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Ways to Beat the Winter Blues!

Lori works in the human resources department for NEMHS. She graduated from Thomas College with a bachelor's degree in communications and PR.

Snow may look nice and pretty when it is glistening on tree branches, but it's not so pretty when you are white knuckling your steering wheel on your drive home from work in a snowstorm. I think I have received a few gray hairs from that alone. Not only does driving in snow bring on the winter blues, but the freezing temperatures make you want to just lay in bed all day binge-watching Netflix. So, how do we avoid the winter blues? I may have some ideas that can help!


Ideas to Beat the Blues

  1. Pick up a hobby! For me, I enjoy cooking, reading, and writing. Something small to do around the house will help on those snowy days!
  2. Try new things! Even though it is freezing, try going snowmobiling, skiing, or snowshoeing. You may not be a pro at it, but you can't really say you hate it if you have never tried it. You may actually enjoy it!
  3. Take a mini vacation! It doesn't have to be out of the country and expensive, but you can travel somewhere in the states where there isn't any snow. Enjoy a few days or a week of sun to get your mind off of the snowy weather.
  4. Use the extra time at home to catch up on your shows or go to the movie theater! Sometimes, despite the weather, going to the movies can get your mind off of things.

Find a Good Hobby

You may have no idea what you want to do as a hobby in the wintertime. As previously mentioned, I love cooking, reading, and writing. I often find myself searching Pinterest for new recipes to try. Sometimes they come out great, other times not so much, but it is still enjoyable for me to spend quality time in the kitchen trying new things. If you aren't into cooking or baking, there are plenty of other things that you can do to pass the time. If you are a crafty person, use this extra time at home to work on some crafts and even possibly sell them online to make a profit! If your house needs some work, start working on projects around the house that you don't have the time for in the summer. Your house will thank you! Whatever your interests are, make a list of things you need to do and want to do, and keep yourself busy to avoid getting those winter blues!

Get Outside

What better way to beat the winter blues than by actually going out into it! Even though it is freezing and sometimes miserable to be outside in the snow, if you dress appropriately, it might not actually be that bad. When your friends invite you to go snowmobiling for the weekend, go with them! Don't make excuses because you hate the cold! Try out skiing if you have never been . . . they have bunny slopes for a reason. Sometimes, if you can't beat it, you must join in!


Take a Mini Vacation

If you just can't bring yourself to venture out into the cold, maybe it is best to simply get away for a few days or even a week! Check Groupon for deals on mini getaways. A nice little break away from the cold might just bring you back to your normal self again!

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Go to the Movies

Winter is a fabulous time to catch up on shows that you have missed because of the nice weather! Invite your friends over for dinner and watch them together. Even going to the movie theater with friends can be all you need to cheer up! Besides, who else makes the best popcorn?

Goodbye Winter Blues!

Hopefully, you are able to find some things to help pass the time during the long winter months. Keeping yourself busy is the key! Don't let yourself get bored, get outside! Find a hobby to busy yourself with! Only you can beat the winter blues!

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