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"War of Crypta" Pokemon Based Strategy & Gacha Game (PC & Mobile)

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War of Crypta - Minion MOBA (PC/Mobile)

War of Crypta is an upcoming pokemonesque arena multiplayer game releasing in mid 2019 on Pc and Mobile. The gameplay is a mix between a gacha game and a strategy game featuring unique, evolvable and tradeable heroes with a fun arena system. Players will build and hone a team of five heroes through a variety of game modes.

When a battle is started each player takes turns using abilities and attacks until every hero on the enemy team is defeated. Completing battles, quests, and tournaments reward unique items and heroes with a wide variety of quirks and perks. These heroes and items are backed by Enjin, a cryptocurrency, allowing them to be melted for Enjin at any time. This ensures that every hero has value from the moment you get them and through every win.

War of Crypto Inventory and Hero Selection

War of Crypto Inventory and Hero Selection

War of Crypta is set in an epic fantasy world, Crypta, which is facing a relentless and imminent doom from the Centrized. An evil force led by the tyrannical despot, Iratus. Born into royalty and rising to power through intergalactic war Iratus had his eyes set on one thing, Crypto. A power source stronger than any other before in the universe. A power that must be claimed for the Centrized. Their hordes have ravaged the universe leaving nothing but the hollow shells of planets behind. Will Crypta, with the largest store of Crypto the Centrized have ever seen, survive their hunger?

Concept art of Iratus’s normal skin (left) and exclusive Early Access skin (right)

Concept art of Iratus’s normal skin (left) and exclusive Early Access skin (right)

War of Crypta Gameplay

War of Crypta is a 5 vs 5, free to play, real time, multiplayer game. Each hero has four abilities and you battle with your opponent to defeat each other's lineup as quickly as possible. The combat is rather fast paced and action filled. There are lots of different heroes to choose from, either the evil galactic conquering Centrized or the courageous heros themselves from the planet Crypta. You can make a team with any combination of champions and they all come with a variety of unique abilities. Enjoyable animations and flavorful twists on each character keeps the fights engaging and exciting.

The free to play aspect is nice. While you can purchase stronger heroes, being able to grind through the story content and acquire free ones is excellent even if the odds are low. The heroes are varied and you easily find yourself wanting several different ones on your team, especially the unique skins. War of Crypta is also running a variety of promotions for the game's presale and launch allowing everybody the chance to get a few extra heroes before War of Crypta officially launches.

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Early Access Sale

The Early Access sale is following up from War of Crypta’s successful pre-sale last year in which 1,500 crystals were sold out in less than 40 minutes. The new “Early Access” sale will feature 13 brand new Heroes with a total of 26 skins. Each hero in the Early Access sale will be obtainable with boosted IVs in either a Normal skin or exclusive Early Access skin. The Early Access skins for these 13 Heroes were exclusively made for this sale and will not be available again after the Early Access sale ends.

Concept Art and Evolution of the Ninja for the 10,000 Stretch Goal. This is the Normal skin.

Concept Art and Evolution of the Ninja for the 10,000 Stretch Goal. This is the Normal skin.

Early Access crystals will be sold for $25 each and with a total supply of 15,000 crystals. The early access sale will run until the end of January 2019. This will allow everyone to have a chance of experiencing true ownership of a Hero while maintaining the exclusivity of pre-sale Heroes.

The early access sale also has stretch goals. Everyone who participates in the sale before a set number of crystals are sold will receive the next reward! There are currently 7525 Crystals Sold and the next Stretch reward is at 10,000 Crystals Sold. The hero you will receive from this stretch goal is Epic rarity. A ninja who rivals against Panshao and joins the Centrized

Limited Edition Christmas Skins

For a limited time six Christmas skins are available for the heroes shown in the Early Access sale! In order to purchase a crystal in War of Crypta that may contain a christmas skin follow the steps below.

  • Go to
  • Log into your account
  • Click the “Shop” tab
  • Purchase an Early Access crystal
  • Open your Crystal to reveal your Hero

    There is a 50% chance to receive a Christmas Skin when you roll one of the 6 heroes shown.
Gargone, Baba, Dromock, Goard, Panshao, Iratus (left to right, top to bottom)

Gargone, Baba, Dromock, Goard, Panshao, Iratus (left to right, top to bottom)


Since the Early Access sale has begun (November 10th), the telegram community has quickly grown to over 1000+ new members. This has been an amazing thing to see because one of their main goal's with the Early Access sale was to help grow the War of Crypto community and it seems like it is working.

Since the War of Crypta Telegram has been growing so fast they established a stretch goal of 2,000 Telegram members to further incentivize us. When we manage to hit 2,000 telegram members, everyone in the Telegram community will receive a free airdrop consisting of this free Hero with a special skin and boosted IVs. The hero reward we receive will be an amazing bird!

You can join the War of Crypto Telegram Community here.

Concept Art and Evolutions of the Telegram Reward. This is the Normal skin.

Concept Art and Evolutions of the Telegram Reward. This is the Normal skin.

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