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Video Game Review: "Ostriv"

Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

The "Ostriv" game logo.

The "Ostriv" game logo.

Quick Info

  • Developer: yevhen8
  • Publisher: yevhen8
  • Genre: City-building and survival
  • Availability: On Steam and GOG in early access

What Is “Ostriv”?

Ostriv is a city-building game where you run your village, building houses, food, industry, entertainment, and marketplaces. You can import and export goods to other cities earning money and keeping your citizens happy.

The game is still in early access so not all the features have been implemented into the game yet.

The Game Is Difficult but Fun

Ostriv is similar to other survival city-building games like Banished but it does have its own challenges that are different from Banished. The gameplay seems simple, but you have to balance how much you expand because you have to build buildings so that you can expand without running out of materials.

You also have to make sure you get a trade depot up early so you can import iron because it’s the one resource you can’t get on your own.

The game is fun and challenging and I enjoy trying to figure out a good strategy to keep my village growing while earning more money through exports.

A city built in the game "Ostriv".

A city built in the game "Ostriv".

The Graphics Look Great!

The graphics for Ostriv look very nice. I like the designs of the buildings and how they look. You can also zoom in and look at people doing their daily activities.

I also love how they show you how the building is built when it is being constructed. Most city-building games skip this part of the building process, they usually just show an outline until the building is built or the building just appears when you place it on the map.

Ostriv shows the entire building process from start to finish and it’s a lot of fun to watch as your town builds itself up from a bunch of tens to a village and then a city.

The buildings look really nice on the outside and it’s just entertaining to look around your village and see it grow as you continue to earn more money.

The Sound Design Is Nice

Ostriv doesn’t have characters that have individual voice acting, but instead, they have a lot of sound effects for construction and the environment and animals and cards moving around the map.

I do like the sound design a lot and it makes the game feel immersed in the world and I like listening to the sounds of the game as I watch my village grow.

The Music Is Nice Too

I like the music for the game too; it’s very nice and has a pleasant sound that is very relaxing to hear. I find the game’s soundtrack to be very enjoyable and the music compliments the game very well.

The composers Nazar Bozhynskyi, Vadym Krakhmal, and Dmytro Motorin all composed great music for this game that I enjoyed a lot. It’s a very unique thing to have three different composers for one videogame.

A city built in "Ostriv" during the winter.

A city built in "Ostriv" during the winter.

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The Game Can Be Very Challenging in the Beginning

Ostriv is similar to the survival city-building game Banished and it is very challenging at the beginning of the game. Ostriv is very challenging in the beginning and I did look at some tip videos that helped me get my village up and running and it took me several tries to get my village going.

If you play the game wrong and don’t manage your village well in the beginning you’ll be unable to trade because the game doesn’t have iron as a farmable resource yet.

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The game is a lot of fun and I enjoy it a lot.

The Game Does Have Some Bugs

Ostriv does have some bugs, although I haven’t seen many bugs I did see one where someone was walking and stuck in a tree at the same time, and they just kept walking forever.

I haven’t found many bugs besides that one, but I’m sure there are more. That bug is the only one I’ve encountered.

The Game Is Not Fully Optimized

One thing I have noticed while playing the game is that it makes the graphics card fans run really loud. The game runs fine but it might not be optimized so it might take some updates to optimize the game so it’s not making my graphics card fans work hard.

The world map in "Ostriv".

The world map in "Ostriv".

The Game Is in Early Access and Is Incomplete

Ostriv is in early access and that means the game doesn’t have all the features implemented into it. While the game is not finished it is still playable and an enjoyable experience.

If you don’t want to be part of early access you should hold off on buying the game. If you don’t mind early access you should buy the game but if you want it to be optimized you should wait until it’s fully released.

Some of the buildings have not been implemented into the game yet. If you want to play the game with all the features included you’ll have to wait a while.

There is a roadmap for features that will be added to the game but the updates come very slowly so it may be a long time before the game is fully released.

The Game Is in Early Access and Is Incomplete

Ostriv is a unique city-building survival game that has different aspects of the building process that makes it stand out compared to other games in the city-building genre.

It is a nice game to just watch as you plan how you’re going to grow your village and satisfy your citizens. When you can make a lot of money selling exports you’ll enjoy becoming rich in-game.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Nice graphics and game design

The game is not fully optimized

Challenging and fun in the beginning

My graphics card runs very loud when playing the game

Nice sound effects and music

Some features are not implemented in the game yet

My Grade: A-

I enjoyed playing Ostriv a lot, but should you buy it right now? I enjoyed playing it right now but waiting for new updates can be very boring and some gamers don’t want to wait for years to play the full release of an early access game.

I would recommend buying Ostriv when it’s on sale, I was really bored and I wanted to play a new game on PC and I decided to buy Ostriv because I’d heard it was really good.

While I enjoyed the game and I think it’s very good, it might not be worth buying at the moment, but it is worth your time later when Ostriv is fully released. It might be worth your time and money when the game is on sale on Steam or GOG.

I recommend buying this game, but maybe you should buy it later because it’s not complete yet. This game looks amazing and the gameplay is simple yet fun, managing your town is a very interesting and challenging aspect of the game.

Ostriv is a fun game, and I love how it’s visually interesting, watching your town be built from the ground up is really fun, but the game isn’t perfect and not everyone is going to like it.

If you love the city-building survival genre, you’ll enjoy Ostriv, you’ll want to buy it. If you are interested in the game but you don’t want to pay full retail price you should wait for a Steam, GOG, or Epic Games Store sale.

I do recommend Ostriv to anyone that wants a unique city-building game with a unique aspect of city-building games by showing the construction of your city’s buildings. It’s a fun aspect that is not shown in city-building games and many newer games are implementing showing the construction of buildings in their games because of the new and interesting mechanic shown in Ostriv.

Ostriv is a game that I enjoyed a lot but I haven’t seen all the features in the game because it’s incomplete. I recommend if you want to buy it now, then you should but if you want to wait there’s no problem in waiting for the game to be fully released before purchasing Ostriv.

My Rating

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