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"Warframe" Credit Farming Guide

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Credit Farming Guide


Credits in Warframe

As the primary grind currency in Warframe, you need credits to do a wide variety of things. From purchasing items from the store, upgrading mods, or crafting items you'll inevitably need a seemingly never ending amount of credits. Credits are earned just about anywhere and everywhere, but most of the time it's a comparatively small amount. Only a handful of ways to earn credits really rise above the rest as a viable means of farming.

Regardless of which stage of the game you're in, you'll also want to be mindful of credit boosts. You'll occasionally get free credit boosts, and your first mission of the day also grants double credits. So if you choose to farm credits it's wise to do it heavily when you have credit boosters available or at least take advantage of that first mission bonus. As a side note, credit boosters do impact credits earned from all methods below, but the daily first mission credit double does not impact credits earned in the Index.

Early Game Farming

In the early game players will need a lot of credits but have very few ways of earning them. However, there are still a couple of good options.

Dark Sectors, or sectors controlled by the Infested, grant bonus credits. There are a handful of decent options in the early game:

  • Mars - Kadesh (Level 10-20) will grant roughly 16k credits in 5 rounds
  • Ceres - Seimeni (Level 15-25) will grant roughly 22-26k in 5 rounds
  • Ceres - Gabii (Level 15-25) will grant roughly 24-28k
  • Jupiter - Sinai (Level 20-30) is also an okay option if you need Neural Sensors

I personally recommend the defense missions more than the survival missions as they can often be done more quickly and in my opinion are more enjoyable. Be sure to leave the mission as soon as you can, don't stay for extra rounds or time.

Ceres - Seimeni


Mid Game Farming

Farming Dark Sectors will be the go-to for a while, but eventually a better option becomes available. The Index unlocks on Neptune and becomes an incredible way to earn credits, although not so useful for anything else. The Index is a PvE arena style match. Defeating enemies causes them to drop green objects you collect for points. You then turn in those points at pre-determined locations to score them. The first team to the point objective wins. The reason you can earn so many credits is because you have to wager credits to play.

  • Low risk wagers 30,000 credits, but wins 105,000 in victory
  • Medium risk wagers 40,000 credits, but wins 175,000 in victory
  • High risk wagers 50,000 credits, but wins 250,000 in victory
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As you can see, the winnings are quite appealing. Those victory rewards are impacted by credit boosters as well. However, it can be quite challenging to pull off a victory without the right strategy and setup because enemies get stronger over the course of the match.

Index Strategy

You want to score as many points as quickly as possible to maximize your credit earnings per time. To do this you should amass many points before turn-in as there is a bonus for turning in large quantities of points at a time. For example:

  • Turning in 4 points gives you 4 points
  • Turning in 5 points gives you 7 points, 2 bonus points
  • Turning in 10 points gives you 14 points, 4 bonus points
  • Turning in 15 points gives you 23 points, 8 bonus points
  • Turning in 20 points gives you 30 points, 10 bonus points

In short, you should turn in when you have 5 points or 15. But there is a catch. The more points you have, the more your health and shields are debuffed. This makes you incredibly vulnerable and if you die an NPC can grab your points and score them for themselves. Unless you have the right Warframe to deal with having low shields and health, you should turn in at lower point thresholds.

To start playing the Index successfully and reaping those high value rewards. You should rank up a Rhino Warframe as the Iron Skin ability is perfect to counter the health and shield debuff. Then grab yourself a strong high damage shotgun, such as the Tigris. This combo can easily take you beyond the Low risk, but it's also a very safe way to get used to playing the Index while you figure out how far you can push and what other strategies might work.

Index Investments


End Game Farming

You don't actually need to stop doing the Index. In fact, the High risk wager is basically end game credit farming. However, there is an alternative that can get you a ton of credits and a bunch of other valuable items.

Taking down Profit-Taker Orb is immensely profitable, giving at least 125,000 credits along with other drops and rewards. However, it's a very challenging boss fight that's difficult to get to let alone achieve. To access the Profit-Taker bounties (called Heists) you'll need to go to the Briefing Table with Eunico in the Backroom in Fortuna. This only becomes available after reaching the rank of Old Mate in Solaris United. You'll then need to complete 3 phases before reaching the final phase in which you can fight Profit-Taker itself. Though after playing through all 4 phases the first time, you can then skip to the final phase.

The fight itself requires its own guide, and it's more challenging if you don't have the Chroma Warframe (Sidenote: If you do, be sure to take advantage of Chroma's Effigy!) However, it's a good end game goal as you'll be doing Profit-Taker for more than just credits.

Honorable Mention - Railjack Missions

Railjack Empyrean Missions were buffed after their release to improve their credit rewards, making them a viable way to earn credits in addition to other types of rewards. If these types of missions are up your alley then this is definitely viable. However, as Railjack is a separate system it will require a new and different vector of investment to get to the point where you can reach the harder missions that grant more rewards.

Final Thoughts

You can limp through the early game clearing Dark Sectors for credits, but I personally don't recommend spending a ton of time on this. The Index is far more efficient. If you use a credit booster while you do it you can very quickly stack high amounts of credits, especially if you have some decent teammates with you. Profit-Taker is for those looking for an additional challenge and are interested in what else it has to offer. It will require skill, coordination, and a well constructed build, but it's certainly not impossible.

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