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Treyarch Updates Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies and Perk System Explained

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies has received a huge update. While the system is still different than previous titles to some extent, a recent update has balanced the video game more. Treyarch has apparently listened to player feed. Many players thought the health system was bad or unfair. In the previous Black Ops video games, zombies would kill you in two hits, but the Juggernog perk allowed you to take a total of four hits. There is no Juggernog in Black Ops 4, but the recent update increased the health to 150 to 200. Players can now sustain 200 points of health before needing to be revived. Surviving the higher rounds on the Black Ops 4 Zombie maps should be more attainable. The update has been applied to the normal difficulty.

Improved Point System

Acquiring a monumental amount of points was pretty difficult, but the recent update has made it easier to make points. Getting a single kill will grant the player a total of 90 points. Zombie headshots will earn players 120 points. Using a knife to eliminate a zombie will give the player 150 points.

There could be another update in the future that changes the point system, though. Treyarch might listen to player feedback again. Black ops 4 Zombies might be optimized several more times before the mechanics remain the same indefinitely.

Knifing zombies is still by far the best way to gather points in the early rounds or when using an instant kill power up. The Bowie knife and the Golden Spork are melee weapons that are an instant kill in the higher rounds.


Other Updates to Black Ops 4 Zombies

Besides zombies, players will get attacked by hellhound enemies and tigers. The damage dealt by those enemies has decreased. The hellhounds were not particularly difficult to destroy, but the damage they deal has been decreased. They will still pose a threat because they are agile and aggressive, but they won't deal as much damage to player health now. The tigers also deal less damage to health.

The Zombie Shield is now cheaper to repair after it breaks from sustained damage. It was 1500 points before the update. In the previous Black Ops video games, the Zombie Shield was completely free.

Additionally, a few crashes have been fixed associated with the Nebulium Plasma, the core ingredient for creating Elixirs in the Laboratory.

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A New Perk System

The perk system in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies has been changed quite a bit. There are over a dozen perks, but some perks from the previous games have been taken out. For example, Juggernog and Speed Cola have been taken out. It's possible that newer perks or older perks could return, though. Treyarch may add new content in either an update or a DLC pack.

It's important to understand that you cannot simply purchase every single perk during a Black ops 4 Zombie match. You must equip your perks before the start of a match. You'll still need to buy the perks you equipped during gameplay to use them. Each perk costs a different amount of points. Equipping the perks in different slots will enable you to obtain them earlier or later depending on the order.

List of Perks

  • Quick Revive - Revives downed players faster and provides faster health regeneration.
  • Dying Wish - Get a second chance instead of entering last stand. The player will enter berserk mode and will have one health remaining afterwards.
  • Stone Cold Stronghold - Creates a defensive circle around the player when standing still, dealing more damage to enemies and providing armor.
  • PHD Slider - Increases explosive resistance and creates an explosion when sliding when fully charged.
  • Mule - Allows the player to carry three primary weapons instead of two (will lose weapon when going in last stand).
  • Winter's Wail - Freezes zombies when the player gets hit (has to recharge).
  • Bandolier Bandit - Carry more overall ammunition.
  • Deadshot Dealer - Lock onto zombie heads when aiming near them. The perk also reduces recoil and scope sway.
  • Victorious Tortuous - Block damage from all directions when holding the Zombie Shield up. An explosion will go off when the shield is destroyed.
  • Time Slip - Reduces the cooldown time of equipment. It also makes the mystery box, Pack-a-Punch, and fast travel work faster.
  • Death Perception - See zombies through the walls when they are nearby. It also provides the player with an indicator when enemies are off the screen.
  • Stamina Up - Increases movement speed, endurance, and sprint speed.
  • Electric Burst - Electrocutes zombies when the player reloads, dealing damage and stunning them briefly.

Future Updates

There is always the possibility that the perk system could be changed in a future update by Treyarch. The point cost could change or the perk's abilities could alter to an extent.

If you want to survive to the high rounds or solve Easter eggs in Black Ops 4 Zombies, then you'll want to equip the proper perks according to your play style. Remember that perks cannot be changed during a match.

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