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Webkinz World


Are you a webkinzer?

Are you new to the world of Webkinz? Maybe you or your child have been kinzing for a while but don't have much time to put into figuring it all out. This is the place to find out cool tips and news from Webkinz World.

This lens includes featured recipes, gem hunt locations, tips for newbies, as well as Webkinz, Lil' Kinz, trading cards, charms, lip gloss, and body spray for sale.

*Note: This lens is not affiliated with the Ganz Company. It's a fan run site.*


Newbie Tip #1 : Before you Register your Pet

What's in a name?

When you register you will need to have a name picked out for your animal. You will also need to pick a user name for yourself or child. Make sure you have a few ideas in mind because your first choice will most likely be taken already. Have a password prepared too. One that your child can remember easily.


Newbie Tip #2 : What to Buy First

An empty room and some KinzCash to burn

When my daughter and I first looked at her pet's room we didn't know where to start. I had no way to know what items were the most important to have right away. Her Webkinz got sick only a few days after adoption because we didn't have the right things early on. It was scary! (You are laughing now, but you will find out one day. ;) )

I suggest buying a bed and a bathtub as soon as you can. We didn't have either for the first few days. They both help keep your Webkinz healthy and happy. Those are 2 of the 3 levels you will be keeping an eye on to make sure your pet is ok. (The third is hunger.)

Newbie Tip #3 : Daily Events - Make sure you do each one every day!

  • Take a spin on the Wheel of Wow
  • Make 5 "wishes" in Wishing Well 2
  • Play Wacky Bingoz...1 ball, 2 ball and 3 ball games.
  • Go on a Gem Hunt
  • Play the Game of the Day for extra kinzcash.
  • Answer Quizzy's Today's Trivia

In the Sandwich Maker:

* Cake

* Cherries

* Chocolate

Total Cost to make: 17 KinzCash

* You can find past featured Webkinz Recipes here.

What to do in Webkinz World

The basics:

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My Room

Here you can feed, exercise, bathe, and put your pet to bed...make sure to log out every time you leave the site.

Easy ways to earn Kinscash:

My Pets

Go to Daily Kinzcare (blue tab) and click on I LOVE MY WEBKINZ. You will receive a Care Award consisting of Kinscash and a food item.

Today's Activities

Here you will see Hourly and Daily Events. Items may be on sale, games may award bonus points, and you may see money or items being given away for free.

Employment Office

You can choose a job once every 8 hours. If you do the same job three times you will move up a level and earn more money.


Gem Hunt!

Collect 30 different gems to trade in for the Crown of Wonder

Find your way to Arte's Curio Shop. You will see the link on the Things To Do menu.

You can go in once a day and have up to 3 tries to find a gem to add to your collection. It's a good idea to keep track of which gems you have because Arte will offer to buy your gem. If you know you have one aleady sell him the duplicate. Once he makes an offer you can not look at your collection.

You will have 5 mines to choose from.

Knowing which gems are found in which mines is very helpful.

Muzzle Mouth Mine:

Only place to find the Red Ruby Heart

All the Red Gems

Level 2 White Gems (Unicorn Horn & Yum Zum Sparkle)

Level 3 Yellow Gems (Starlight Shimmer, Lemon Drop & Carat Eclipse)

Level 3 Blue Gems (Rainbow Flower, River Ripple & Aqua Orb)

Barking Mad Mine:

Only place to find the Corona Topaz

All of the Yellow Gems

Level 2 Blue Gems (Teardrop Tower & Sea Stone)

Level 3 Red Gems (Flare Fyca, Torch Treasure & Lava Lump)

Level 3 Green Gems (Jaded Envy, Pearl Egg & Terra Tectonic)

Flea Floater Mine:

Only place to find the Earth Emerald

All of the Green Gems

Level 2 Red Gems (Ember Amber & Volcano Viscose)

Level 3 Yellow Gems (Starlight Shimmer, Lemon Drop & Carat Eclipse)

Level 3 White Gems (Zingoz Zincoz, Booger Nugget & Goober Glitter)

Howling Horse Mine:

Only place to find Ocean Sapphire

All of the Blue Gems

Level 2 Green Gems (Moss Marble & Cat's Eye Glint)

Level 3 Red Gems (Flare Fyca, Torch Treasure & Lava Lump)

Level 3 White Gems (Zingoz Zincoz, Booger Nugget & Goober Glitter)

Buried Bones Mine:

Only place to find the Webkinz Diamond

All of the White Gems

Level 2 Yellow Gems (Aurora Rox & Pyramid Plunder)

Level 3 Green Gems (Jaded Envy, Pearl Egg & Terra Tectonic)

Level 3 Blue Gems (Rainbow Flower, River Ripple & Aqua Orb)

Happy hunting!

