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Valorant Masters Iceland - Grand Finals - Do We Really Know Which Team Is Better?

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VALORANT Masters 1 Iceland has proven to be one of the most interesting VALORANT events in the history of the game's esports. Why am I saying this? It's simple. This event has seen one of the best stories that teams could have, from ZETA showing that Japan is a region not to be underestimated to Optic's early losses being understood wrong.

We have seen the same matchup before.. OPTIC vs LOUD and the result favored LOUD. They managed to win and prove the world that they are one of the best teams in the tournament but was this really the end for OPTIC? The answer is NO. They have managed to get themselves back from the lower bracket all the way to the grand finals, beating literally every team that came in front of their path.

This grand final is basically the second matchup between these two in this tournament and from the maps that we have seen ( Bind and Ascent ) we can see that they are extremely close. First map ( Ascent ) ended 9 - 13 in favor of Optic. The second map ( Bind ) ended 12 - 14 in favor of Optic. Third map ( Breeze ) went 13 -15 in favor of Optic.

All of the maps are close and the fact that we had LOUD beating Optic before in the upper bracket shows that we don't really know which team is REALLY better. Optic wins this today, LOUD might win tomorrow. Of course a win is a win but still, I can't tell which one is dominating.

I agree that Optic might have been better since they won 3-0 but I wonder when the real dominance in VALORANT esports will start.

I hope everyone understands that this is only MY OPINION and there's most likely gonna be people who don't agree with this and that's totally fine. I respect everyone else's opinion. Thanks for reading!

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