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What Makes the Intellivision Amico Unique

The Intellivision Amico is a brand new console inspired by the Mattel Intellivision of the 1980's. It hopes to bring families back together.

The Intellivision Amico Sets to Innovate


According to business author Peter Drucker, "Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation.”

While the intellivision Amico does not utilize any ground breaking new technology, it is how the existing technology is used is what makes the Intellivision Amico unique.

Game Curation


While gaming companies want to make sure that they have their own ecosystem to host their games, they are not as stringent when it comes to approving games in their platform. Take for instance Steam, Google Play Store and the Nintendo eShop. You would spend hours upon hours wading through a mixture of high and low quality games. Unless you knew what specific game you wanted, as a parent this is a nightmare.

Only the best games make it to the Intellivision Amico storefront.There will be no shovelware on the Amico.

Intellivision funds all the games made for the system so it has absolute control on what comes out and what gets nixed.

The lack of game curation is part of what led to the 1983 video game crash and Tommy Tallarico only wants only the very best for his system

Simple Affordable Family Entertainment


While the Big Three - Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo do have some family friendly games, there are some games that contain a lot of violence

and sexual content. Think of games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. These aren't the games you would want young children playing.

Every single game for the Amico is rated "E" for Everyone so whatever game you pick, it is good for every age level.

Furthermore, every game is $9.99 or less at launch. Of course, there will be higher priced games in the future as there will be more complex games like Earthworm Jim and Dolphin Quest but you won't be seeing $50 or $60 games on the Amico.

For less than a price of a movie ticket, you can have hours of fun with the whole family.

The Amico was meant to bring the family together whether it be parents and their kids, grandparents and their grandchildren and aunts and uncles and their nephews and nieces.

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The Controller


Sure, every console has a controller. What makes the Intellivision Amico unique is its ergonomic controller which is packed with features such as a touchscreen, a rotating disc which could go in 64 directions (a traditional direction pad can only do 8 directions), shoulder buttons, an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

The Amico controller was shaped in a way that it is easy for anyone to grasp it.

The controller was also made to last as it can withstand a lot of punishment before it gets destroyed.

This unique controller can be charged using USB or on the charging area on the base of the Amico.

The controller has the keys to games you own so you can bring your collection to your friend and he can sample them for 24 hours.

This hearkens to a time when people shared games and would bring over games they owned to share to friends and relatives.

The controller very much looks like a mobile phone which makes it accessible and non-intimidating to non-gamers.

Bringing Gaming to the People


The Big Three - Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo rely on advertising and marketing budgets that run up to the millions so they use brand ambassadors and advertisements in traditional media and the Internet to promote their products.

Tommy Tallarico has a much smaller company with a limited advertising and marketing budget but has made the most of the resources he has.

He has forged friendships with many creators in the You Tube community such as Turbo Joe, Relic Gamer, The Retro Bro, Cyrus Martin, Dreadpool, Mike Mullis, OEB Pete, DJC Game Studios, Amico Kid, Retro Advisory Board, Movie Madness and Entertainment, Saggy Melonz, "Retro" Rich Heywood, and Smash JT, who cover news about the console on a regular basis.

The Amico has also been featured on websites such as IGN, Nintendolife, Venturebeat,Best Buy Blog, Moms, Romper, PR Newswire and TechRaptor.

Tommy's plan is to get the Amico in the hands of the people as they will not appreciate what it has to offer unless they try it themselves.

So far, most of the people who have tried the Amico at events held at the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas and The Crayola Experience in Easton, Pennsylvania have liked the system and the games.

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