Webkinz Official and Fan Sites

    This is where the action is. Sign up, adopt your pet, and explore Webkinz World.
  • Webkinz eStore
    Buy exclusive items that can not be purchased with KinzCash. You'll find unique Super beds, Exclusive Seating, Specialty Outdoor items, Appliances, Pet Clothing, and Animated Items. Prices range from $1.50 to $12.50. Items bought from the eStore cann
  • Webkinz Newz
    The official blog of Webkinz World.
  • Store Locator
    Find out which stores in your area sell Webkinz.
  • Webkinz Collection
    Take a look at all of the Webkinz Ganz has to offer. Set up your wish list or see what each pet will look like as an online character. You also can see the exclusive items that your pet gets after adoption.
  • Webkinz Foundation
    The Webkinz Foundation is dedicated to improving the welfare, development, health, and safety of children.

Trading Cards!

Collect, trade, and even play games. Every pack of cards also includes one card with up to 5 Feature Codes that you can use in the up and coming Code Shop. There's food, coupons, KinzCash, rare items, and some exclusive items that can only be gotten with a code. A few 'kiners will be given the entire Egyptian Theme or 50,000 KinzCash!

The first series includes 80 cards featuring your favorite pets, characters, items and recipes. In addition to the base set there are three subsets of cards: Challenge Cards, Curio Shop Curiosities, and Webkinz Doodlez.

There are 15 Challenge Cards which are used for a special game you can play against one or more friends. There are 8 foil Curiosities Cards which feature rare items from the Curio Shop. Find out the history of these items and see what Arte has to say about them. There are 8 foil Doodlez Cards showing never-before-seen sketches by Webkinz artists and explaining how characters, games, and items are designed.


Webkinz Cheat Codes?

There are people who will tell you that there are cheat codes for Webkinz World. They will tell you to hit certain keys at certain times and you will win 1,000,000 KinzCash. You will likely see people posting how they tried a cheat and it worked. It's not true. There are no tricks. There have been people who have tampered with accounts using a hacking program. Ganz is aware of this and is taking action to stop it. If you do try to misuse the website the Ganz Company can see that, and they will terminate your account without warning.

This a message from Ganz:

We at Webkinz World are fully aware that members are using tools to attempt to cheat on our site. We want to make our position on the use of these tools very, very clear.

First of all, remember that any attempt to circumvent the security of our site violates the User Agreement. Accordingly, any use of a cheating tool will lead to the immediate and permanent termination of the account on which the tool was used. Whether the account has one pet or 50, the account will be closed. All codes for pets on the closed account will remain used.

You will not receive a warning, and it will not matter whether you have used the tool (or used other means to attempt to circumvent the security of our site), once or many times.

Also note, as we have stated before, all activity that occurs on an account is the responsibility of the member who is registered on that account. If a "friend" or anyone else used your account to cheat on our site, you will still be the one who loses your account.

If you ever find a large amount of KinzCash on your account that you know you did not achieve, DO NOT USE IT. Contact us immediately and we will remove the excess KinzCash and you will not lose your account.

We have already terminated the accounts of dozens of members who have cheated on our site. It saddens us each time we have to close an account, but we must protect the security of our site and we will continue to do so.




Each charm comes with a code that will give you access to the Magical Charm Forest in Webkinz World.

Webkinz Clubhouse

Kinz Chat

Choose a room and communicate through selecting preconstructed messages. You can not type out your own messages. This area is the safest spot for young kinzers.

Kinz Chat Plus

Children need their parent's permission to enter this area. You are allowed to type your own messages, but are limited in what you can say. All numbers, proper names, place names, and inappropriate language is off limits.

These rules are in place to let children chat in a fun and safe way.

If you go to the Clubhouse...

Where do you usually hang out?

Which did you like most about this lens? - Maybe it's the most helpful or the reason you come back.


1. Never give out your password.

2. If you are trading with people you don't know only offer things that you wouldn't miss if you lost them. You can't tell who is honest and who isn't.

