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Veterinarian Toys & Playsets for Kids - Vet Toys for Kids

Becoming a veterinarian and helping animals is a career that many children understandably aspire to. There are some wonderful educational and exciting veterinarian toys for kids that are really special additions to any child’s box (or room) of toys. There are many different veterinarian pretend & play sets available, for children of all ages. I’ll review a wide selection of animal doctor toys for children from ages 3 and up.

Veterinarian toys for kids make great birthday, Christmas gifts or holiday gifts. Some veterinarian playsets come with stuffed animals, but you can also personalize their toy even further by purchasing their favorite stuffed animal for them to treat and heal with their new veterinarian toy kit. Another great gift idea or supplement to your child’s pretend Veterinarian set is an age appropriate book for children that talks about what a Veterinarian really is. 

While there are lots of toys nowadays that aren’t very educational, many parents are still searching high and low to find learning toys for kids that are good, quality forms of entertainment. Luckily, there are tons of different veterinarian toys & playsets available for your future veterinarian to live out his or her dreams. Read on for some great selections for different ages!

Dalmation Vet Kit

This Dalmation Vet Kit is one of the top sellers on Amazon.com when it comes to Children's Veterinarian toys. If your child’s favorite dog isn’t a Dalmation, then they can easily substitute anoter stuffed animal dog (or any animal, for that matter) from their collection.

For only $23 and some change, this vet playset is a very affordable and good quality toy for a very fair price! Your child will receive: a cute little dalmation stuffed dog, a toy dog carrier, and tons of veterinarian toys such as the very popular stethoscope, bandages, thermometer, tweezers, etc. Overall, there are 18+ pieces in this Dalmation Vet Kit that should keep your child entertained for hours on end.

Please note: This set is recommended for Ages 3+ due to small parts that could cause a choking hazard in small children.

Learning Resources - Pretend & Play Animal Hospital

The Pretend & Play Animal Hospital is another affordable, high quality and bestselling toy on Amazon. It retails just under $20 and is meant for use with your children’s stuffed animals. This play set folds out into an animal hospital that your child gets to run! This set comes with 34 pieces that include veterinary toy necessities like a stethoscope, very cool x-rays!, and an erasable board where children can take notes on their little patients.

While the official company description says ages 3-12, I would recommend this product for children ages 4/5 and up. The pieces might be a little to small for children with very small hands to enjoy playing with. It would be great for a family that has kids of different ages to enjoy together.

Playmobil - Animal Clinic & Animal Vet

If you’re a parent that loves quality toys, you’ve probably heard of Playmobil. They’ve been around for a long time and their name is greatly respected when it comes to children’s toys. Playmobil has lots of great animal playsets and a couple of them are veterinarian specific! All Playmobil toys are recommended for ages 4 and up by the manufacturer and will easily entertain your child for years to come. 

The Playmobil Animal Clinic playset is a wonderful toy within itself, or you can either expand it to work with other Playmobil sets and accessories. There are lots of little animals that come in this kit that your child will have fun ‘healing’.

In addition to the animal clinic, there is also an Animal Vet operating room and an Animal Vet with car so your child can pretend to rescue animals in emergencies.

Parents Animal Hospital Toy

This play set is great for younger children (ages 3-6). It’s an award winning toy from Parents Magazine and will keep your little one really amused for hours. It’s a portable Animal Hospital toy set with a handle for easy transport.

It includes three little stuffed animals (kitty, dog and parrot) and tons of instruments to make them feel better, in no time!  Each animal can ‘live’ in it’s own little cage, built right into the set.

Barbie Pet Vet Toys

Mattel, the makers of Barbie, have created lots of Pet Vet toys for little girls in their “I Can Be…” line in where they give girls the opportunities to explore various careers. 

The Barbie, I Can Be… Pet Vet Care Center is a fantastic stand-alone toy pet set that includes a stuffed dog and all the tools that your little vet will need to get him feeling back to new!

The Barbie, I Can Be….Pet Vet is an actual Barbie that comes with many little accessories to help heal Barbie’s pony that is included in the set.

If your daughter loves Barbie, then any of the veterinarian Barbie toys most likely would delight her!

Veterinarian Dress Up Sets for Kids

To bring your child’s playtime to a whole other level, then you might want to look into purchasing them a vet dress up kit!

Melissa & Dougs Veterinarian Role Play Costume set retails for just under $25 and is a huge seller on Amazon.com. 

Here are some more vet dress up sets to the right.

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Kid's Animal Vet Playset Toy

Kid's Animal Vet Playset Toy