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Valiant Hearts Walkthrough, Chapter Two, Part Three: Reims Crash Site

Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

With Anna's arrival at Reims time has caught up with the group, and Baron Von Dorf's zeppelin is still blazing heartily in the forests surrounding Reims. Anna, as ever, is searching for her captured father - though she'll happily save anybody she meets along the way. Like, say, a certain blonde-haired German soldier who may just be related to another major protagonist...

Crash Site - Anna

- Anna's now in the forest surrounding Reims, the dog at her side. Head right and a French soldir will briefly stop you, then run off. This is a clear enough sign: you need to avoid the French soldiers this time. You can do so by ducking behind bushes and slipping by when they're facing the opposite direction.

- Check the ground between the first and second soldiers. You'll find a Virgin Mary Statuette and Case.

- There's an injured German soldier nearby. Heal him up with the usual rhythm game. This will clear the path further to the right.

- Keep going for a quick cut scene. Once it's done, continue the game of hide and seek until you reach a busted section of the grounded zeppelin. On the right side of the compartment, just before you leave, you'll find a Letter from a Soldier on the ground. Grab it and keep going.

- To the far right you'll find a piece of debris dangling over flames. A handle rests atop the platform. If you send Anna up to get it, however, the platform will tilt and take her out. Rest Anna on the safe end of the platform and tell the dog to go fetch the handle instead.

- Take the handle back to the zeppelin compartment and use it on the busted lever. Pull on it to open the way.

Anna heals a wounded Karl in Valiant Hearts.

Anna heals a wounded Karl in Valiant Hearts.

- New section of the forest. Run right a short way and you'll find a Broken Pistol on the ground. Then head left to see a familiar face. You need to set him free.

- Climb debris and platforms as you make your way as far to the left as possible. You'll find a can at the end of the screen. Have the dog fetch it for Anna, then head back towards the bulk of the debris.

Scroll to Continue

- Start climbing ladders. Climb the top-left ladder you'll find a Dart at the top. That done, hurl the can at the artillery round that's swinging back and forth to your right. Properly aimed, the can will take it out and open a path to the right.

- The path leads to a rope that will partially yank the debris off of Karl's legs, though only for a few moments. Once you've lifted the debris, order the dog to pull Karl out of harm's way.

- Head to ground level and perform the usual first aid. Do so successfully and the game will shift...

Emile pushes through a huge crash site in Valiant Hearts.

Emile pushes through a huge crash site in Valiant Hearts.

Crash Site - Emile / Freddie

- Been a while, old man. Walk right until you're out of danger and at a puzzle.

- Once Emile and Freddie are separated you're basically playing as a combo of the two, depending on which character has the dog. Start by sending the dog over to Freddie and walking left a short ways. There's a Shell Mechanism on the ground, partially hidden beside a leaning tree.

- Return to the bridge nearby and send the dog to pull the switch on the opposite side of the bridge. Once half of the dam is in place, pull the other switch with Freddie. This will clog up the water and create a path for Emile.

- Walk until you find another hole for the dog to crawl through. Order him to do so to return to Emile. Guide Emile back to the left and into the mud you just exposed. There's a Sterilising Solution sitting in the mud.

- Back to the matter at hand. There's a soldier nearby watching a box of dynamite. Step out when his back is turned and whack him, then order the dog to grab some dynamite. Deliver it to Freddie, then hurl it into the heap of flaming debris to your right. The dynamite has to go over the debris and bounce / slide into the flames. This will clear your path.

- Keep running with Freddie until you hit a dead end. The dog will find a dig spot. Order him to dig to find a handle. Send the handle over to Emile and he can use it on the broken lever in the foreground. Pull the lever to open a path for Freddie.

- Once you're through, head right to find a spinning engine. Just beyond it is a box of dynamite. Order the dog to grab a stick, then turn the wheel in the middle of the area. This will prompt Freddie to do some snipping. Once the flag above your heads is on fire, spin the wheel to bring the flag back towards the engine. Hurl the dynamite up and into the fire to take out the engine. Do this quickly or the fire will go out.

- Continue right. A cut scene follows. Poor... everybody, really.

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