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Warhammer 40k Imperial Questoris Knight Magaera 9th Edition

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Why the Knight Magaera?

So what advantage does the Knight Magaera have other the other Knights?

5++ Invulnerable save from both shooting and combat.

A terrifying amount of damage 3 weapons. Currently in 9th this hits a sweet spot against a lot of armies for example it kills nearly all Space Marine infantry with 1 shot.

A total of three ranged weapons the Phased Plasma-fusil, Lightning Cannon and the Twin Rad Cleanser (as long as you take the Hekaton siege claw)

The Hekaton Seige Claw is the Magaera's melee weapon (you can take a reaper chain sword but why oh why would you?) and is up there with the best Knights have to offer.

Add in the rule of cool, as a forge world model the Knight Magaera is super cool looking.


Hekaton Siege Claw

The Hekaton siege claw is a brutal combat weapon, arguably the best the knights get as an extra bonus it also comes with the attached twin rad cleanser.

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The Magaera can either make 12 smash attacks with strength 8 damage 3 and armour penetration 2 attacks or 4 crush attacks at Strength 16 and flat 6 damage which increases to 8 against vehicles and monsters and armour penetration 4.

Twin Rad Cleanser

The Twin Rad Cleanser is attached to the Hekaton Siege Claw. It is a flamer type weapon with a range of 12" so automatically hits, it gets 2D6 shots and ALWAYS wounds on a 2+ except against vehicles and titanic units. Remember that with the Empyreal Preysight the Magaera ignores cover bonuses but other wise has no armour penetration, it does however has damage 3 meaning all failed save is likely a dead model or some serious damage.

Also don't forget overwatch as a flamer type weapon it auto hits and the Lightning cannon explodes into 3 hits for every unmodified 6 rolled this can take out even dangerous units with a few poor save rolls.

Lightning Cannon

Explodings 6s each 6 to hit is 3 hits, yes read that again 3 hits (including on overwatch). With 8 shots it has the potential to some how cause 24 hits!

Empyreal prey sight causes the shots to ignore all cover penalties and bonus so no additional save or minus to hit, with strength 7, -2 armour penetration and flat 3 damage it can do some serious damage. With those 24 hits a possible 72 damage is in theory possible.


Disadvantages of the mighty Knight Magaera

In Imperial Knights it doesn't grant armigers a bondman ability though this doesn't affect their evil cousins the Chaos Knights.

Its expensive points (and power level) wise and you can lose it to serious heavy firepower especially in 9th where weapons seem to get more and more powerful!

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