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Unique Gift Ideas For 12 Year Old Boys & Girls, Childrens Gifts Idea For Kids


Unique Christmas and Birthday gift ideas for 12 year old children.

Purchasing a gift for a 12 year old boy or girl is simply a matter of deduction. As each person is an individual, it is imperative to decide on the gift based on the likes of the child.

The gift ideas on this page have been selected due to the growing rate as to which they are being bought and for which age group.

As twelve years old is a crossroads between adulthood and childhood, opting for a gift which would be well received is slightly more difficult.

Anti-gravity Running Boots.


Anti-gravity running boots or shoes are an awesome gift idea for any 12 year old kid. Designed for sheer fun, this jumping shoes are ideal for fast paced kids.

Running to school has never been so much fun. This product really encourages outdoor exercise and cardio vascular workouts.

Watch Them In Action

The anti-gravity boots are designed to fit over individual running shoes. Ergonomically designed for comfort and beneficial for the feet.

The low impact technology reduces the stress and strain on leg joints such as the ankles and the knees.

Suitable for ages 8 and above. A quick 15 minute training programme will provide enough training to be able to use the anti-gravity boots safely and to their full extent.


Jumping Stilts.


Taking a leap forward for those more advanced 12 year old whose balance is more acute. Jumping stilts are the hip new way to travel the streets.

Used by professional adults and company messengers in many major cities as an alternative mode of transport.

This unique invention is an ideal gift for Birthdays which promotes healthy exercise and encourages children to play with others.

Allows individuals to jump up to 7 feet high and run at an amazing 20 miles per hour. This gift idea is awesome.

NB: It is recommended for safety equipment such as knee and elbow pads to be worn whilst using this product.

This product may be suitable for receiving interest free credit for a period of 6 months.

Please click on the smaller images to view discounts and full selection available.

Freerider Skatecyle.


An awesome and streetwise technologically advanced skateboard. What 12 year old boy or girl does not love to go skateboarding.

This space aged gift idea again promotes healthy outdoor exercise. Winner of the '2010 IDEA Award' this lightweight and fold-able self propelled skateboard is brilliant.

Excellent for 'carving', the freerider skate cycle is a dream drive on two large 9 inch wheels. Although recommended for 14 year old children, the size is perfect for many 12 year old kids.

Mountain Unique Skill Skatboard


Computer Games Chair.


If you cannot get them away from a computer game, why not let them play in comfort and style.

A big selection of computer chairs is available ( click the smaller image ) with built in speakers, console and handset jacks, as well as Wi-Fi.

These awesome gaming chairs are an ideal gift for a boy or girl whom love gaming and have everything else.

Arm rests and head rests assist in asserting the correct posture whilst playing hours of games. Ideal for Wii, Playstion and Xbox consoles.

FREE LINK TO: Gaming Chairs for Youths

Mini Motor Bikes.


There is nothing quite like owning your first motor bike at the age of 12. This Razor MX350 Dirt Bike is excellent for those off road experiences.

Designed to be robust and withstand the temper tantrums of the average 12 year old kid and the rigors of nature.

Travels at 12 miles per hour for fun, freedom and pure adrenaline rushes. Ideal for carrying weights up to 150 lbs.

Battery operated with a 12 hour charge time and 30 minutes of continual use from each charge.

Metal Detectors.


Metal detecting can be quite fun, educational, and may even make some money. Many amateur metal detectors have discovered valuable items in silver and gold, as well as ancient artifacts and civil war memorabilia.

Using the metal detecting along a beach for beach combing may result in precious finds such as lost jewellery, watches and wallets as well as the occasional bullet or musket ball.

Millionaires have been mad through using one of these neat little 'toys'. Terry Herbert found over 35,000 gold and silver coins in 2010 in one field.

Discover the magic of metal detecting through local records and find out what took place and discover buried treasure.

Gift ideas for Christmas, Thanksgiving or a Birthday for 12 year boy or girl just got fantastic.

Mobile Phone Watches.


Mobile phone watches can make excellent Christmas and Birthday gift ideas for both boys and girls.

With Wi-Fi, bluetooth, camera, and also video camera along with many other technical factions that children love. These watches are state of the art when it comes to technology.

Available in white, black, and pink.


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