Share your favorite Webkinz World tip or tell us about your pet! - (...or pets)

anonymous on August 30, 2013:

i think webkinz is the best game ever but it gets so boring after a while

anonymous on November 24, 2012:

i love webkinz

natalier1210 on August 23, 2012:

Hello! I play Webkinz, you can add me if you like... my user's same as here. This lens was great, thanks! If you want, check out my lens Moshi Monsters VS Webkinz! :)

howards522 on October 26, 2011:

I love webkinz! Thanks for the tips

Rankography on August 22, 2011:

I offer hope to all of you parents of Webkinz addicted children. My girls grew out of them and now are only addicted electronics, clothing and jewelry :(

JoyfulPamela2 from Pennsylvania, USA on August 18, 2011:

My kids have all had Webkinz online, but now they my youngest keeps playing with his (and his older siblings)! Fun place to play! =D

anonymous on May 31, 2011:

@anonymous: cool

flipflop4161 on May 11, 2011:

Great lens! I love webkinz! They are so cute!:]

catbehaviors on April 25, 2011:

Very nice and informative lens! It has lots of Webkinz info that I didn't know. :)Thumbs up!

cinstress on March 20, 2011:

my kids love these!

Wendy Leanne from Texas on September 10, 2010:

My niece is bonkers for Webkinz. I was thinking about doing a Webkinz lens for her (I think she'd think it was uber cool to see her Aunt's picture as the author of a website about something she's interested in) and then stumbled across your lens. I learned a lot here. Now I understand more about what she's talking about. She gave my 4 year old a Webkinz, but we never did the online stuff. She just likes the little stuffed animal. They are super cute.

anonymous on April 09, 2010:

Webkinz are cute! My grandchildren have some of them, and yes I do like playing with the toys with them (not without them though ;) . - Will be featuring this on Black Friday Window Shopping. ~ Thanks, I learned somethings here too. Susie x

anonymous on January 07, 2010:

if anyone wants to be friends,my user is daisydukes2000.....AND IM ONLY 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous on December 28, 2009:

if anyone has exclusive items they dont want or need can you send them to me pleeeezmy usrname is kspecial1

anonymous on November 10, 2009:

I would love so much the anchient civilization wadding pool please post back my user name is notgibby(no capps) thnx [in reply to Puglover10123 to everyone]

anonymous on November 10, 2009:

add me my user name is notgibby!!!

anonymous on September 18, 2009:

Hi PrincessCCK,you probably dont remember me, the last time i wrote was in May, but maybe you do.... how are you? [in reply to PrincessCCK]

anonymous on August 03, 2009:

Hi I have 3 bumper cars so i wouldnt mind getting rid of one. i am a trusted trader on here(ask Christene) and would like a couple rare or exclusives. let me know if u would like to trade, my username is PrincessCCK. talk to you soon :)[in reply to unknown]

anonymous on August 01, 2009:

Hey Amb its me:) I would luv to trade with me if u wana. I have a couple of things i would not mind trading. If u want anything, just respond or call me. Hope to talk to u soon =] [in reply to Puglover10123 to everyone]

anonymous on August 01, 2009:

Hey glittertoes!!! i have a couple of wshop coupons. i have 75%, 25%, 40%. talk to ya soon. lmk what u want to trade![in reply to glittertoes to all]

anonymous on August 01, 2009:

Hi I am a long time trader on here. I have the new submarine, golf cart, and a couple others. If u could tell me wht u have, tht would be gr8. Talk to u soon.[in reply to isabelle]

anonymous on August 01, 2009:

[in reply to l1i2z3] Heyy so sorry i haven't been on:( I have the jelly bean plant, and tons of clothes. I go to a Christian church by the way. I would either like some new or older exclusives. If not, i would be happy to take some kinzstyle stuff. I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT GETTING ON!!!! talk to ya l8r:) just let me know what kinzstyle or TC3 or 4 clothes u want and i will send them if i have them

anonymous on July 29, 2009:

hi im looking 4 webkinz cars i want to get the hummer and hot air baloon and the golf cart so add me my usser is isabelle1eileen i only have 3 pets so i dont have much :)

anonymous on July 14, 2009:

[in reply to l1i2z3] Hey! add me brunobrown6! i would like to trade sumtime maybe food. thnx

