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Watch Dogs Walkthrough, Fixer Contracts: Interception

Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

Watch_Dogs owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

Watch_Dogs is a story of vendettas and high-stakes struggles, but it's also a story about money. Aiden needs moolah to keep his operation going, and one way he can earn it is by tracking down criminals and snagging their precious, precious data. Hopefully you like to drive, 'cause for this line of Fixer Contracts you'll be spending a lot of time behind the wheel.

Fixer Contracts: Interception

Location: Parker Square

Prerequisite(s): Complete Big Brother

Reward: Varying amounts of money

Interception contracts are the first brand of Fixer Contracts you'll come across in Watch_Dogs. They are exciting, they are tough, they are painful, and depending on how well you drive, they will range from fun and easy to some of the most difficult missions in the game. Yep, Interception missions are puuuure driving.

Available via waypoints on your phone for the first try to via the Fixer Contracts app on later attempts, Interception missions essentially emulate the takedown style of the early mission Big Brother. Someone in a car is carrying important information, and you need to track them down and take them out before they can get away. This means grabbing your own car (available at the beginning of the missions), chasing the target through Chicago, smashing their car with sufficient zeal that they flee, and bringing the target down on foot. The latter part of the mission is easy; the former... not so much.

Aiden drives through the streets of Chicago during an Interception Fixer Contract in Watch_Dogs.

Aiden drives through the streets of Chicago during an Interception Fixer Contract in Watch_Dogs.

Though they get progressively more difficult (and, consequently, more lucrative), Interception missions generally stick to the same idea. Track car, beat on perp, collect dough. There are, therefore, some general rules and guidelines which can apply to all of these missions.

- Once the target is moving you need to keep up with him. The game tracks your target constantly, simultaneously providing a distance tracker to let you know how close (or how far) you are to the target. If you fall more than 200 meters behind the target you'll have only twenty seconds to close the distance back to 150 meters or less (roughly - it's tough to spot an exact number) before the target gets away and you fail the mission. Stay on their tail.

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- Sometimes you need to drive your target out of their vehicle; sometimes you just need to hack them from afar. Keep this in mind, as the mission's success may hinge on not simply smashing into their car.

- Hacking is fantastic for running your target off the road. You can use street lights to cause accidents, you can raise barriers and bridges, you can trigger explosions... the sky's the limit. The key here is to watch for hacking opportunities that won't also screw you up. Try to limit your hacking to a distance of roughly 50 meters or less.

- Use Focus. Focus is a vital skill for successfully gauging a panic situation, and it will allow you to make some rather hairy turns without smashing up your vehicle. Focus is also great for deciding what you're going to hack, and when. Use it!

- Pay attention to the terrain. The target reticule you're following will lead you through back alleys, across dirt paths, over jumps, and, if you're not paying attention, into the sides of buildings. Follow the streets when possible. Let the target take the risks while you drive safely - and quickly.


- This isn't always possible, but when you can, force the target to drive near other cars. This will increase the chances of sparking a pileup with your hacking, which is usually what you need to force the target out of their car.

- Unlock Driving skills before you take on the tougher missions. You'll be grateful for the help. Defensive Driver, Precision Driver, Off-Road Driver, and Offensive Driver are all very useful in bringing down targets.

- Don't undertake Interception missions in bad weather, namely rain. Visibility is low and traction is poor. Wait for fair-weather days.

- If possible, stick with the car the mission gives you. Try not to bash it up too much. Having to swap cars mid-mission because yours got trashed can be disastrous for your progress, depending on the handling of your new ride.

- Last, most important to novice drivers, don't try to do all of these missions in one go. You can't do this, for starters, and even if you do technically have all of the Interception missions unlocked, they can become reeeeeally frustrating after a while. Come back to your Fixer Contracts after taking a break and you'll probably find your driving to be much improved. Frustration and impatience are bad for drivers.

Frustrating as they may be, Interception missions are a great way to earn money quickly. Your reward will vary depending on how long you took to run down the target, so do your best to achieve your goals on your first try to maximize your profits.

(Specific tips on Interception missions are forthcoming. I'd like to play them each a few times first.)

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