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Troubleshooting Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Problems

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The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One headset rocks 50 mm, over-the-ear speakers, a removable microphone, and compatibility with mobile devices. The headset has its own controller that connects to the lower part of your Xbox One remote for easy accessibility, and offers a largely intuitive control interface. Common problems with the headset include issues with the game or chat sound either not working or being low, problems with the mic, and also challenges getting the headset set up to be used for chat only. when you want to still hear the game audio through a set of external speakers. Try working through these challenges with troubleshooting before seeking professional help.

The Turtle Beach XO One headset is compatible with the Xbox One and mobile devices.

The Turtle Beach XO One headset is compatible with the Xbox One and mobile devices.

Update Controller Firmware

The first thing you should do after connecting your Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One headset to your Xbox One console is to both update your Xbox One gaming console, and then update the firmware associated with your Turtle Beach headset. You can update the firmware on your headset using the following instructions:

  1. Connect the hardware associated with your headset to both the Xbox One remote controller and also the gaming console.
  2. Power the Xbox One console on if it isn't turned on already.
  3. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  4. Choose "System," and then select Controller Update from the list of options to scan for whether an update is available for your particular device.
  5. Click "Continue" if an update is detected to install the update. A message will appear on the screen notifying you when the update is complete.

No Sound

  • Ensure that all of the connectors are firmly pushed in and connected to their respective ports. It's always possible that either you or someone else walked over a cord, caught it with your foot, and accidentally pulled it loose.
  • There is both a master volume control and a game/chat volume control on the headset controller you attached to the bottom of the Xbox One remote control. Press the larger, upward-pointing arrow under Volume to turn the master volume up. Alternatively, if you are hearing the game audio but not the mic chat or vice versa, try adjusting the game/chat levels. For example, if you're hearing the game audio but not the mic chat, push the arrow pointing toward Chat a few times to see if things changes things at all.

Mic Not Working

Press the Mic button on the headset controller directly beneath the Turtle Beach logo to mute or unmute your Turtle Beach XO One headset. The icon in the middle of the button will turn red when the headset is muted, and it will be unlit when the headset is not in mute mode. However, be careful not to hold your finger down too long when you press the Mic button, as then you'll be muting and un-muting the mic monitor feature. If you're having problems beyond this, your Mic button may be broken and you'll need to consult your warranty.

Chat Not Working

Again, check all of the connectors and try adjusting the volume levels associated with the master volume and the game/chat volume levels.

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Mic Monitor Not Working

The mic monitor feature on the Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One headset makes it possible for you to hear your voice in your headset at the same level that everyone else on the chat will hear it. Hold the Mic button down on the headset controller for roughly three seconds to either mute or un-mute the mic monitor feature on your headset.

How do I use XO One for chat only?

A lot of people like to hear the game audio through connected surround sound speakers and use their connected headset for chat audio only. While this is not intuitive to set up, it is fairly easy to configure using the following instructions:

  1. Click "Menu" on your Xbox One remote to bring up a context menu on your home screen.
  2. Select "Settings" and then "Display and Sound."
  3. From there, choose "Optical Audio" and then "Bitstream Out."
  4. Work back a few levels to Display and Sound, then choose "Bitstream Format" and then choose "Dolby Digital."

You should now be ready to go.

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