CCGAL on June 28, 2009:

I had no idea what Webkinz were until the other day when my husband snagged a pack of Webkinz cards and a Webkinz Lil Kinz Pug dog out of a couple of Claw machines at our Wal-mart. So this lens was my introduction to this world - thanks so much!

anonymous on June 12, 2009:

Hello Puglover 10123, I'd like a:1-Fluffy Yorkie Couch (Pet Specific gift)2-Kooky Scientist Lab Chamber (Rare item)3-Bumper Car (exclusive item)My username is 121cao!

anonymous on May 31, 2009:

Hey, i wud like the donut plant too, or the jellybean plant [in reply to Puglover10123 to everyone]

anonymous on May 31, 2009:

i am in need of getting a new webkinz and it is the squid and i want 2 see it but it won't show!!!!!!!!

anonymous on May 31, 2009:

does anyone have wshop coupons???? im in desperate need to them! or, if you can buy me the new room theme (the one thats all pink) or parts of it? ask me what you want, i have lots of stuff, and i have two accounts, so lmk!

anonymous on May 28, 2009:

Hi puglover10123 do you haveantique lamprock gardendonut plantANY super bed or pet itemThanks u ROCK

anonymous on May 28, 2009:

hey does anyone have any superbeds they want to trade if so please add a friend request for a42997 i have rare and exclusive items, ok buh bui

anonymous on May 27, 2009:

heey, im looking for the colassal movie screen, if anyone has it, i would lovee to trade you for it! lmk!

anonymous on May 26, 2009:

Hello?? Is ANYONE out there??

anonymous on May 22, 2009:

Hey, I would like the med. bed, and other things in medieval too. thx[in reply to Puglover10123 to everyone]

anonymous on May 21, 2009:

[in reply to Puglover10123 to everyone] Hello Puglover! My username on Webkinz is Snowangel5196. I would like anything from the medieval theme (the medieval bed in particular) or any rare item. Thank you!

anonymous on May 20, 2009:

Ok, I don't really play on Webkinz anymore...I have TONS of exclusive items/rare items/trading card items, etc. So I'm pretty much giving all my exclusive out for free. Just reply to this post and ask for any 3 items you want (please note I may not have the certaini one you are looking for) :) Bye.

anonymous on May 13, 2009:

Definately. :)[in reply to Christene]

Christene-S (author) on May 08, 2009:

[in reply to l1i2z3] Oh yes...we just need more :)

anonymous on May 08, 2009:

Would u consider me a regular now?? [in reply to Christene]

Christene-S (author) on May 08, 2009:

[in reply to l1i2z3] I'm here. I'd love it if this place was hopping again. People just have to spread the word. We need to get a new group of regulars. ;)

anonymous on May 08, 2009:

Hey PrincessCCK,Do you go to a church?? If so, which one??

anonymous on May 08, 2009:

Its been pretty lonely around here. Hey, Christene are you even still here??

anonymous on May 07, 2009:

Yeah here's a list of my stuff: 1. so many exclusive foods its not even funny. ;)2.lots of coupons3. lots of cars (hot air balloon ect. ect)4.atleast 30 rare items7.a bunch of w shop stuff, which you probably already have. :)Is there anythin u want?? If there isnt thats OK.I want kinzstyle. I have a lot.Plus, i think it would be hard to figure out an exact time and place that we could both meet in webkinz world. Although it would be more fun. it wud B eazier to send eachother stuff to trde. What do u think?? Pleze reply. -l1i2z3 [in reply to PrincessCCK]

anonymous on May 07, 2009:

sure luv to what did u want again and can u give me a llist of wat u have tell me what u want thx[in reply to l1i2z3]

anonymous on May 06, 2009:

Hey, Do u wanna still trade??[in reply to PrincessCCK]

anonymous on April 13, 2009:

PS. LOVE the new web design. :P (to christene)

anonymous on April 06, 2009:

hi everyone i have lots of exclusives and TC4 items so if u wanna trade LMK plz

anonymous on April 04, 2009:

hi whats up???I have 21 webkinz on webkinz!!Me,Emma and my sis, Elyse share a acount.We both LOVE webkinz!Oh and if some wants a collie bone i'll trade you for a rare item.

blakesdad lm on March 29, 2009:

Very cute! Five stars!

anonymous on March 26, 2009:

