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Unendurable Frenzy


Unendurable Frenzy vs. Malenia

Elden Ring is one of the hardest souls games in existence, so you can imagine that there are very hard bosses as well. At first, I thought Margit, the Fell Omen, was pretty tough but I stood corrected when I met the one, the only, Malenia. Malenia whooped my ass from here all the way to next Sunday.

At first, I thought I had her with a few of the tricks that I was using but eventually those were doomed to failure. I felt like there was no way to win against an opponent who could heal herself with each landed attack.

But Malenia was far more craftier than I gave her credit for, I actually managed to get her to her second form but I couldn't beat her second form because I felt trapped with her ability to cause Scarlet Rot with a mere touch.

After burning out and exhausting all other options against Malenia, I left her alone and went on with the rest of the game. However, sometime later, recently actually, a note came across my desk about a youngblood beating Malenia with an incantation called Unendurable Frenzy.

This incantation can be found in the Yeolough Anix Ruins. I was a little cautious about following this tip because using frenzy incantations can drive the user mad as well. I remember there being a safeguard to use against the 'backdraft' of the incantation in the form of the Lucidity spell.

Frenzy incantations are dangerous and are known to drain health overtime unless you're cured of the effects immediately. Now, this begs an interesting question, how would this work on Malenia?

I get that she can possibly be brought down with it but it is going to take some ingenuity on the part of the player. Ironically, it can be said that using the incantantion on her both rounds would ensure that she didn't touch you at all despite her speed being higher than yours.

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So how I think I would approach this battle is, enter Malenia's chambers. Use the Blood Flies incantation on her and stay on the move while ensuring that she doesn't get anywhere near me.

Malenia is crafty in the regard that if you get lazy about trying to avoid her or her attacks, she can tell and will punish you horribly. From experience. Incidentally, Malenia doesn't come off to me as someone who has a reason to stall for time.

So ultimately, I was thinking of trying to use the Unendurable Frenzy on Malenia to see if it'll really be as effective as I hope it will be. Personally, another reason why I left Malenia alone is because her Great Rune is garbage just like Rennala's.

Though you'd think that wouldn't be reason enough to avoid her, but I'm someone who won't go anywhere or do anything unless I see a good enough reason to do so. Having said that, I think that I will try to see if Unendurable Frenzy will take down Malenia but I won't hold my breath.

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