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What Are The Best Miniclip Games - iPhone Games Online At is a website that offer online games. Here we will take a look at the best Miniclip games and which ones are the most popular. This list is not simply a top ten list of Miniclip games, it’s a comprehensive guide to the best classic games on the Miniclip website. If you are looking to play online games at Miniclip, then you have come to the right place.

Miniclip online games has been running for many years now. Over time they have brought out hundreds of online games to play, some are fantastic whereas some are pretty average. So if you head over to the site, where exactly do you start? Well here we will look at some of the best miniclip games of all time. This guide will give you an idea of the best games on the site.

The Best Miniclip Games



Bubble Trouble


Let’s start with an arcade classic. This has long been one of the best Miniclip games and it still draws in thousands of players every day. The concept is based on the old Pang arcade game. You character must pop the bubbles on the screen to progress to the next level. To do this you must use a variety of different weapons at your disposal. When you pop a large bubble it will divide into two. This will keep happening until the bubble get’s down to it’s smallest size, then it will simply disappear. As you move through the levels there are more bubbles to pop, more obstacles to negotiate and often less time to do all this in.

Bubble Trouble really is a classic miniclip game. It is one that has been on the site for many years and brings players back time and time again. This is a game that is very easy to get hooked on and it’s great fun to play. If you want an arcade classic then look no further than Bubble Trouble.


Disc Pool


If it’s classic multiplayer action you are after, then Disc Pool is top draw. This is another classic miniclip game that has been around for a long time. As Miniclip have recently brought out an iPhone app version of the game, it has had something of a resurgence of popularity. The idea is based on shuffleboard. You have a circle of colored disks in the middle of the table, there is a hole in each corner of the table. You must pot your colored disks into the holes. The game is pretty simple to play and very easy to pick up.

The reason why Disc Pool is one of the best Miniclip games is that it works on many different levels. There are players out there who know all the complicated moves, all the safety shots and all the doubles. You can play this multiplayer against other players online and the system will keep a record of your results and statistics. Disc Pool really is a top Miniclip game that deserves it’s place on our list of games.


Table Tennis


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A classic game in the sports section, Table Tennis is another game that deserves it’s place as one of the best games at This game is probably one of the oldest on the site, over the years it has been refined and improved by the designers. Now the game is very easy to play and has excellent game play. When you play you are entered into a competition where you play against computer players from around the world. Each time you beat an opponent you move on to the next one who will be slightly better.

The controls in this game are very simple, you simply move your table tennis bat with the mouse and to serve you click the mouse. You can put spin on the ball and do soft lob shots or powerful smash shots. Some of the harder opponents are quite difficult to beat so this means that you end up playing the game a lot to try to complete the harder levels. Table Tennis is another classic Miniclip game.


Heli Attack 3


When it comes to action games there are few more popular than Heli Attack 3. Heli Attack and Heli Attack 2 were both good, but with this version Miniclip really did raise the standard. The idea is pretty simple, you are a little action man who must destroy the helicopters. This is a basic platform game where you have a few moves such as jumping and ducking. The enemy will fire bullets at you which you must try and avoid to maintain your health. Every so often when you kill an enemy they will drop a weapon, you can pick this up and then use it against the next enemies.

Heli Attack 3 is one of those games that is very easy to play and yet very addictive. There are lots of levels that get progressively harder. When you die you can register your high score on the leaderboards. Your game is also saved so you don’t have to go back and start from level 1, you can just carry on where you left off. This has been one of the most popular games on Miniclip for a long time and no doubt it will continue to be so in the future.


Sky Golf


There are many popular online golf games and while this certainly is not the best, it is a very entertaining one with lots of features to enjoy. Sky Golf is basically miniature golf, but in the sky. There are a variety of fun holes to take on that all present unique challenges. The game is easy to play and the controls are very easy to master. There are lots of similar miniature golf games but this one stands out because it is that little bit different and hence makes the game more fun.

Some of the holes are quite tricky and getting a good score on them can be very difficult. For these reasons the game quickly becomes addictive. It can take real practice and patience to get it right sometimes which makes it more interesting. You can record your scores on leaderboards and compete with players from around the world. Sky Golf is another excellent game that is well worth a play.


There are hundreds of other online games at This really is a wonderful website with so much to enjoy. Here we have just had a look at a few of the best Miniclip games available, there are plenty more that are worth a play that didn’t quite make this list. If you do enjoy playing flash games then head over to and get playing.


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