if you are selling, but doesn't help if you are buying.

Crafting Epics!

This is an epic mage, warriors use light silver to become epic.

This is an epic mage, warriors use light silver to become epic.

What is Light Silver Used For?

Light silver is used during advanced foundry. Remember foundry is mandatory for warriors. If you have a 100 point slab stone, you might think about using it to skip this level. The next stage is easier. Although it does get harder once you hit dark crystal ore.

Light silver is used to make level 35 - 41 gear. It tends to be more expensive than other ore in the auction house. This makes it important to learn to farm it on your own.

To force spawn light silver, you must also pick the primal iron. I know it takes up space, but you get more light silver to spawn that way. If you don't need the primal iron, then sell it on the auction house.

Buy, Farm, or Open Chests

There are three ways to get light silver.

  1. Buy it from the auction house or other players.
  2. Farm it.
  3. Win it in normal dungeon chests.

Buying ore in the auction house and from other players is expensive. But, if you have the gold it can save you the headache.

Below is a light silver farming guide with pictures that you can use to help save yourself some time.

Winning ore in normal dungeon chests is the newest way to get light silver. Each toon can carry up to three boxes.

These chests contain crafting mats and diplomas and come in three forms.

  • Green (Normal)
  • Blue (Rare)
  • Purple (Epic)

The green chests hold fewer mats, but it only takes a half hour to open them. The purple chests contain the most amount of mats but can take 12 hours to open.

You can spend runes to open these, but I wouldn't. As you level collect chests. Pass on the green and blue and get only purple if possible. If that isn't possible then get a high-level blue chest.

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Whispering Islands Light Silver Map

Whispering Islands light silver ore spawn map.

Whispering Islands light silver ore spawn map.

Light Silver Mining Route

I start in the North, at the Camp of Hemir. There is a beach just east of town where 6 to 8 light silver spawn in a small area.

  • Leave the camp of Hemir by the road.
  • When it dead ends head east
  • As you enter the beach stay along the west cliffline
  • Follow the cliff, mining the ore.
  • When the cliffline ends, swim to the island (one spawns here).
  • Go to the beach, and follow it south

Check the two islands to the southeast for a mount or rare blood. Back at the beach, follow the cliff line. Mine all the ore on the way back to the Camp of Hemir.

Example of Light Silver Spawn Point

Light silver near the Camp of Hemir.

Light silver near the Camp of Hemir.

Mining Light Silver North of the Camp of Hemir

There is quite a bit of ore north of the Camp of Hemir. Most of the ore is along the mountain faces and on the beaches.

As you head north, also head east. The beach where you had a quest to kill crabs with Akira's sword has quite a bit of light silver, too. The enemies in this are drop exquisite armor scraps and wool cloth.

The beach is east of the cave and down the steps below the humanoid ruins. There is a chest on the beach that may have the ore that spawns in this zone.

Light silver in Vega.

Light silver in Vega.

Heading South

Once you finish up north, it is time to begin the journey south. Do not bother with the teleporter, you will only miss light silver spawns.

Pay special attention to the cliff faces and around the large buildings. Staying off the road, and out in the wild, pass Eversummer Port and head south.

Do not head straight into Vega. Instead stay in lower Vega. Fewer players notice you there. There is also more light silver in lower Vega than in middle or upper. There is a chest by a well near the steps from upper to middle vega. Then there is more down by the steps and in the surrounding area.

There are lights over spawn points on the beach and coastline. When finished in Vega, head up the stairs into the wintry mountains.


Into the Chilly Mountains

The wintry mountains of Whispering Islands looks as if it belongs in Frostlund.

It is also home to Christmas land, the popular Christmas Festival.

There is light silver and primal iron that must be mined in this area. Remember you must collect them both to get more light silver spawn.

While are exploring the area you might get lucky and find the Easter egg, which hints at the possibility of motorcycle mounts.

After thoroughly searching the mountains head south towards the Seashore.


The Seashore

The Seashore is the southern most town in Whispering Islands.

  • Begin by taking the exit that leads down to the beach.
  • There are sometimes two light silver spawns on the walkway to the beach.
  • When you get to the beach follow the cliff line off to your left.
  • Loop around and continue down until it says you have entered the Great Desert.
  • At this point turn around and head back to the Seashore.
  • There is one more light silver location that has a lot of light silver near it.

More Light Silver

Light silver in the Hall of Reverie.

Light silver in the Hall of Reverie.

The Hall of Reverie

The Hall of reverie is littered with light silver.

  • Unfortunately, it is also a little bit of a maze.
  • Teleport to the Hall of Reverie and head straight down to the beach.
  • Once again, you will find massive amounts of light silver all along the beach.
  • Attempt to head all the way north and return all the way south. On the way, however; take a detour up to Young deities realm.
  • You will find light silver along the rock face near the fish folk.
  • Continue to the steps that lead to the dungeon, but instead of going up to the dungeon mine light silver to the left and right of the steps.
  • This is also where a mount and a rare blood spawns.

Mining Light Silver in the Desert.

Light silver can also be found in the Great Desert.

However, the Great Desert is an intermediary place for foundry.

Instead of having one main ore, this zone seems to have an equal amount of light silver and gold mineral, with a few primal iron mixed in.

The Great Desert is a desert is a vast wide open space filled with ore.

You can use the secret of staying near the cliff faces to find ore. However, you may need to run across the desert looking for more.

Now that the 6th Anniversary is over, I will create light silver/matted gold mineral map for The Great Desert and the spawn points of the farmable chests ASAP.

© 2014 Jade Griffin

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