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Wedding Hobbies and Interests

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The First Dance

A married couple dancing at their reception.

A married couple dancing at their reception.

Bride and Groom Dancing

Dancing is a moving expression of life and the opportunities for the bride and groom to perform to a personal romantic dance or entertain their guests is becoming more popular or expected. The choice of dance styles and music selections are endless. The bride and groom can create more fun and dazzle at their wedding creating memories for themselves and their guests.

The wedded couple may choose their cultural tradition or become creative and design an original choreography to be danced with each other or to their guests as entertainment. The choreography may be restricted to the bride and groom or may include the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Many days and possibly weeks of dance lessons and rehearsals will be required.

The choreography may start with a slow rhythm, medium fast, and then faster. The songs selected may tell a personal story of the couple through a varied collection of their favorite songs. The entertainment portion may be sweet, funny, sensual, sexy, demonstrate athletic abilities, or other dance skills and talents of the couple. Support dancers from the wedding party or hired professionals may compliment their performance.

Every culture which features the first dance performed by the bride and groom have traditional rules of dance. When attending another culture’s wedding it is best to observe and not participate unless asked to do so. Occasionally it may be necessary to familiarize your self with their etiquette to avoid any social embarrassments.

Regardless of the culture the first dance is usually a romantic slow paced music. The bride and groom may dance in their wedding attire or choose to change clothing for easier dancing.

Some couples discover that they like dancing and may continue to participate in this activity as a hobby interest. This similar interest will add a fun outlet to their married lifestyle.

Exchange High Heels for Sneakers

Dance with comfortable shoes.

Dance with comfortable shoes.

Dancing As A Hobby

How did the tradition of the first dance evolve into weddings?

During past centuries when kings and queens ruled it was their tradition to open the ball with a dance.

After the king and queen danced then the guests were admitted to the dance floor. Ballroom dancing was quite common in those centuries.

In today’s society some couples will take ballroom instruction to learn the customary waltz for their wedding. After taking lessons some people discover that dance is a hobby which they can share together.

Dancing offers a lifestyle of fun activities, a physical exercise activity, encourages mental discipline, music appreciation, socializing, festivities, and travel opportunities.

  1. Couples who do wonderful or spectacular dance performances at their weddings are those personalities who share in a dance hobby. YouTube has some excellent videos.
  2. Other couples who consider hiring a professional for instructions just for this occasion will learn more about each other as they learn and practice their steps alone and together. It takes effort, time, patience, and time to learn how to dance together. After their performance they may decide to continue this activity as a hobby.
  3. If only one of you likes dancing as a hobby; do a solo. The groom can take it upon himself to perform for his new bride or vice versa. This is a pleasant surprise for the receiver.
  4. Do the traditional first dance and let the hired professional performers entertain the reception guests.


Marriage is a spiritual commitment to each other with the added recognized legal formality of a union between a couple. It is intended for a lifetime.

Marriage is a spiritual commitment to each other with the added recognized legal formality of a union between a couple. It is intended for a lifetime.

Hobbies and Interests List for Weddings

How can weddings become a hobby? According to our American government statistics there are 2,245,404 marriages a year throughout our nation. Let’s round that number to 2.5 million couples a year. Marriages occur every month. June, September, and October are considered to be the most popular months as reported from https://blog.vitalchek.com/marriage-records/most-popular-months-to-get-married/ This can keep any hobbyist busy.

My experience has been to witness marriages in February and December. These two months are extremely cold but I live in a warm climate. Valentine’s Day and the Christmas season celebrations add a romantic flair.

Visit your local or state court house public records for their marriage lists. This is an excellent source to research where to advertise and market your products or services.

Hobby Specialties List:

  1. Attending weddings
  2. Participating in the weddings
  3. Collecting famous or historical memories
  4. Making arts and crafts wedding favors, bridal and groom accessories
  5. Teaching dance lessons and designing choreography
  6. Artistic photography or videography
  7. Designing wedding albums
  8. Writing for wedding publications
  9. Consultant or Coordinator
  10. Banquet cooking
  11. Baking and decorating wedding cakes
  12. Making wedding candy specialties
  13. Making jewelry
  14. Making wedding favors
  15. Playing music, vocalist, DJ
  16. Printing wedding announcements and invitations
  17. Flower arranging
  18. Balloon decorations
  19. Decorating receptions rooms
  20. Being a wedding planner and organizer
  21. Sewing gowns, support staff clothing, or tailoring grooms tuxedos

There are many arts and crafts which are needed for enhancing small, large, and elaborate wedding ceremonies. If you have not found your creative outlet, wedding ceremonies and celebrations may be the answer.

Seaside Location

A seaside location at a popular beach resort.

A seaside location at a popular beach resort.

Wedding Locations

This hobby will have you traveling to many different types of locations. People have different ideas and destinations for their wedding location. Weddings may occur indoor or outdoors and each will have their individual challenges to please the couple and their wedding guests.

The most common include churches and chapels, private homes, hotels and motels, vacation resorts, select estates, mansions, and castles, historical buildings, garden clubs, restaurants, and the county courthouse.

Unique locations will be in buildings which have been restored and designed for large events. These will include museums, barns, libraries, cultural centers, athletic and sport stadiums.

I Now Pronounce You Man and Wife

The wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love.

The wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love.

Perform Wedding Ceremonies

A new trend in today’s weddings is to marry outside of traditional religious indoctrination.

Would you like to perform wedding ceremonies? This is the most beautiful and rewarding of all interests. There are legal requirements which must be met before performing these ceremonies. Visit your local county clerks office in your state. Each state has its requirements in order for the marriage to be legally recognized by the government.

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