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Where can I buy a Progressive Flo Bobblehead?

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I want a flo Bobblehead.

As I watched the Super Bowl one commercial caught my eye. Wow, surely that wasn't a Progressive insurance commercial without Flo? No way - hang on - there she is - OK so it's not a full size Flo but instead it's a Flo Bobblehead! (see the full 'Skinny Jeans' commercial below)

Wow - now that is cool - and I want one now!!! Somehow the idea of having Flo bobbing up and down on my dashboard is comforting - not that it makes me any safer, but she is sooooo cool!

So I began to scour the internet looking for one and was shocked to see that there aren't any of the major retailers selling it - luckily for me I love eBay and through some careful searching I was able to find one! OK so they are a little expensive - but it is Flo after all!


So where can I find a Progressive Flo Bobblehead?

These special Bobble-Heads are hard to come buy at the moment; you can enter a competition to win one, but aside from that they are pretty scarse. My guess is that once the initial buzz surrounding them has gone, you'll being to see sites like Amazon and Target selling them, until then you'll only be able to get one on eBay!

I have no connection to the sales on eBay so I have no way to know if these are legitimate bobbleheads or scams - to be honest, unless the eBayer selling them doesn't have a decent eBay seller score I wouldn't buy from them - so you have been warned!

There's an indefinable quality about Progressive Flo. Whether it's a combination of the sweet next door neighbor, or the prim and proper 50s lady, you simply find yourself trusting everything she says.

She is simply 'nice' and it's this endearing quality that appeals to many in the age of texting, twitter and Fadcebook that probably sets her aside from other icons of advertising!

Should I buy a Progressive Flo Bobblehead as an investment?

Probably not, there are quite a few bobbleheads available already and there's not much chance that it will gain any value over the next ten years - however if you keep it in the box and never use it, it could be worth something in the next 100 years especially if you manage to buy it cheaply!

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dancer1957 on August 04, 2012:

I just looked up the flo bobble heads and there are various ones. Going from $20 to $67. Check out

flo from progressive on October 08, 2011:

hey guys its me just wanted to sayhanks for loving me!

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johnnyfresno on August 30, 2011:

if you email progressive the will send you a flo badge and an autographed picture of flo. i did.

mw on April 10, 2011:

you mess with the flo, you got to go.

Flower WV on March 26, 2011:

For you Flo haters! There's a "I can't stand Flo" the Progressive Ins lady site on facebook. I wish I could find a bobblehead for a certain someone I know that can't stand her.

Ryan on March 10, 2011:

Everytime my 1yr old even hears a commercial with Flo on it she has to run over, stare locked on the tv and just starts dancing. She would love a Flo!

Nightmare on February 26, 2011:

Well Scott your wife might be erked by her because, Flo looks better than her? Just sayin...

Simon Cook (author) from NJ, USA on February 23, 2011:

Scott: LOL it's funny how you either love her or hate her! It looks like they are phasing her out though!

Scott on February 22, 2011:

Wow, a Flo bobblehead, I have to get one for my wife to slap around for stress relief. It's really funny how much Flo really erks her.

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