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Video Game Review: "Cities Skylines"

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"Cities Skylines" official artwork.

"Cities Skylines" official artwork.

Quick Info

Developer: Colossal Order
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Released: March 10th, 2015
Availability: Available on Steam, Epic Games Store,, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

What Is "Cities Skylines"?

Review Discipliner: I received a free copy from the Epic Games Store because it was a free game.

Cities Skylines is a city-building game that is a simulation of a city. You build your own city and try to grow the population. You try to keep them happy by providing for their needs, housing, jobs, amenities, transportation, and unique buildings.

The Graphics Are Nice!

I like the graphics for Cities Skylines, it looks really good and despite being a little dated, I still like the art style of this game. The buildings and vehicles look very nice. I like that you can see so much happening in the game it’s easy to start looking around your city, trying to see what’s going on. You can get distracted just looking at your city.

The graphics may be dated, but it still looks great. The game is five years old so if you’re expecting the latest graphics for a city-building game, Cities Skylines isn’t going to be that game, but it still looks very good.

A city built in "Cities Skylines".

A city built in "Cities Skylines".

Cities: Skylines - Release Trailer

The Gameplay Is Complicated, but You Can Learn

Cities Skylines was very overwhelming when I first played it after I downloaded the game from the Epic Games Store, fortunately, there’s an excellent Cities Skylines YouTube channel, City Planner Plays that has an excellent tutorial video on YouTube that explained everything I needed to do in the game to make a successful city. I was able to make and grow my city thanks to that video.

The gameplay seems simple until you start adding transportation and trying to manage your city's traffic while trying to keep everyone happy while still growing your city.

Managing traffic can also be very challenging when your city grows into a boom-town, grand city, the capital city, metropolis, or megatropolis.

The game can be very challenging, but it’s very rewarding and you can play this game for a long time and still learn new things about it.

The Game Has a Lot of Mods

Cities Skylines has a lot of mods that you can download and put into your game. They are easy to install on Steam, I haven’t tried to install mods on the Epic Games Store version of the game.

They keep your game interesting and fun and there are plenty of them to use. They have a mod section in the content manager screen. The mods are global so they work on all your game saves, which is great.

A city at night in "Cities Skylines".

A city at night in "Cities Skylines".

Cities: Skylines Original Soundtrack (OST) - Main Theme

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The Music Is Nice

Jonne Valtonen and Jani Laaksonen composed the music for Cities Skylines, and I like the music. It’s very relaxing and it’s nice to listen to. I love the soundtrack and it’s a nice addition to the game. It complements the atmosphere of the game and I like the music a lot.

The music is a nice soundtrack for a city-building game that lets you just enjoy the game while you’re building your city.

The Gameplay Can Be Complicated

Setting up your city can be very overwhelming when you start playing the game. Everything can feel very complicated, especially setting up your city so it can run smoothly. If you’ve never played the game you’ll fail a few times before you figure out how to successfully start and run your city.

Because I did look at a very detailed tutorial, I was able to get my city up and running. You may fail several times, which might make some people feel like they wasted their money on the game. If you’re confused you’ll want to watch many YouTube tutorials to learn about the game.

The Game Has a Lot of DLC

I’ve had a lot of fun playing Cities Skylines, I keep trying to expand and grow my city while keeping my citizens happy. I’m enjoying the game a lot and I keep trying to improve my city. It’s a very nice game that is a lot of fun to play. I’ve always liked city-building games and I’m very happy that I got Cities Skylines free from the Epic Games Store. It is a great game and goes on sale a lot, so you can find it at a great discount most of the time.

There are many ways to build a city in "Cities Skylines".

There are many ways to build a city in "Cities Skylines".

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Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Nice gameplay, setting, and graphics

Gameplay can feel overwhelming to learn

Nice sound effects

There's a lot of DLC

Nice soundtrack

My Rating: A+

I had seen Cities Skylines on sale a lot on Steam but I had never gotten around to purchasing it, even though it did look like fun. The Epic Games Store gave it a way for free so I claimed it. I’ve had a blast playing it and it’s provided me with hours of entertainment.

If you want to buy it I highly recommend waiting for a Steam, GOG or Epic Games sale before picking it up.

It’s a fun game and there’s a lot to do in it. The learning curve is a little steep but it’s well worth taking the time to watch some videos on YouTube to get your game started.

I love the game and I will pick up some DLC eventually, but even the base game provides a lot of entertainment and I’ve enjoyed the game a lot.

It’s worth your time and money if you want a fun city-building game. It has kept me entertained and it’s a ton of fun, but there’s a lot of content locked behind DLCs. The game is worth buying and then you can decide if you like it enough to buy DLCs, I will get some DLC, but I have to look into what the really good DLCs are.

I enjoy this game a lot, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun city-building game to get into.

It’s a ton of fun and I’ll keep building more cities and having a good time doing it. This game is a ton of fun and I enjoy everything about it, from the gameplay to the graphics and the music. It’s a fun and enjoyable game for when I need to chill out and just play something fun.

If you’re looking for a fun city-building simulation game, go buy Cities Skylines from the digital store of your choice.

My Rating:

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