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Snatch a Free "Thunder Gun" In Call of Duty: Black Ops Campaign

"Sitting Bull" from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

"Sitting Bull" from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Get A Thunder Gun On Campaign???

If you loved the special campaign Easter egg in Call of Duty:World at War, enabling you to acquire the Ray Gun wonder weapon, you will undoubtedly enjoy the similar campaign Easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops, which will lead you to the destructive power of the Thunder Gun. That's right gamers! The Thunder Gun, which can be acquired through the mystery box in the popular zombies mode, can be found inside Call of Duty: Black Ops' campaign level "Numbers".

Where Is the Thunder Gun?

The question should not be where is the Thunder Gun, but how you go about getting it! To answer this question specifically though, it can be found in the campaign chapter "Numbers" by completing a series of steps, in a certain amount of time. Begin by loading up the chapter "Numbers" and begin to play the sequence where you shove some broken glass in the guys mouth. A checkpoint will arise and this is where the action begins!

How to get the Thunder Gun

In order to get the infamous wonder weapon you must first destroy all canisters of NOVA 6 gas in the corridor, before heading up the ladder to safety. Take them all out and you will see and hear the screen shake, which is your queue to head around the desk to your right.On the desk is a tape player and you can see that a tape cassette is sticking out of it. Grab the tape by pressing the action button and head up the ladder to safety.

Once you are upstairs and away from the NOVA 6 gas, finish off the guys in the next hallway and head to the ammo dump behind the refrigerator. On a table in this room is another tape player, which you will need to press the action button on to insert your cassette tape. When you do this, the screen will shake and some strange codes and frequencies will begin to play. Then out of nowhere, comes the Thunder Gun from the wall!

Choose your Targets Carefully

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Once you have completed this Easter egg and you have the Thunder Gun, you can carry it with you throughout the remainder of the mission, but you should seriously consider rationing your ammo because you only get 32 rounds of Thunder Gun ammo before your fancy wonder weapon vanishes right back into thin air!

Hopefully this little trick/Easter egg will help you on your mission, especially if you are playing on Veteran difficulty. Good luck gamers, and I'll see you on the battlefield (but not on the Battlefield 3).

Secret Thunder Gun Walkthrough!


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