Hi do u still want to trade?[in reply to l1i2z3]

anonymous on March 23, 2009:

ME TOO! I NEED HELP!! oh and also, sorry i havent posted in a while.[in reply to loveliser]

anonymous on March 13, 2009:

My dilema about the tournment arena when I play games there and I try to find out where I placedit does not tell me it just shows the number 1 do you know why?

anonymous on March 12, 2009:

hey l1i2z3 i was wondering if you want to still trade. if you do not answer i will assume that you do not want to trade. not trying to bug you but i am trying to get rid of my items so.............. sorry if you have not been able to get on here but i have been very busy and stressed so i just want to make sure you still want to trade. thx and sry 4 bothering you[in reply to l1i2z3]

anonymous on March 12, 2009:

Hey carly its me. not trying to be annoying, but i was just wondering when you were going to send those items. sorry to bug you;) thx[in reply to Cowluver3]

anonymous on March 05, 2009:

ok thnk u!!!!!!!!!!!!! ttyl:)[in reply to Cowluver3]

anonymous on March 04, 2009:

WOW THANKS!!!![in reply to Cowluver3]

anonymous on March 04, 2009:

Yeeah its carly! Miss me :P? ok sooo yeeah ill send to you and ur mom as well and i will try to send some items to l1i2z3 as well! Bye guys!

anonymous on March 03, 2009:

Hi! I was wondering what are you wanting from my list? i sent you an invite on webkinz. not sure if your my friend yet. plz answer back so i know that you stil want to tradee.[in reply to l1i2z3]

anonymous on March 03, 2009:

EHMAGAWD HI!!!!!!!!!! Its carly right? I would love love LOVE it if you sent me your items!! would you mind if you sent a few to my mother basketcase1 too? if you could that would be great. but go ahead and send them. I could use the items and money:) THANK U!!!!!!!!![in reply to Cowluver3]

anonymous on March 03, 2009:

Hey! does this invitation include me too? ;-) Just kidding. [in reply to Cowluver3]

anonymous on March 02, 2009:

Hey PrincessCCK do you remember me? I no longer play on Webkinz and i was wondering if you would want me to send you all of my ittems (including all the retired and exclusive ones) Please let me know.

anonymous on February 23, 2009:

oh its fine!!!!! i still want 2 not mad at all! i got grounded from the computer anyway;) so what are you wanting from my lists?[in reply to l1i2z3]

lady63 on February 17, 2009:

Just found this lens. My daughter will go nuts reading this. She loves her webkinz. She has over 100 of them. 5*'s

anonymous on February 16, 2009:

OMGOODNESS!! I am so sorry for not posting in forever!!! I feel SSSOOO bad!!! please reply and tell me if you are mad..... thanks l1i2z3 [in reply to PrincessCCK]

anonymous on February 16, 2009:

[in reply to Puglover10123 to PrincessCCK] OMG!!!!!!!!!! HEY I MISSES U!!!!! i know abt the skool thing J.M. told me all abt it. i wud LUVVVVVVVVV to trade but u cant hav my dancing zingoz cuz my mom is taking that and im entering pets as i type so ill prob b making anuthr list. btw get on ur squidoo site when u get this post so u can give me ur cell # cuz i lost it. dad took my cell so ya but if u need 2 call my house im dying 2 talk 2 u!!!!!!!!! LMK wat u want

anonymous on February 14, 2009:

ahhh its been foreverzz !school kinda suxx . :Panywayy , up 4 a tradee ?

anonymous on February 07, 2009:

Hey everyone!!! I have more items!! i got more from more pets so here is a small list that i have. Dancing ZingozAnother Blue WagonAntique Fashion MirrorRainbow Coffee TableElephant FountainUndersea Porthole(I only have 1 so ask or forever hold your peace!!! VERY RETIRED)Lots of TC3 Clothes(just ask for what your looking for and i might have it i also have many TC3 homing items so LMK)Lots of Kinzstyle outfitsAnd More!!!!!!!!!! I might get more trading cards for TC3 which means more stuff and im entering more pets in(I need to enter in 50 more!!!!) and i trade alot in trading rooms so if anyone wants something NOT on this list LMK and i will see if i can get it for you. THX!!!!!!

anonymous on February 03, 2009:

