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Trunks, Warrior of Hope

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Trunks, Warrior of Hope - Progress


Trunks, Warrior of Hope DLC

So, late last night, I finished the Frieza Saga on Dragonball Z Kakarot. The credits played and much like the tv series, it showed the 'happy ending' of sorts for those on both Earth and the inhabitants of Planet Namek. So after control of Gohan returned to me, I got to think about something.

"It's time to crack open one of the DLCs of said game". So, I started the Trunks, Warrior of Hope DLC because it coincides with the main story right now. Like, if you've seen the 'cooldown' period that takes place after the Frieza Saga and before the Cell Saga on the tv series, you've no doubt seen Trunks' story about the Androids in his horrible future.

That's where I am right now. I decided to go on and start the Trunks, Warrior of Hope DLC. I'm not too into the DLC just yet. At present, I just taught Trunks a few moves from his skill tree not to mention having to search the drone infested area looking for special Z Orbs to complete Trunks' move set so he can stand a better chance against the Androids.

However, my current progress right now is rather touch and go. Apparently, you can't travel anywhere in the outskirts of certain cities without being bombarded with drones or having to Z burst away from said drones.

I mean, if I'm being honest, this is probably the most stressful part of the game. You'd think the battle with Captain Ginyu in Goku's body was but this takes the taco and then some.

I'm a gamer that can usually roll with the punches as well as take a few, but I mean, these drones will have you dead to rights in minutes and the Androids, 17 and 18 are going to be right there to kick the crap out of you.

I would say that this part of the game makes the DLC aspect feel a little anticlimactic, but that's hardly the case. If anything, the drones make it more challenging to get around and not get spotted.

Ironically, your 'discovery' meter doesn't fill up as fast even if you have two or more drones on your ass but it still make it a challenge to get from point A to B. Thankfully, I found the special Z orbs that I needed to teach Trunks the last of his moves at current so now I can move on with the game.

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Incidentally, I'll be moving on with the game tomorrow. Today, I'll be spending time on my PS5 and playing on that. I decided I was going to at the last minute, it's my birthday so I wanted to take the time and switch it up a bit; give my PS4 a break for 24 hours.

Plus, I wanted to take a little break from my current game right now anyway so I can get my bearings about the DLC I'm working on. I will admit that the Trunks DLC can be a little overwhelming at Trunks' current power but I believe that when he goes it alone then it'll pick up. I believe so anyway.

I was sort of amazed about the amount of drones within the city limits, I've never seen so many drones in one place in my entire gaming career, but that's not saying much. Also, I want it to go on the record that I make sure that my guys learn their moves before moving on with the game.

Simply, it helps when you have extra power to flush out the remaining scum that doesn't want to die. At present, Trunks isn't much of a threat to anyone let alone the Androids so I thought it would be good to make sure he has as much of an edge as possible.

So if you're playing this game, make sure you do the following always:

  • Make sure you get Z orbs to purchase moves on the skill tree before moving on with the story. That includes the training grounds and learning moves thru there.
  • Destroy and put down any opposition that isn't the Androids.
  • Don't spend so much time scoping out the city.
  • Substories have to get dealt immediately.
  • Above all, have fun with the game and try not to take it too seriously.

These are the rules I follow no matter whether I'm playing DLC or just the main story.

Like my Post? Leave me a message and I'll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy writing.

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