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Watch Dogs 1 Game Review

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What is Watch Dogs?

Watch Dogs is an action adventure game developed by Ubisoft. It takes place in Chicago, the first city to implement ctOS (an operating system that dictates everything in the city from traffic lights to doors, literally everything) which is controlled by a corporation known as Blume. You play as a man named Aiden Pierce, who after a job gone bad spirals down into becoming a vigilante. He struggles between the thirst for vengeance/ becoming a protector of society, and leaving the life to stay with family. This game hs endless options for how to complete various missions and in my opinion feels like Deus Ex meets Grand Theft Auto.

What's Going On?

First we will start with Story, and I have to say out of the 3 games this story takes the number one spot. I really felt the struggle of what Aiden was going through, with every decision he made and not being able to let his trauma go. Reliving his niece’s death over and over while his sister pressured him to move past this life. His downward spiral of becoming Chicago’s version of Bruce Wayne really comes to show as he hunts every angle down to find those responsible for everything that happened. Other characters that come into his life also do a fantastic job of molding Aiden’s character development but still also maintain their own great quality. Clara, a member of DeadSec (a hacking syndicate dedicated to fight Blume) joins Aiden in his fight to find revenge while simultaneously fighting Blume. She sort of acts like the moral compass for Aiden, but also seems to lose herself in Aidens quest. You also find Raymond Kenny a.k.a. T Bone, a man responsible for a black out in 2003 trying to expose the dangers for Blume and ctOS. He was found in hiding and makes a deal with Aiden to help if erased from the system. Over all without too many spoilers (excuse my ADHD for cutting off here but its a huge rabbit hole that I will lose myself in) I give the story a 8/10. My only gripes were that I wish Aiden had more emotion to his voice acting. I would have also liked to see more from Clara and Kenny, but it was a fantastic premise that had me feeling the struggle of the city and Aiden.

Watch Dogs 1 personal gameplay

3rd Person Gameplay Greatness

Gameplay will be my second review for this game. The gameplay in Watchdogs as I said before is like Deus Ex meets Grand Theft Auto. Like Deus Ex you hack your way into different locations and for information, however unlike Deus Ex you can literally hack anything from cars, to bridges, to street lights all thanks to blume. In this game you start with 3 skills, your hacking kit, utilities, and traffic lights. You can hack in security cameras, bank accounts, and traffic lights. After the first mission you also get garage doors to show you the skill tree. From there the tree allows you to increase focus, raise blockers, raise bridges, create explosions from transformers, disrupt enemy coms and so much more. You could also upgrade your weapon skills and combat. Basically the game was like deus ex on steriods, but you could also attack anyone and the game had a huge focus on stealing cars and driving to avoid cops and searches for you. One thing i loved for this game like when games do in general is give you options to complete an objective. You could stealth you way into a location using only hacking and using devices againsr enemies, you could take enemies out long range, or you could go in head on. As for the driving it was not anything crazy, it really felt just like GTA but a bit smoother in a way. A lot easier to control. My only gripe in the first game gameplay wise was that there were some parts enemies were thrown at you on steriods. They would come from any direction and it made escaping seem impossible unless you hopped on a boat and sailed off. This made hacking helicopters a must. Overall gameplay for its time I would also give an 8/10.

Extra Fun? Not so much

Lastly side content is what i find important for any rpg or action adventure. The first game I feel like struggled a but for side content. There was not much to do other than collect 8 burner phones or meaningless side missions that were fixed contracts and gang hideouts. I would have liked to see missions for Clara and T Bone. Or more collectibles. The gang hide outs and contracts were fine, you generally had to hack people to prevent crime in order to find them. Overall though there was just not much to do and it didnt excite me to do it. Overall rating I would give a 6/10.

Overall Rating

To summarize, I highly recommend playing Watch Dogs 1 for the experience. Its fun gameplay, a fantastic story, and even though the side content did suffer its an overall great time. The game creates a great environment for an emotional journey, and edgy experience. All in all this game for me was a 7/10, and I’m glad I picked it up.

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