Ok these are some of my items sry it took so long to post them i have been sooooooo busy!!! tell me what you want and ill see what i can do.Crystaline Pond potm itemElegant Egyptian VanityEgyptian TelevisionGames Under Glass Dining Table from series 1 trading cardsW Cares BalloonMedieval Monarch SofaDex Dangerous Space FighterBlue WagonCollie Ossily Seeds for gardenEgyptian Dining TableBigtop Circus RacerW Cares Teddy BearW Cares ClockTC3 Trading Card FlooringSuperbed BoxI have many other items and expecially TC3 items but 1 i cant list them all 2 i need more of them so if u are looking for something that is NOT on my list please let me know and i will look and see if i have it. THANKS!!!!!

anonymous on February 02, 2009:

[in reply to Christene] ok, thanks!! I love this website I go here almost everyday!!!!

AslanBooks on February 01, 2009:

Thank you for listing your lens on The Squidoo Ink Pot --

Christene-S (author) on January 31, 2009:

[in reply to crystalize50] Full size Webkinz. If you ever have a question about Pets of the Month I keep them updated on a different lens ... Webkinz Recipes, Pet of the Month, Clothing & More

anonymous on January 31, 2009:

I was wondering for the pet of the month for March (the Yorkie) do you know if it has to be Lil`Kinz or full - sized?

anonymous on January 25, 2009:

[in reply to l1i2z3] Ok!!! ill try and add u aysap. i will list my items shortly. sorry for not posting the items but i hav been 2 busy to post them.

anonymous on January 22, 2009:

My user is l1i2z3. just like my screen name. THX!!! BYE!([in reply to PrincessCCK]

anonymous on January 22, 2009:

[in reply to l1i2z3] Well, sounds good! whats ur username? mine is PrincessCCK. i will have a new post so i will list my stuff 4 u and glittertoes :). thx soooooo much.

anonymous on January 21, 2009:

[in reply to glittertoes toPrincessCCK] Heyy i wud love to trade!!!! im not looking for much, just maybe some kinzcash coins or any type of old exclusives, new exclusives, etc blah blah blah sooooooo yea we can trade. r u looking 4 anything else other than TC3 stuff? lmk i will list my trading items in my next post. thx so much and sry 4 not respondn aysap

anonymous on January 10, 2009:

hi PrincessCCK, its glittertoes! i am wondering if you are interested in trading, and i am interested in TC3 items and maybe you can;t rite a list of some stuff you want to trade. Lmk if you are looking for anything. [in reply to PrincessCCK]

anonymous on January 10, 2009:

I dont really care, as long as its exclusive! :)[in reply to PrincessCCK]

anonymous on January 07, 2009:

[in reply to l1i2z3] sounds gr8! i hav tons of kinzstyle clothes and also many trading card 3 clothes and items, rares and exclusives so i will hav to think about it. what kind of exclusives do u want?

anonymous on January 07, 2009:

Hi, my name is l1i2z3. i am looking for kinzstyle i have lots of rares, exclusives, vehicles, pet items, furniture, clothing, (normal and kinzstyle) in kinzstyle i have the blue floral dress, the kaleidiscope skirt, silver shimmer dress, gold shoes, floral dress, rose party dress, straw hat with pink bow, cherry tank top, pink polo shirt, and lots of other kinzstyle i cant remember at the time. :) hope we can trade.-l1i2z3 [in reply to PrincessCCK]

anonymous on January 05, 2009:

Yo everyone! PrincessCCK here! i havent been on in 4evs and i am dying to trade! i am a trusted trader as most of you know. i m looking for any exclusives and i have many items to trade so if ur lookin 4 sumthn LMK! thx soooo much

anonymous on January 04, 2009:

[in reply to jakethacker] I have bought around 6 boxes and have NOT gotten the magical retriever!!! Let me know what you are looking for!

anonymous on January 03, 2009:

[in reply to basketcase1 to jakethacker] Did you get the magical retriever? I have seen them in the clubhouse but I don't have one. Let me know if you wanna trade for any tc3 stuff. I only have a few of the items and would love more. I have lots of rare items for trade.

anonymous on January 03, 2009:

[in reply to jakethacker] No!!!! I don't need anything. I bought a bunch of cards looking for the Magical Retriever so I have a lot of the TC items. Your Welcome!!!!!

anonymous on January 03, 2009:

[in reply to basketcase1 to jakethacker] To basketcase1 THANKS!! You are awesome. Is there anything you are looking for? I would love to send you something you want.

