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Ubisoft Forward E3 Conference Was Quite Good.

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After a year of pandemic induced absence, E3 came back, and with Ubisoft it was off to a great start. Honestly since I know barely anything Ubisoft was up to in 2020, I actually enjoyed this show case, but apologies for my ignorance in this blog. That said, on with the assessment.

This time you deal with a crime boss who loves fishing...

This time you deal with a crime boss who loves fishing...

Assessment of Ubisoft's showcased games

Watchdogs Legion Bloodline DLC was the first game showcased after waiting an hour for the conference to start. And here’s where my casual gaming status will get me in trouble with gamers reading this blog. But I had no idea Ubisoft made a third Watchdogs game. After hearing that Watchdogs had problems at launch, I thought it wasn’t lucrative enough to warrant two sequels, and DLC which this is. Boy was I wrong and that’s on me.
So what was this DLC pack about? Well you play as Aiden Pearce, as you’ve gotta keep a robot army away from the bad guys. However a Wrench is thrown those plans, as Wrench from WatchDogs 2 interferes with his own plans in mind. That makes this seem like a contest to see who can get this robot army, which seems fun. Which is odd for me to say since Watchdogs ain’t my cup of tea.

Following that was Rainbow Six:Extraction, or as I deem it:”Rainbow Six:Alien Edition.” As yes, we’re dealing with aliens now. Gauging by the trailer, you have to extract your comrades from an alien nest… I don’t know much about the Rainbow Six games or books, and yet this feels out of place.
Don’t get me wrong, it looks fun, which is what matters. But that’s because I’m a sci-fi nut, which why I enjoyed the Watchdogs DLC trailer. But the addition of aliens in Rainbow Six, which seems like a real world Spec-Ops shooter feels off to me. That and said “aliens” look more like Umbrella Corporation zombies, and I doubt the debs wanted to give Resident Evil vibes with this.
Extraction is slated for a September 16th release, and I hope it does well with it’s fans.

Afterwards was a trailer for RockSmith+, which is a subscription service that teaches users how to play guitar through their favorite songs. And it’ll be available for PC in the fall. Not much to that display, but I can understand if there’s an audience, especially among aspiring musicians. And according to the explanation of how RockSmith works, they apparently took a page from Guitar Hero, in that you’ll be matching up with oncoming notes on a sliding track. Seems simple enough.

After that was Riders Republic, a racing game comprised of skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX biking, Motocross, and Hang-gliding. Hard to believe people are still into that stuff as I assumed it died with the 90s. It’s slated for September 2nd 2021, and players can register to play upcoming betas.

Afterwards was Rainbow Six:Siege. And when they mentioned the release for the cross play and cross progression development maps, I initially thought they were talking about the original release date for Siege and the release date for a remaster. But as you can tell, I double checked, and it was for the ability to play multiplayer across different platforms. Which oughta be fun, but I’m worried that might not go over well at launch as they hope.
Because the way I understand it programming for consoles and PCs are two different processes, but I don’t know enough about handling online servers to know if handling consoles and PC servers have a night and day difference either. But my point is, I thought we were gonna get a third re-release of Siege, until I was treated to a 2D animated trailer. And while it looked nice, I was left feeling confused, and according to Tom’s guide, it was for a new operator character for Siege named “Thunderbird.” This character will apparently be one of the updates along with the cross platform play.

What followed that was a blitz showcase of For Honor:Mirage 1552, which is an arena fighter. Track mania and The Crew 2, which are racing games, and reshowing WatchDogs Legion Bloodlines DLC. But what I wanted to see was The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DLC for Brawlhalla. And since the showcase breezed through that, I just watched the full trailer on And as a result I have another reason to play Brawlhalla, aside from it being a Smash Bros. clone.
What can I say, I’ve been a TMNT fan my whole life, and the fact that they have the old school ’87 cartoon design that I grew up on makes this DLC a must for me. And I found out that the TMNT DLC for Brawhalla dropped on June 16th.

Following that was Just Dance 2022. Aside from three songs being mentioned in collaboration with singer and dancer Todrick Hall, such as “Nails, Hair, Hips, and Heels.” Other featured tracks are “Believer” by Imagine Dragons and “Level Up” by Ciara, as it’s slated to be released on November 4th for all platforms.

Next was Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and I’ve gotta be honest, this might be the second Assassin’s Creed game I feel like playing behind Black Flags. As the gameplay seems more straight forward action oriented as opposed to stealth based. And what was featured in this presentation was the DLC expansion “Siege of Paris.” Which I find interesting since I thought everything in this game regarding DLC would take place in the Nordic lands, but France is a part of Europe, so par for the course I guess. There will also be new gear and weapons in this DLC pack that fans might like.

Next was a trailer for a show on Apple TV called Mystic Quest, which I might check out for the name alone. It’s a comedy that got a Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which I don’t trust, hence why I need to see it for myself.

Following that was a trailer for a film adaptation of a VR game:”Werewolves Within.” Given that it’s obscure is quite the risk, but with good marketing and story, it should be fine. Especially given the fun tone and vibe of the trailer. Especially the self aware tagline “based on the popular video game…You’ve never heard of.” It’s slated for a theater premiere June 25 and for rent and home video release July 2.

After that was Far Cry 6. Well the trailer that introduces the villain Anton anyway. Seems like a ruthless guy who cares for no one but his son. Bet FarCry are gonna love gutting him when they play the game. What they may enjoy even more is the “Become The Villain DLC.” Where fans get to play as the villains from FarCry 3-5. Along with FarCry3:Blood Dragon.

Following that was Mario+Rabbids:Sparks of Hope. It’s a cinematic trailer of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and their Rabbid counterparts arrive on an alien planet to face a new threat. I was expecting this to be a strategic shooter in the vain of X-Com like the last Mario+Rabbids games. But it seems they’re returned to go ol’ 3-D platforming. It’s slated to release in 2022, with no specific date announced.

And lastly. was the cinematic trailer for Avatar:Frontiers of Pandora. Never imagined Avatar would get a video game, though I’m sure there are some who might say it should’ve happened when the film first came out. But in 2022 we’ll be able to explore Pandora for ourselves from the sanctity of our rooms through our keyboards and controllers.

The Heroes In A Half Shell have come to Brawlhalla

The Heroes In A Half Shell have come to Brawlhalla

Be Vewy vewy quiet...We're hunting Wabbids...

Be Vewy vewy quiet...We're hunting Wabbids...

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The Conclusion...

In conclusion, I enjoyed Ubisoft Forward probably more than I should. Even though I have no interest in Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, Rider’s Republic, FarCry, or Just Dance, the trailers seemed engaging enough make me consider purchasing those games. I am however wanting to look into buying Brawhalla and getting the Ninja Turtles DLC, along with Mario+Rabbids. and For Honor. As I stated too, I might look into Watchdogs Legions to see if it’ll pique my interest. Because I know that Bloodlines DLC.

Bottom line, in my opinion, this year’s E3 Ubisoft conference was a good show. Although I'm aware not everyone felt that way due to their expectations differing or being higher than mine.

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