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What's Next for Xbox+Bethesda?

First Things First- Exclusivity

With the now official deal of Xbox acquiring the parent company of Bethesda (Zenimax Media) it has left the gaming world in a spin many wondering if the next elder scrolls or fallout title could be swiped from PlayStation. But I have good news and bad news- Xbox knows they can sell both existing IP's anywhere since they are so well known and make a formidable profit giving them a reason to have it only on one platform but the community backlash would be the good news for PlayStation fans because Xbox doesn't seem like the company to really take away games from hungry audiences who have already had a taste for the series which is why I see newer or unannounced IP's such as Starfield -Bethesda latest game in the works- to be the most likely game of Bethesda's to be an Xbox exclusive at least for a timed period. This is all not to mention id studios the people behind Doom, machine games the devs behind Wolfenstein and Arkane the minds behind Dishonored and Prey which could have their next games taken under the exclusivity umbrellas.

What this Means for Game Pass

It's no secret Xbox wants game pass to become the next big thing with the ever expanding their roster of games which just got bigger with it's 7.5 billion dollar shopping spree. There are a total of 20 games coming to Xbox Game Pass from this deal and more to come with following releases. It is clear Xbox plans for this to be the future of gaming and it is something PlayStation and Nintendo really cannot ignore as it is shaping gaming and if Game Pass is paired with a fully functional Xcloud it means there really are no limits to gaming. Those 20 games include the likes of Fallout NV, F4, F76, and the most recent elder scrolls if you can call them recent! This is still not to mention the plethora of doom, Wolfenstein, and dishonored games coming as well!

Why the Competitors Should be Scared

In the past Sony has boasted it's roster of exclusives making it ever so enticing to join team PlayStation with the likes of Uncharted, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn. These are all legendary, amazing and highly touted games that are often shoved in Xbox fans' faces. Xbox hasn't mentioned specifically what it's ownership of Bethesda means for exclusivity and all the other studios, but it being left up in the air is not what PlayStation or Nintendo wants. Xbox has never aimed to take away games from the people in the past but it still wants to make money and get as many people on board to Xbox and this tactic is perhaps the most sly and ingenious comeback to Sony's roster of exclusives.

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