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Videogame Review: The Guild II: Renaissance

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The Guild 2: Renaissance on Steam cover

The Guild 2: Renaissance on Steam cover

Quick Info:

Developer: RuneForge
Publisher: Nordic THQ
Released: July 28, 2010
Availability: on Steam for Windows

Game’s Premise:

The Guild 2: Renascence is a simulation and strategy game where you start off as a peasant family in a city in a certain class and you start and run your own business. You try to move up in rank and participate in local politics and achieve fame and fortune for your family while increasing your wealth and wiping out rival family.

There Are Different Classes To Play:

There are four classes to play as, Craftsmen, Patron, Scholar, and Rogue. They are each associated with different businesses in the game, but it gives the game a ridiculous amount of replay value because none of the classes play the same way in the game.

As a craftsman, you’ll have businesses that have to do with making physical objects like a carpenters shop, a blacksmith or a brickery. A Patron will have businesses that make and sell foodstuffs like a bakery or an inn or a farm.

The scholars will either run a hospital or a church, you could run the graveyard, or build a mages shop, or become an alchemist. It’s so interesting what you can do as a scholar.

The Rogue class is a fan favorite because it’s very different from the other classes you can be a mercenary, a vagabond or an outlaw if you want.

Because there are so many different ways to play the game, you’ll be playing this game for a very long time.

The Guild 2 Renaissance trailer:

The Graphics Are Dated:

The graphics of the game are very dated now because of how much graphics in gaming have improved over the years. It doesn’t really look amazing or anything but it looks decent.

The buildings look pretty nice and I like the designs and the way the graphics look in the game.

The thing about the people is they look kind of okay, but not amazing or anything, people start to look the same most of the time.

The Voice Acting Is Amusing:

I find the voice acting to be really amusing, especially since the graphics do make it look kind of funny. The voice acting is decent, not anything award-winning, but it gets the job done.

The city council meetings are pretty funny because the voice acting is so over the top when the council members are threatening people to vote for them.

Trials are also pretty funny, especially when citizens act shocked at either the player’s crimes or the A.I.’s crimes. It’s all pretty amusing and entertaining and I enjoy the voice acting even if it’s not the best or amazing.

You can risk it all on a game of dice.

You can risk it all on a game of dice.

The Music is Nice:

I like the music in this game. It sounds very nice and it’s quite enjoyable. I do like the soundtrack a lot and it does change according to my activities. I do like the music a lot since I’ve played the game for a very long time.

It’s a very lovely soundtrack and if you like good game music; you’ll really enjoy this game.

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The Politics In The Game Are A Lot Of Fun:

The politics are interesting and fun to participate in. It’s challenging to get yourself into an office but it’s equally as challenging to keep it when the election comes around.

It’s still a lot of fun, especially if you can move up into a higher-ranking a apply for higher positions in government. Politics are very challenging in this game and that makes it a lot of fun to play.

There Are A Lot Of Bugs:

This game is ridiculously buggy. It has some interesting and hilarious bugs in it. I’ve seen characters clip through my player character and the lady I was courting. Cats walk right through you and I have had workers get stuck in the middle of the street and clicking the cancel button does not give me control of them.

I’ve also seen a hilarious bug where the A.I. of the carts just spins them around forever. While this is funny it can be annoying, especially when I can’t take control of my workers and it’s daytime when I’m supposed to be able to control them during work hours.

I know that there are a lot of bugs in this game and if that really bothers you, you should download the Megamod pack for this game, you can find it in the Steam forums for the game or the Guild Reddit page.

I haven’t encountered a lot of bugs that people talk about in the Steam or Reddit forums but just because I haven’t encountered too many game breaking bugs doesn’t mean they’re not happening to other people.

I have had the game randomly crash on me though, so it does happen sometimes. If you don’t tolerate buggy games, you probably won’t like this one at all.

An in-game trial.

An in-game trial.

The Tutorial Is Not That Helpful:

The in-game tutorial is not very helpful. It’s also very boring to play through and it’s easier to go watch YouTube tutorials that show you how to play the game rather than going through the tutorial.

It’s A Ton of Fun, But The Bugs Diminish The Fun:

The Guild 2: Renaissance is a lot of fun, I’ve played it for hours and hours and it is very challenging, but because there are so many bugs I know that some players won’t find the experience enjoyable because there are other games that are more polished than this one.

If you can tolerate the bugs you’ll probably enjoy the game more, but some people just can’t tolerate how buggy this game is, but downloading the Megapack mod should fix that but if you’re unsure then don’t buy the game.

Reader Poll:

Final Grade B-:

I love The Guild 2: Renaissance it’s a lot of fun to play and really challenging, especially when it comes to becoming wealthy and getting into politics.

It’s a lot of fun trying to eliminate your rivals while trying to gain wealth, reputation, and moving up in the world while keeping your family line going.

The gameplay can be fun but it’s hampered by a lot of weird bugs that mods will fix, but it’s not a perfect game and it would be so much better if you didn’t have to download mods just to get rid of some of the bugs, but you can’t tolerate extremely buggy games this game is not for you.

I really enjoy this game and that’s because I love simulation and strategy games. Some people might find this game to be boring and I totally understand that because unless you play this game as the rogue class where you rob people or you get into fights with other dynasties this game won’t be super exciting but if you want to play a fun simulation and strategy game, you should buy The Guild 2: Renascence.

However, I do not recommend buying this game at full price even though it’s $9.99 right now because of all the bugs, I would recommend getting it from Steam or GOG if it goes on sale that way you aren’t paying too much money for it. It’s a little too much money for me to recommend paying full price for it even if that full price is rather low; it does go on sale quite often so you might as well wait for a discount on this game.

If you do decide to buy it right now, make sure to install the Megapack Mod on it to improve the game experience a lot. But only buy this game if this is a strategy and simulation game you’re interested in playing.

Although this game has a lot of replay value, it all depends on your tolerance for bugs and glitches in games.

My Rating:

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