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Warpath game / app beginners guide


Warpath is a new game in the app store by Lillith games, the makers of massively popular AFK arena and Rise of Kingdoms. This time around they've created a real time strategy game that's set in a fictional World War 2 universe. Warpath could possibly be considered a massively multiplayer online game as well since you can interact with hundreds of players on the map at any time.

When first starting the game it can be overwhelming and confusing what to do. The game throws a lot at the player all at once. Once you get further through the game you'll find yourself looking back and thinking how much faster you could have gone if you had just known this or that.

There are a few things you should be aware of that will help a lot. There are ways to optimize your building materials and get them faster which will help you level up faster. It's also important to know all the ways to get free gold in Warpath, it turns out there are tons of way to get free gold and using gold can speed up almost everything in the game. Finally it's very useful to know how to get universal coupons, they are the only way to get more units and to assemble stronger units with the ones you already have.

The Warpath wiki has all the information you need and in depth guides for all these things if you want to know everything. Today we'll show you what you need to know as a beginner, the core principals that you should focus on more than any other.

How to get free gold in Warpath

We'll start with how to get free gold. Gold can give you just about anything in the game, you can instant rush research and building materials, to name a few.

The first way you'll find that you can get free gold is from plunder which is scattered all over the map. Once you get your first airport you can scout the fog, revealing more of the map. Every time you do this there's a chance that there will be some plunder on the ground. Tap the plunder to pop up a collect button and tap that to claim your free gold. As you reveal more of the map you'll find less and less plunder, but you will keep finding it indefinitely, so scout the map as often as possible.

The next big way to get your free Warpath gold is by doing daily missions. Every single day you can do some simple in game tasks, like defeating raven troops, that will contribute to your daily mission points. The third points chest gives 100 gold, and the final one gives 500. That's an easy 600 gold every single day.

Leveling up is a way that you also get gold, so if you're close to getting another level you can rush to get it done and then get your gold.

At level 12 you'll unlock camp ranks which will give you gold every time you level them up. It's not much gold because of how long it takes to level up, but you will get gold from this, so don't skip on your officer missions once you unlock them.

Another trick for getting free gold in Warpath is to defeat raven troops. Every time you beat a stronger level of Raven troops on the map you will get gold sent to your inbox. So if the strongest Raven battalion you've beaten is level 5, then when you beat a level 6 one for the first time you'll get a few hundred gold and a bunch of other resources sent to your inbox. It's a great way to get some one time gold.

Don't forget to check events. These icons are at the top right. Events change all the time and sometimes you can get massive amounts of gold by making sure you do what the events ask of you.

Finally the other most notable way to get gold is probably the best. Join a good alliance and let them capture military and transport zones from Raven forces. Every time your alliance does something like this it might give you some gold. Check your alliance inbox from time to time to collect your free gold.

There are probably some other ways to get gold, but these are the ones you should be focused on early on to maximize your gold gains and get it when you need it.

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How to get more building materials in Warpath

Building materials are the backbone of the game. You need these to upgrade your base and you also need them to level up your commander level. The only way to increase your commander level is to upgrade your buildings.

The first tip is the most important. When you're online, that's the time to catch up on your wood planks and bricks that you need. Then when you're going to be offline fill your entire production queue with cement or I-beams if you have them unlocked. Doing this will get your building materials much more efficiently.

Another great way to get building materials is to use your scouting planes as often as you can. These can find abandoned warehouses, plane wrecks, fishing boats, and shipwrecks. All of these can have building materials in them ranging from wood to cement. So send out your scouting planes as soon as they come back.

Finally don't forget to use your building material rushes if you want more building materials now. The earlier you use these rushes the better. If you can get your production building leveled up a lot before you log off for the first time then you'll be able to queue more materials at once and they'll get produced faster.

You can get building material rushes from the black market, leveling up, completing chapter missions, completing daily missions, events, and so on. There are tons of ways to get them all over the place in Warpath.

How to get universal coupons in Warpath

This is an important thing to know. Universal coupons are used at the armament chest dealer to get more units. Most of the time you'll get 3 or 4 star units, but occasionally you'll get a 5 star unit, and those are the ones you'll want to upgrade and level up.

Universal coupons can be obtained daily from daily missions. You should do your daily missions every day, not just for the universal coupons, but for the gold too.

Another place to think about is the VIP section. You can access this by clicking your profile icon at the top left. In there you'll find a VIP button. You should collect your daily rewards here and consider spending gold to level this up. Once you reach VIP level 4 you'll get a universal coupon every single day for free. At higher levels of VIP this gets upgraded to 3 camp coupons per day, which let you get troops from any of the three camps specifically.

Events are another great way to get universal coupons in Warpath. Keep up with events for lots of good rewards, including universal coupons. In the early game these are the best ways to get universal coupons so that you can get more units and assemble stronger ones from the ones you already have.

Video walkthrough of how to get universal coupons

Bonus tip: how to spend your gold in Warpath

It's very important to be willing to spend your gold in the beginning. If you spend it wisely you can speed up the whole process of leveling up and getting stronger. This has a much greater effect the earlier you do it.

Check the black market every day, sometimes you'll find building materials that are really cheap and you can spend a little bit of gold to get something good. The bottom row sometimes has things that are 70, 80, or even 90% off. At those prices you should consider spending gold.

Another great way to spend gold is to do what's called an "instant rush." This can be done for building materials and research. If you really need some cement so you can level up a building another level it might be worth it to use the instant rush option and spend a thousand gold to get a few concrete.

Instant rush will instantly finish everything that's on the queue, but it costs more gold the more stuff is on there. So if you want to spend a specific amount consider taking a few materials off the queue before spending gold on an instant rush.

Lastly you can spend gold on VIP experience. The first two levels should be bought this way immediately so you can get better VIP rewards. After that it costs a lot more to level up, so it may not be worth spending more gold on this until later in the game.

That's all the beginner Warpath tips and tricks that we have. Hopefully you found these useful and if you read the whole guide you'll have a much better idea what to do in the early game of Warpath.

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