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Video Games: The Second Reality

So, here's another gamer who just loves video games and is here to describe what amazing things these games contain.


Video Games: My Second Reality

It's not a dream, it's not a play, it's my second reality,
cause you'll experience what you didn't find in real life and it's not anyone's cup of tea.

Whether it's a small phone or a top class console,
you'll find a long list of games and you'll never stop to scroll

Make some space stations,
or destroy some civilizations,
to this, are addicted all the nations,
and we enjoy these games through out our vacations.

Some multiplayers might make your brain fry or the story of some might even make you cry.
These are a mix of many emotions so if you haven't tried these till now, trust me it's worth a try.

Hey wait this is a hobby not a full time career,
don't get addicted to it, or for your first reality, it will be a barrier.

This is not work it's just some relaxation and distraction.
It should not be the whole day it should just be a fraction.


Gaming is a world that takes you on a voyage to many other worlds you would like to see.

But this doesn't mean you should focus only on the other worlds that means gaming, it is equally important to give utmost attention to the real world.

© 2021 Husamuddin Chittalwala

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