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Video Game Review: "Game Dev Tycoon"

"Game Dev Tycoon" official art.

"Game Dev Tycoon" official art.

Quick Info

Studio: Greenheart Games
Release Date: April 28, 2013
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Windows, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android

What Is “Game Dev Tycoon”?

Game Dev Tycoon is a simulation game. In the game, you are an up-and-coming game developer and you create videogames for various platforms spanning all the console generations (although they didn’t actually use the “real” names due to copyright infringement).

You create games through the console generations and try to make money selling video games while trying to grow and become a game studio and receive high review scores to sell your games.

Game Dev Tycoon Trailer

The Art Style and Graphics Are Fun

I like the art style and the graphics for this game. I think the art is cute and fun to look at. I like the art style used for the characters because it’s a unique design and while you can’t see the design of your games it’s nice to see your developers are visually appealing.

I also liked the way they designed the knock-off game consoles as well since they can’t use the real designs of the real video game consoles.

It’s visually charming and fun to look at while you try to make a successful video game publishing company.

Once you sell a lot of games, you'll get a studio like this one.

Once you sell a lot of games, you'll get a studio like this one.

The Gameplay Is Fun and Entertaining

The gameplay is what makes this game so much fun. It’s very simple, there are different sliders, and moving them up or down will affect how much time goes into making the game. Your time and effort add up to technical and design points. The higher the points are, the more game critics will enjoy the game and give it a better score. If you have a great game score with critics then your game will sell and you will gain fans. If your game score is low, you will gain profit but lose fans.

You designate how much effort goes into certain sections of game development using sliders that have gameplay, graphics, sound, world-design, artificial intelligence, and other aspects of gaming. On the other side of the screen are aspects of video games that involve, A.I., the sound quality, and things like open-world, multiplayer, voice acting, and A.I. companions.

After you select what you want your characters will generate points that go into technology and design and as your skill improves your numbers will continue to grow, the higher the score, the better quality of the game you will produce. There is also hype surrounding your game, which you can boost through participating in interviews and marketing campaigns using a set budget.

You also have to manage your staff and train them to improve their skills or send them away on vacation when they start to get tired from hours of work.

This game is a lot of fun and I enjoyed playing it for hours.

What makes this game so fun is trying to make the best games that sell a lot; you can move to different buildings, hire staff and even create your own console.

The trick to winning, especially when you are big enough to have your own development teams, is to balance out the workers doing their jobs.

Game Dev Tycoon Full Soundtrack

I Like The Music!

The music is nice and cheerful, I enjoy listening to the soundtrack as I play, but it does become repetitive when you play for long periods of time.

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Alexander Lisenkov and Jack White do a great job composing the music for Game Dev Tycoon and made an entertaining and fun soundtrack to listen to while you develop your games.

There Are a Ton of Mods for This Game!

Game Dev Tycoon also has tons of mods you can download to enhance your gameplay and you can add things like DLC for your games when you publish them. There are lots of mods that make the game more interesting to play.

If You Pirated the Game, Your Games Are Pirated Until You Go Bankrupt

Game Dev Tycoon had an interesting anti-piracy deterrent that if you pirated the game your games would be pirated until you went bankrupt, but fans wanted to play this mode so GreenHeart Games made it a mode in the game that you can choose to select when you start up a new game.

I do think it’s an interesting way to show how piracy affects developers without being too preachy, and I do hope some of the people that pirated the game eventually bought a copy of it to support the independent game company.

Your early start as a game developer.

Your early start as a game developer.

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It’s a Fun Way to Imagine What It’s Like to Be a Game Developer

I love Game Dev Tycoon, it’s a fun way to imagine what it’s like to be a game developer without any of the hard work you have to do to become a game developer.

Just because you think you can make a game sell doesn’t mean it will, but once you figure out how to make great games in this game you’ll be selling games that make you millions of dollars while selling millions of copies to your large fanbase.

It’s a lot of fun to create game engines and try to make your own games while still trying to keep your company from going bankrupt.

It’s all of the fun without any of the stress of being a real game developer. It’s a blast to play and I’ve enjoyed many hours developing games and making a ton of money.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Fun and entertaining gameplay

You'll run out of things to do

Create fun and interesting games while watching your company grow is challenging and fun to play

Nice graphics and art style

Great soundtrack

My Grade: A+

I highly recommend this game because of the gameplay and how fun it is. If you like simulation games you’ll want to buy this one, because a lot of them have been horrible lately.

It’s also interesting that GreenHeart Games released a “cracked” version of the game that punished pirates in-game by making it impossible for their companies to make money because all their games would be pirated and they would go bankrupt.

It’s been implemented into the game as “Pirate Mode” and you can choose it at the beginning of your game.

The game runs pretty well, but I did notice it tends to lag when there’s a lot going on the screen, but that might have just been my computer.

This game is so fun; it’s only $9.99 on Steam and when it goes on sale you can get it for an even better price and it’s a great game no matter how much it costs because you can get so much playability out of it because you never have the same set of game titles in the same game. They also have a free demo if you want to try it out. You won’t be disappointed in this game. It’s one of my favorite games to play.

The game rarely crashes and there are very few bugs that hinder your experience, although some people have had more bug encounters than I have. It’s an easy game to just pick up and play when you want something fun to do, and since it’s on mobile it’s a great way to keep yourself entertained on the go.

They also added current-gen consoles into the game, along with the piracy aspect that became an option in the game, along with improving the user interface. I do appreciate that GreenHeart Games hasn’t forgotten their first game and I’m looking forward to their second one that will eventually be released.

Game Dev Tycoon is worth your time and money, I give it my highest recommendation if you want a fun game to play, putting yourself in the shoes of a game developer without any of the long hours and stress that goes with it.

My Rating

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