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What Your Multiversus Main Says About You



Zoinks! If you like playing Shaggy you are likely a Meme lord! You’re up to date with your latest memes and you never use a meme once it’s gone out of style.

But you’re not really playing plain old shaggy are you? No, you’re playing Ultra-Instinct Shaggy and you’re only using 1% of your power while doing it!



So Cute! If Gizmo’s more your speed you’re a huge movie buff! You love nothing more than to curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a classic!

But be warned, Gizmo Main’s aren't as cute and cutlery as they may appear! One wrong move and it’s no more Mr. Nice Gremlin.


Harley Quinn

Why be a good guy when being bad is this fun!? If you love Harley Quinn you’re a fun-loving energetic kind of person!

You’re the life of the party, great to be around, But not afraid to rearrange a few people's faces.


The Iron Giant

Not a gun. Big loveable and wouldn't hurt a fly. Does that sound like you? If so you probably main Iron Giant.

You prefer to settle things with your words but if a friend’s in need it’s —Iron Giant to the rescue! Did I mention you love Superman?

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You are vengeance, you are the night, you... you get the point! If Batman is your top pick you’re tactical and quick on your feet!

You plan every detail of your life and you never go anywhere without a plan. You sometimes overwork yourself but in the end, you get the job done!



Ball is life! If Leron is your go-to you’re a realist. You love to work and a group and you’re a real leader and team player.

You also never give up and have a soft spot for the oldies Like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck!


Tom and Jerry

Ah, the classic tale of cat and mouse. If you spend your weekend playing Tom and Jerry you’re a sneaky fighter.

Instead of facing your problems head on you prefer to come up with clever solutions to get your way and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty.


Wonder Woman

Speck truth! If the lasso of truth calls your name when you look at the character select screen you are loyal, independent, and strong-willed.

Once you’ve set your mind on something you never give up! And you make sure to help out your friends along the way!



Jinkies! I think I lost my glasses. If you are a Velma main you love puzzles, books, and especially mysteries!

But you’re not one for a round of fisticuffs, you prefer to handle things from a far and perform a more support role!



Just so fluffy! If you love Raindog you’re not alone. Out of all the iconic characters on our list, Raindog has to be the fluffiest.

You’re not too much of a competitive gamer, you just like to have a few laughs with your friends!



Sorry I didn't quite get that... If you’re a Taz fan you love fast, heart-pumping action!

You don’t want to worry about combos or spacing, you just want to tear up the screen with your flashiest moves!



Who do these Moe-Moes think they are? If you’re a Finn main you can’t sit still for more than a few seconds. You’re spontaneous and always have something to say!

If you’re not constantly pushing buttons what are you doing!? You push forward and never back down!



Don’t forget your stretches dude! If Jake is your bestie you’re laidback, chill, and fun to be around. You’re also super supportive and an overall great bud!

But you’re not to e trifled with in a tussle. With you’re stretchy powers you keep your enemies at bay and you’re a monster a close range!



Wuba-Luba-Dub-Dub! If you’re a Rick main your IQ must be in the stratosphere. You probably have a degree in quantum physics and a Ph.D. in computer science.

Seriously though you love fast-paced action and devastating combos! One wrong move against you and it’s all over!



Oh Geez! Do we really have to fight!? If you’re a Morty fan you don’t like confrontation too much! But if a baddie butt needs bashing you’re ready for anything.

You like to use all the tools at your dispose to make things difficult for your opponents. You’re not into long strings of combos but once you get your spacing tight it’s GAME OVER!


Bugs Bunny

What’s up doc? If you’re a Bugs main you never fight fair and you have more then a few tricks up your sleeves.

You like to let your opponents think they have the upper hand only to pull the rug from undertaken with a clever setup!



For truth, justice, and grabs! If the Man Of Steel is your highest-level charter you are a force of nature. You’re fearless, brave, and bold.

One of you Favorite things to do in Multiversus is to wait just off the ledge, grab your opponent and throw them down for an early ringout!


Arya Stark

Who wants pie!? If you’re an Arya main you’re all about timing, patience, and precision. You bide your time and look for an opening and when the time is right you strike.

More of a lone wolf you like to handle things on your own. Why would you need a partner after being trained by the greatest swordsmen to ever live?



Music for the soul! If you know garnets song by heart you’re a supportive friend and an excellent teammate.

You’re not here to rush in, get a quick ringount and dip. You’re here for the long hall and you’ll control stage while you do it!


Steven Universe

The power of friendship! If you are one of the few Steven mains you have a kind heart and an unassuming exterior.

But deep down you’re a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. You’re a team player and you’ll save your teammate when the time comes!

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