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Welcome back GT: what I learnt from Gran Turismo 7 trailer

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On September 10th 2021, Sony released the second trailer of the Gran Turismo 7. While the trailer has been out a week ago, it still leaves impressions and expectations on the upcoming game.

Most importantly, 7 marks the return of the series to its original roots. Since its first iteration, Gran Turismo has been known for its progress-based career mode as well as “upgrade and race” gameplay. After Sport putting the focus on eSport aspects and emphasizes more on driving skills learning, 7 will revisit elements in the classic era that has defined the series once more.

Here are the things that I have learned from the recently dropped trailer so far:


Throwback galore

First the trailer. It’s a fanservice that gives GT fans goosebumps including myself. The trailer itself is a homage to past GT title intros, particularly the PS1 and PS2 eras. Nostalgia kicks in.

Moving on to the game, the home screen is now designed as a town complete with icons, a call back to Simulation Mode’s home screen presentation in pre-PS3 titles more or less.

Classic tracks are also confirmed to be making appearance once more. The indication of this is the legendary High Speed Ring and Trial Mountain appearing in the trailer.


A proper career mode

Gran Turismo 7 will introduce a proper career mode Campaign Mode. Now under the new name of Campaign Mode, player will buy a car, tune it to the optimum performance, and win a race with it once again.

Features appeared in older titles such as GT Auto and fan-favorite used car dealership are also returning. Oh, and you'll have to spend many times trying to get gold in license tests again.


Car customisation revamped

The car customization part receives overhaul in 7. Just like in 4,5, and 6, player can install visual parts such as GT wing, rims, and body kits. However, the piece de resistance is the updated livery editor.

It now provides more areas for decal placement including car windows and windshield banner. You can also alter the decal texture.

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Like the Sport counterpart, you can create, upload, and share your own design. It also features an improved user interface which is expected to make decal placement easier and allow more precise positioning.


Dynamic time and weather returns

After complaints about the lack of variable time and weather in Sport, 7 finally adds this feature back. However, as of now, no information given as to the feature will be in effect to all courses.

Interestingly, Polyphony Digital bases the feature upon academic databases including NASA's database. This allows 7 to recreate driving conditions “in a procedure that is unique to the Gran Turismo series”.

The day and night cycle also extends to the aforementioned home screen, making the menu feels more dynamic.


Brighton Antiques

Aside from the aforementioned used car dealership, 7 will also feature a new car dealer called Brighton Antiques. The dealership specializes in classic cars akin to “Classics” in 4.

The dealer sells classics like DeTomaso Mangusta and Porsche 356. Player will also find historic racing cars such as Toyota Supra GT500, an iconic racing car that has appeared in previous Gran Turismo installments.


The GT500 cars

Another thing from the trailer that piqued my interest is the racing-spec Toyota Supra and Nissan Skyline GT-R (Castrol Tom’s Supra ’97 and Pennzoil Nismo GT-R), now renamed as Toyota Supra GT500 ‘97 and Nissan GT-R GT500 ‘99, respectively. This leads me to a couple of questions

Are other racing versions now available as “colors” for said cars? So, no more distinct cars? I mean, Gran Turismo is infamous for having different variations for not only road cars but also racing cars. Nevertheless, the idea of merging different versions into one car is going to be interesting.

GT7 is out for PS4 & PS5

Lastly, the trailer has confirmed that 7 will be available for PS5 and PS4, making 7 the first cross-gen Gran Turismo installment. As a PS4 owner, I can't help but be excited that the console finally receives the proper Gran Turismo installment!

Gran Turismo 7 is coming soon in March 2022. So what do you think about the trailer? Do you have any expectations for the game? Leave your comment below!

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