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Video Games Then and Now

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I have been a gamer ever since i received my first console on christmas day when i was 5. I have been a gamer ever since.

Gaming has evolved so much.

Gaming as we know it now wasn't always controllers or mouse and keyboard.

Today all people have to do is press a button and there online gaming from online gaming, offline or simply playing with friends at there house Gaming has never been this easy and in this article i will take you back to the very beginning.

Magnavox Odyssey


First home console

Atari was the worlds first home game system and was released back in 1975 and had the base game pong on the worlds first home gaming system.

Unfortunately a number of clone console or systems where made and the very first hone console genre suffered it first recession in 1977 due to the over population of the clone systems.

Fairchild channel F

Fairchild channel F was released 1976 and was the first ever console to use game cartridges.

after the first releases of the game cartridge the Atari VCS and serval other big companies at the time released there own consoles which led to a flood of poor games and poor graphics which saw the real big decline in sales and for companies to pull there funding. the gaming world was in big trouble.

Console Wars


PlayStation break records

As we have evolved and moved so much since the first home consoling system by 2000 there where several different companies making consoles, however in 2000 PlayStation released the playstation 2 (ps2) which is one of the biggest selling console to date selling over 155 million units sold.

However other companies such as Xbox where in fear PlayStation was going to run away with the technology so they released the Xbox in 2001.

Which like back in the 1980s led to what is known as the to biggest companies to make console of our generation.

Playstation 2 & Xbox

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Only some companies remain

Since 2000 and the release of the playstation 2 and xbox in 2001 there has been a decline in companies trying to compete in the game industry as playstation and Microsoft has been such big giants and leading the way with technology and the games we have come to love

However there ahs been one company that has always been making consoles and changing the way we game and that is nintendo.

Nintendo changed our gaming experience



Since 2000 there has only been 3 companies changing how we use home consoles systems.

Two of the companies have changed ahead and led the way in which most of us use gaming in our life.

However Nintendo one of the big companies is still going strong and have changed our view on handheld gaming and also viruital gaming.

In 2006 Nintendo released the wii our first virtual gaming experience, the nintendo wii came with abundance of games but the most properlar game was wii sports. A game like no other bringing bowling,tennis,boxing and baseball to your living room.

However Nintendo didn't want to stop there and started making handheld devices such as the Nintendo ds and the 3ds our first 3d experience in gaming

13 years later the original wii is still going strong with one of the games still been popular today mario kart wii.

So in 2020 Nintendo released the Nintendo switch which took gaming to a whole new level.

Next Generation


Next Generation Gaming

At the end of 2020 PlayStation released one of most powerful console to date the playstation 5 its one of the most powerful as it can stream games at 60fps

However Xbox wasn't far behind and released the Xbox x series which could match pc gaming.

First console

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