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Virtual Games: When Fun Turns Toxicity and Pain. Why?

I've been playing virtual games for 12 years and, I've created some ways to handle some situations in games. I decided to share this.

What is the problem?

In the last year, everybody had to adapt to a new reality. What was unusual became part of our daily lives. And what was normal has become different. It becomes clear when we look at the streets and cities and the virtual world, which has gained even greater space. Today, we connect with friends and family through social media and many work and study through the internet. In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual games gained more space and audience, which is a good thing. After all, everyone likes to have fun. But there is a problem behind it, Cybercrime. During the covid- 19 pandemics, the rate of crimes worldwide increased too much, and virtually this also happened, especially in virtual games. Many forget that it is just a game and end up all very personal. Some players turn problems and game rivalries into personal insults, gender discrimination, threats, prejudice, racism, bullying, and many other negative things. A fun environment becomes a toxic place that hurts people around the world.

In 2021, about 40% of the world's population plays online games. Most are girls

In 2021, about 40% of the world's population plays online games. Most are girls

When Fun Gets Toxic

A joke, a mistake, a misunderstood comment, and being or acting dissimilar are enough reasons for some people to turn a fun thing into something toxic. Some say: This is just a Joke, do not take it so seriously, while a player is called Idiot, Trash, Toxic, Imbecile, Stupid, and other things that I do not need mentioning in this article. The problem is that many forget that from behind avatars and screens, there are real people with real feelings and. There is a big gap between making a joke with another player and offense another player. It is no joke in any country, language, or dialect to say that a person is rubbish or an idiot. That is a lack of common sense and respect. Speaking about situations, the Joke also becomes, in some cases, verbal violence, verbal abuse, and threats. It may seem not so serious, but many people commit suicide by this type of comment. When I see this situation in some virtual games that I play, I keep asking myself: With what purpose does a person treat another person they do not know in that way?

Treat people as you would like to be treated.

Treat people as you would like to be treated. The secret to getting along well with everyone, including teammates in virtual games.

Women and Virtual games

Women have been gaining more and more space in the world, and that includes games as well. Unfortunately, they are the ones who suffer most from this type of rude Joke. Comments like: "War games are no place for women. You do not know how to play well. Should not you be cleaning the house or taking care of the kids? You should play with dolls and not a war game". In addition to the harassment and sexist comments, they hear every day. Some women prefer to use male avatars, while others prefer to play together with their partners or friends. Talking about this situation, we are in the 21st century, gender equality regardless of being male or female, everyone deserves respect. Which proves a woman cannot play as well as a man? It is old-fashioned to think that gender defines what a person will or will not be good. Men can be cooks, and women can be engineers. The point is respect. It is our choice to agree with the attitudes of a person, but we must respect them. That is part of the rights of all human beings, as well as freedom of choice.


Only Women?

It is not just women who suffer from the jokes in virtual games. Anyone who is considered different or who acts differently is at risk of suffering from it. Be otherwise from many people is hard. But do not change it. Individuality is the greatest weapon and is what makes a person who they are. In the end, it is all about respect, patience, and accepting that no one is equal to anyone else, which means that everyone has different ways of acting awe will not always agree with that. But be patient and respectful.

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Think about it:

We all want to have fun, but no one should tolerate other people's intolerance.

How to handle with this situation?

The first step in dealing with this kind of situation is to stay calm. When a person becomes offended and disrespected by others, he needs to remain calm to make good decisions and act in the best way possible. After all, every word said in a discussion can count as a negative or positive point. Second: Play with people who respect you and choose a Healthy group or platform, which means play with people who make you feel good and who respect your decisions, gender, and way of being. A healthy environment means a platform that makes you feel good, that is, a server, alliance, clan, group where you feel comfortable and good to play. In the end, the goal of the game is fun. Third: Fiends. Yes, try to make good friends in games. We are social beings so, we all need to have contact with other people. No one cannot live or play alone. So choose good companies to spend your recreation time. Fourth: do not be afraid to report. Yes, report any racist, prejudiced, obscene, pornographic, or disrespectful comments. All games have a support center, and you must contact them whenever necessary. The developers must maintain a healthy and fun environment. So do not be afraid if you have to send a message and give feedback to the game's developers. It may seem like a silly subject, but gaming platforms are paying more and more attention to these sports comments and actions. Lastly, try to see what's behind the nagging. Sometimes a person is rude or offensive not because something is incorrect but because of himself. I'll try to explain it better. Some people hide the real problem and take out all their anger through insults and mean words. It's not fair but knows the real reason will bring peace to continue playing and being yourself.

Please, Report

You are not alone remember this

Protect the kids

People of all ages play online games, and that's why parents need to pay attention to what their kids are playing. The virtual world is dangerous as the real world or even more dangerous. That is why parents need to protect their children from any threat or danger. Something some parents do is play online games with their kids. Others talk openly with their children and explain the dangers of virtual games and how they can protect themselves. Also, some choose to leave computers and laptops in a specific place in the house. It's a personal choice, but these ideas have helped many parents protect their children virtually.

We all like to have fun, and that's not wrong. But this is an actual situation and needs to be talked about it

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