Eklectik1 on January 02, 2009:

My kids love Webkinz and sometimes on my lunch hour (I work from home) I go on and play the arcade games to win some money for them. It is very relaxing--I love tile tower.Thanks for the great lens!

anonymous on January 02, 2009:

[in reply to jakethacker] I could not get into my room where I have some extra trees. I sent you 1 and 2 posters. I don't want anything for it!!! Enjoy!

anonymous on December 30, 2008:

I really wanna come to your party! Im adding u rite now!!![in reply to ponywony64]

anonymous on December 29, 2008:

Does anyone have tc3 items for trade? I would love to trade for them. Esp Banana trees and Monkey posters! I have tons of rare items and oak pools for trade. I have been trading on here for a long time and I am very trustworthy.

anonymous on December 28, 2008:

Cool!!! Ive had a laptop for some time now. Its a pink sony vaio. YAH! I also got a pink shake and shuffle nano, it has 8 gigs. and i used up 6.8 gigs in 1 day!! omgoodness!!! I also got 2 webkinz, a blowdryer, hot rollers, tons of limited too clothes, kinzstyle (lilac party dress) and lots of other presents. Also, i got some txt messengers. DOES ANY1 NO HOW TO USE THOSE!!?? The are so cheap!! :p

anonymous on December 28, 2008:

hey everybody i am holding a new years eve party on the 30th for the whole dady so add me as ur friend and u'll be invited. Also for coming i will send u a suprise gift. HOpe u come bye!!!

anonymous on December 27, 2008:

[in reply to hollywoodblond] For the wish tokens i just keep on checking today's activities for games like spin the wheel of wishes, wish token baloon darts.ect.However for gettin the super beds i just either spin the wheel or i just keep getin webkinz and if you get 10 th, 15 th, 20 th,ect.OH!IF YOU ARE HAVIN TROUBLE GETTIN IN 2 THE TRADIN ROOM, YOU JUST CLICK ON FIND ME A ROOM A BUNCH OF TIMES AND U GET IN.

anonymous on December 26, 2008:

omg i got a laptop, 14 webkinz (american buffalo, hedgehog, squirell, cheeky mondey, sea horse, sea otter, penguin, seal, koala, racoon, skunk, dolphin, chipmunk, and pink/white dog), a bunch of webkinz christmas ortaments, webkinz clothing, and a orange envy!!!

anonymous on December 26, 2008:

What is everyones favorite part about CHRISTmas. Mine is celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Reply with a YES, if you think so too! Bye and MERRY CHRISTmas!!!!

anonymous on December 25, 2008:

Hey Guys!!!!Merry Christmas!!!! I got two new webkinz, the lil polar bear, and a hedgehog. Look 4 a lil polar bear named Sugar, and a hedgehog named Sadie. I hope you all got what you wanted. I also got the lilac party dress and the rose party dress off of kinzstyle, so lmk if u want 2 trade. I also got a pink ipod nano. (4th generation) Tell me what your favorite Christmas present was. Id love to find out what everyone on squidoo likes. Thanx - l1i2z3

Christene-S (author) on December 24, 2008:

[in reply to l1i2z3] I don't see anything wrong with using first names.

anonymous on December 24, 2008:

Dear Christene,What do you think about giving out your real name? I really want people to call me by my real name, sometimes when people call me l1i2z3, i forget who i am. (hmm i wonder who l1i2z3 is??) :) :) bye

anonymous on December 22, 2008:

Hey everybody guess what I found a couple cheat types things (there probally glitch's) well ir u go on webkinz between 1:00am and 2:00 am and do the wishing well you can then do it again after 3:00am. And if you do the I love my webkinz before 2:00am then you can also do it again in the morning. Hope you guys like it!!!! Add me to your friends.

anonymous on December 19, 2008:

Hi,A zen rock garden is a large patch of sand with any number of large rocks in it. You take a special wooden rake and make designs in the sand to accent the rocks. (Usually three rocks) and it is supposed to be meditative. Hope this helps.big kinzer tazmdc

anonymous on December 13, 2008:

Trying to figure out why I can't place anything on my granite and steel countertops. Bought 4 of them for blender, sandwich machine, etc. and can't put anything on them. The objects go on other tables, etc. Somebody forget to flip a bit somewhere?

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