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Victoria 3: New Sight of the Victorian Age

I'm a gamer i love to play video games. it helps me relax. Writing about them would be a dream of mine.

the logo of Victoria 3

the logo of Victoria 3

What is Victoria 3

Victoria 3 is the third game in the Victoria series. with new graphics and more detailed culture and economic systems in mind. The earlier games the map had low grade graphics. Barely any color added to the game. making a glum and depressing to look at.

Victoria 3 plans on changing the look. adding vibrant colors to the map. Making each nation pop to life. Each province/state tiles are brought to life with new details. they also made the state highlight when you click on their name or hover over it. The U.I or user interface is more detailed with Victorian era art styles.

The user interface was overhauled to make the in-game world easier to traverse. The information that you need is easier to look for, and they also put in a prediction software so the hard work is done for you.

Icons in the game were updated from earlier games. Focusing on beautifying the game. the development team made the icons easy and alluring. the events are also been simplified for the players benefit.

the main reason the game is being developed. its to give the game a fresh start and the a new look. As time progress and our tech grow, our games will become better and more beautiful.

The games graphics brings the others to shame.

The game plans on giving the Victoria series a new life. From the gloomy dark look from the early games. to a new bright and alluring vision. Brighter color pallet and Victorian inspired art work. From the U.I to the map itself. The icons were the main focus of the development tea

The Development team made the icons easier to see and to distinguish from each other. They also made them color coated. So if you can't see the icon itself you can still know what they are by the color they are using.

Image icons like buildings, the different professions and events. They are beautified and simplified. They use styles from the art revolution of the Victorian age. The images are also color coated just on a more complex scale. They also changed the tutorial has also been changed from long boring paragraphs to easy to follow photos and videos.

The map has been overhauled to make it more pleasing to the eyes. It has a brighter color pallet to change from the doom and gloom from older games. the state/province were brought to life with lush forest and bustling cities. The development team also made the states easier to spot and their borders will highlight if you click or hover over their names. its also easy to tell what the province/state has in resources.

The actual game play footage has not been made public by Paradox as of this time. There are a few leaks from beta testers that made it to small communities. to be fair to the development team i will not show the ill gotten footage.

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this is one of the looks of the map

this is one of the looks of the map

a zoomed in look of the map

a zoomed in look of the map

Diplomacy and War

Diplomacy and war go together like Peanut butter and Jelly. If the former fails gotta try the latter. War is not the focus of the game but its still a core component. Challenge your rivals on the battlefield.

By diplomatic means or by bloodshed, you can conquer lands. Take your rivals down a peg. bring colonies under your rule. Just make wise decisions both can be costly endeavors. War can cost you pops and Diplomacy can cost you allies.

The cost of war. in earlier games replacing men was easy just takes time and they will be replaced. In Victoria 3 men can be injured, sick. If they die they will leave behind their families that will turn into dependence. if they are just injured they will become dependence as well. It will also cost your resources to fight a long war. so prepare yourself.

Navies are your best friend when it comes to war. Controlling the trade routes and starving your enemies of well need supplies is a great goal. it will end the war a lot quicker and save you man power in the long run.

Diplomacy on the other hand is straight forward. you talk with other world leaders and make your terms. You can make deals to get land or a colony. Establish trade, so that you can get the well needed resources or sell what you make to have some extra coin in your pocket.

a look at the battle system

a look at the battle system


The game is not even out yet and its already creating a buzz. The development team has not given a Release date. I think that they will release the game late this year or some time next year. If you want to learn more about the game check there Devs diaries. They have more detailed about what they are working on.

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