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What Happens When Mario Has the Super Crown, Saving Peach as Toadette; Early Observation of Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

An old school gamer, Jennifer Branton enjoys her Nintendo titles on The Switch when taking a break from survival horror and RPG titles.

Return Of Mario Platforming On New Platform

While my one fault with Nintendo when it presented its shiny new hybrid console the Switch was the lack of software announcements that followed it. Sure we got some premier titles right at launch, but in the years that have passed and time ticks on the system has been better known for relaunching old titles and software that is available on other platforms than releasing its own.

Still the release of New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe on the Switch was a celebrated event as it would be the first platforming Mario game after Super Mario Odyssey had broken the mold with its initiative game play that took a little from every Mario before it and created levels that had both open world and 2D platforming elements.

Still it wasn't the same as your core Mario title with its eight worlds of plains, desert, ice world, and all that "Our Princess is in another castle" that we grew up on. Sure Peach is an independent woman now and everything but we all love saving her.

Deluxe is a mix of levels from Super Mario Bros U and the celebration of Luigi title Super Luigi U changed up in the way that the New Super Mario games had for 3DS.

Nabbit And Toadette's Duel Identity

Deluxe offers two new characters to its roster for the mashup of this title: Nabbit and Toadette.

While experimenting with all the characters in an afternoon play through I hadn't remembered to check what happens in the section where a Toad house is robbed by the masked playable character if you are playing as him yourself.

Rated in the character screen as the easiest of the bunch, Nabbit could be useful for novice players to the maps. It is rare to see playable characters ranked in a Mario title and it is a nod back to Super Mario Bros 2 for characters to have different strengths and be able to change the characters to what fits for the world while in the menu screen.

Rated next easiest is Toadette, who is no stranger to the Mario spin off series where the pink toad races karts and plays mini games with the best of them. In this game however, Toadette has a unique power to change into Peachette, a hybrid character that is not quite Peach but seems to suggest that there is a step in evolution between humans and the toad people.

With nearly identical floating ability to hover a bit longer than any other player Peachette's hang time granted from Toadette coming across a Super Crown, is a bit of advantage on long jumps where a character might have to wait for a block to move or an enemy to turn their back on a decent.

With Peachette so similar to the missing princess there were many early theories that Peachette will eventually replace the reigning monarchy.


What Happens When Peachette Saves Peach

After the trials and tribulations of fighting the Koopalings through the various levels of the Mushroom Kingdom and its surrounding areas, Deluxe follows the formula set by Super Mario Bros 3 by guiding characters through an over world map where enemies and toad houses along the path can unlock extra items.

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One of these found in mini games and in the worlds themselves is the Super Crown, an item that causes the transformation of Toadette into her alter humanoid ego Peachette whom looks similar to the princess except for slight alterations in the dress and shoes and a different eye color causing the internet speculation that Peachette will eventually take the place of Peach. This seems to already have happened in the past as well as before Super Mario Bros 3 had addressed the princess as Toadstool.

Toadstool had also a slightly different appearance made more apparent in the cartoon show where she was a brunette.

Is the Mushroom Kingdom already on their second princess and about to meet the third?

As the game is completed however as Peachette in the final fight as the videos suggest, she is returned to being Toadette and thanked with the ceremonial kiss on the head before credits, never allowing for Peach and Peachette to be side by side.

Could there be an actual reason explained in later games as Peach retires or will they just move in Peachette to the princess spot without a word otherwise like Nintendo did to Toadstool?

Or it could have been too visually awkward to animate like something out of an eighties game where characters would be side by side playing against the same sprite as themselves just dressed in opposite colors?


Does Deluxe Force Players To Be Peachette

Never in a Mario game has there been a power up that is exclusive to one character over another.

The first chance I got to test out the characters, I wanted to know what happened once someone other than Toadette came across a Super Crown in the game play or along the road in a mini game. I expected something special that wasn't announced by Nintendo during launch.

I was disappointed as characters other than Toadette can only store the item in their inventory slots on the main menu. Because winning these items at Toad house or in a chest mini game along the path can not be removed unless a player uses them, does this force Toadette to be used?

I played well into the second world as Mario and then the amount of Super Crowns taking up space in the inventory were starting to weigh on me so I probably did what any other players had and gone into the main menu and switched back to Toadette for a few levels to use the Super Crowns up and then switched back to whomever I wanted to play as at that point.

Was this something Nintendo didn't consider when plugging the Super Crowns into the levels? Clearly they couldn't make alternate worlds just for Toadette's play through right? But games did this all the time with changing items and level dynamics for a B player scenario.

Just look at the upcoming release of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Why couldn't the Super Crown appear as something else in the other players game? Or why couldn't the male characters change into Peachette as well? Or at least a male version of the character?

Was there much more Nintendo was worried about here?

Either way it pretty much forces players to either not be able to pick up any more items or be forced to change back to Toadette to use up the Super Crowns every so often.

Not exactly what gamers were thinking when this new power up came into being.

Overall New Super Mario U Deluxe is a great game and a little more of a challange when the last time I lain my hands on the Switch controller for a Mario title was Odyssey.

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