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Watch Dogs 2 Game Review

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Watch Dogs 2 Background

Watch Dogs 2 is an action adventure game developed and published by Ubisoft; the second installment if the Watch Dogs series. It takes place in San Francisco, 3 years after the 2013 incident in Chicago where the first game had taken place. The city is the first place to revamp ctOS 2.0 via Blume. You play as Marcus Holloway, a hacker with a vendetta against Blume for being punished by a crime he did not commit. He joins up with Dedsec in a campaign to take down Blume and show the dangers of ctOS.

All about Marcus

For the story, overall, I loved the premise and characters. Each individual member if your crew is designed very well physically and personality wise. They are all extremely unique in their own ways. However, for me the story seemed rushed and lacking. You jump right in but don’t really get to know the main character or anyone else. The execution of the plot overall seemed half assed. If I play an action adventure game, I want to feel like I am in my characters shoes and feel the experience. Every action done in the game felt like less personable and all business. Overall, story wise for me this game landed a 5/10.

Endless Possibilities

Gameplay wise the game was a huge step up! They revamped the controls to a more modern common scheme whereas sprint was with the left stick as an example. Combat felt smoother as well as driving. There were more ways to get in objectives with lifts and climbing. I also enjoyed that you had to work more for funds and hacking. Instead of getting 5,000 credit from random people the most you got was a grand. And hacking wise instead of taking you to another screen the hacking network showed on buildings and floors. My only issues with the gameplay itself was the game felt a little too easy combat wise even on hard difficulty and the skill tree also felt dumbed down. All skills unlocked felt based on convenience with the bot nets, environmental unlocks, and using gang attack or ATB. That allowed you to literally avoid combat by planting fake evidence for a rival gang to show up and kill the npc or the cops. Rather than honing your own skills with hacking and combat the skill tree just made your life easier, hence why combat also felt easy on hard mode. Overall I gave this a 6/10 for gameplay.

Side Content Heaven

Side Content was perhaps my favorite part of this game. The second installment shined the brightest here. This game introduced way more collectibles like key data, unique vehicles, clothing, and more! I spent hours in this game hunting everything I could down in every location. They also introduced more side quests with a decent story line to them, for example a secret mission where you work with Raymond Kenny a d accidentally stumble across Aiden Pierce being locked up. You also got to experience boat, motorcycle, and drone races for fun. I also loved being able to buy clothing, vehicles, and boats for my character. All in all this game had fantastic side content that made me want to actually explore the map and find everything. Had you gotten to experience more personal sides of the characters and have personal side quests I’d say this portion of the game would have been near perfect. However overall my rating for this part is 8/10.

Overall Rating

To summarize, this game stepped up from the first game in some areas but lacked in others. I loved it overall, the game had plenty of room for improvement. Ubisoft made a comeback for side content but lost itself in the story. Every character had so much potential and was so well developed. My final rating is a 6.5/10. It is still of course worth playing and I recommend it for Deus Ex/GTA lovers.

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