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Valiant Hearts Walkthrough, Chapter Three, Part Four: Reims Forest

Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.

Emile has just received some rather unfortunate news about his son, but as the back-and-forth narrative of Valiant Hearts usually shows, there's always more to bad news than meets the eye. We now leap briefly back in time to watch the second half of Karl's daring escape from the French POW camp, one that will pit him against a platoon of soldiers eager to drag him back into bondage - or perhaps simply do him in for causing so much trouble.

Reims Forest - Karl

- As soon as you have control, run to the right. Hide in the first house you find and climb into the basement. The pursuing guards won't find you.

- Run to the right until you see a bush, just short of a spotlight. Hide behind the bush until a patrolling soldier nearby turns, then slip down the path beside the bush and into the background.

- Look to your left for a Tent Canvas, then head right. Return to the foreground when the coast is clear. Another spotlight soldier is nearby; wait for him to turn his back before slipping by.

- You'll soon reach a river crossing. Hop onto the raft and wheel yourself across, between the spotlights of the two soldiers on the bridge in the background.

Karl climbs into a tree in Valiant Hearts.

Karl climbs into a tree in Valiant Hearts.

- You'll find a large building ahead. The front door can be opened by turning the wheel nearby, but soldiers will appear to ruin your day. Keep running to the right until you find a tree you can climb. Get to the top branches of the next tree over and the soldiers will set up shop at the base of both trees, preventing your escape. Punch the golden apples at the top of the second tree down and you'll distract them sufficiently to climb back down again.

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- Wheel open the front door of the building and enter. To your right upon entering is a locker that contains an Army Internal Correspondence. Snag it, then climb the ladder to your left. Grab the wire cutters at the top...

- ... then use the wheel on the second floor to lower a platform into the trees you were in earlier. Climb down and snip through the barbed wire to your right.

- There's a bridge ahead. Slip below it as soon as you reach a ladder to avoid the lights of soldiers, and check the bush to your left for a Goat Hide. Once the soldiers turn away from the ladder, slip up and swiftly snag a bottle of wine from the basket on the bridge. Get back down below before they spot you.

- Skulk beneath the bridge, avoiding search lights, until you find a fixed light in a tree. Knock it down with the wine you pilfered.

Karl hides from soldiers patrolling Vaubecort in Valiant Hearts.

Karl hides from soldiers patrolling Vaubecort in Valiant Hearts.

- There's a scarecrow ahead. Pick it up, then use it as mobile cover as you slip through the corn fields to the right. Plop it down and hide whenever a soldier with a light is passing by in the background. Don't neglect to grab the British Magazine sitting in the middle of the field, on the right edge of the first soldier's perimeter route.

- Next up are sheep. Wandering their field in a small flock, they'll provide ample cover for Karl... at least at first. Eventually they'll disperse, and you'll have to sneak behind one sheep at a time as you try to avoid the searchlights. Watch the movements of your sheep and stop immediately when it does. You'll occasionally have to switch sheep, so don't accidentally turn around if you think you need to stick with the same one the whole way across.

- Next up is a dark area lit with flares. As you may have guessed, you need to cross only when it's dark. Get to the next set of bushes along the way before the next flare goes up and lights the area. Partway through here, beneath a tall tree, you'll find Braces on the ground. Mind their location and pick them up before settling down to wait for the next flare to die off.

- Keep running until you reach another house. A fellow escapee is inside. Immediately grab the handle pinning the rope in this small room. This will drop a wardrobe down and buy you some time.

- Check the escapee to bring the level to an end.

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