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Videogame Review: Rome Total War

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Rome: Total War cover.

Rome: Total War cover.

Quick Info:

Studio: Creative Assembly
Released: September 22, 2004
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Availability: Buy on, removed from Steam, replaced with Rome: Total War Remastered

Rome: Total War Trailer #1

What Is "Rome: Total War?"

In Rome; Total War, you are either a faction for or against the Roman Empire. Your gal is to capture a certain amount of cities before your opponent does after a set amount of years in the game. You’ll manage your cities as well as your armies and you fight in real time strategy battles on a map and manage your cities before and after battle.

The Gameplay Is Fun

The gameplay is fun and the controls are easy to learn, it’s not as complicated as later entries in the series and I like how easy it is to find all the actions you can do on the battlefield.

The battles themselves are fun and exciting to watch. It’s what makes the game fun to play, especially since the graphics are very old by today’s standards.

Rome:Total War battle gameplay.

Rome:Total War battle gameplay.

The Graphics Are Nice!

The graphics are old, but they still look good. The A.I. isn’t perfect, but I still enjoy it. The gameplay is what’s so fun about the game. I sunk a lot of time into this game; I was enjoying it so much. There are a lot of different factions and each one is different so it changes how your battle’s turn out.

Compared to today’s graphics it looks okay, but it's not amazing by today’s standards. It still looks okay and the battles are fun to watch.

Rome Total War - Rome Total War Original Soundtrack - Jeff van Dyck

The Music Is Awesome!

I really enjoyed the soundtrack for Rome: Total War. The soundtrack is very exciting and energetic during battles and has a few different tracks and they’re fun to listen to.

The music for when you’re managing cities on the world map is also has nice music to listen to Its also very well done music that will keep you entertained and keep things exciting while playing the game.

Jeff van Dyck’s soundtrack is excellent and very well done. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a historical real-time strategy game. It’s unique and stands out as a memorable soundtrack for the game.

This Game Has Good Features

Rome: Total War has a lot of different features. There’s single player campaign, multiplayer, custom battles and historical battles that you can play through. There’s plenty to do in the game. I mainly play single player, but the Historical Battles are fun to play too.

There is also a unique feature to this game that lets you look around your cities when you’re not in battle mode. This isn’t something that they’ve brought back to other entries in the franchise and I think it’s a really neat novelty that is unique to the game.

There Are a Lot of Mods for This Game

There are a lot of mods for this game that you can find online. There are mods that unite the Roman Empire or for the fall of the Roman republic. There are also total conversion mods for The Lord of the Rings, or mods that make your game more realistic. has these mods linked in their forums and have instructions for installing them there.

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The world map in Rome: Total War.

The world map in Rome: Total War.

The AI Is Kind of Dumb

The AI for the game is kind of dumb when it comes to the fighting, unless they outnumber you a lot they will stay inside the wall while you invade them or they will only invade you if you’re at a disadvantage.

The AI isn’t the best but if you want a challenge you can always play against a human online.

Parental Rating

This game is rated T for teen because of Violence and blood.

Reader Poll:

This Game Is a Blast!

This game is fun, a lot of fun. I love Creative Assembly’s strategy games because they’re enjoyable to play and very well done. I enjoy the city management aspects as well as the real-time strategy battles.

This game is fun, a lot of fun. I love Creative Assembly’s strategy games because they’re enjoyable to play and very well done. I enjoy the city management aspects as well as the real-time strategy battles.

The battles are intense and exciting, they don’t all play out the same way and they’re a lot of fun, especially when you win a battle the AI thinks you can’t It’s always exciting to play and you feel proud of yourself when you’ve conqured a large chunk of the world map.

Although it’s not as polished as later entries like Medieval II: Total War, Empire: Total War or Shogun 2: Total War, it’s still an entertaining game that fans of the genre will enjoy a lot.

Quick Summary

What Works;What Doesn't Work:

Great gamplay

AI is kind of dumb

Good graphics

Graphics are dated compared to today

Excellent sound design and voice acting

Excellent soundtrack

My Grade: A+

I highly recommend Rome: Total War. It’s a lot of fun and despite its age, it’s still fun and a very enjoyable strategy game. It does take a lot of time to learn the game because there’s so much to learn and do in this game.

It’s one of those games that you’ll go back and play even after you’ve beaten it. If you’re a strategy fan and you want a good game to play, pick this up. Especially since it’s only $9.99 on Steam and Amazon and the hard copies are even less. It’s well worth your time to buy it and play it.

The graphics may be very dated by today’s standards but that doesn’t detract from the game at all, there are also graphics mods if you want to update how they look.

It’s incredibly cheap when you buy it during a Steam sale so I would recommend waiting for either a SEGA sale or a seasonal sale, it’s a popular title so it’s regularly put on sale and you should be able to find it at an inexpensive price, even if you pay full price, still very cheap.

I’ll be reviewing Total War: Rome 2 since it’s out. I’ve enjoyed this game so much. It’s my favorite Total War game and I highly recommend you buy it because it’s worth your time and money.

The physical copies are still available if you want to physically own it over buying a download.

My Rating:

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Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on October 28, 2018:

Thank you for the review. I'm always looking for new games to play, but I usually stick to the PlayStation as my laptop isn't really powerful enough for gaming. Would you say Rome Total War is similar to Black & White 2?

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