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Toy Story Collection - Buzz Lightyear Film Replica with Utility Belt

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Thinkway Toys new Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear!

Thinkway Toys new Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear!

Buzz Lightyear of Space Command Digital Data Film Replica

(Note: this hub has been stolen by www.KidsToysClearance. They copied ALL my text, ALL my pics, and I cannot find ANYBODY who'll be responsible and remove the stolen content. If you can help, please let me know, and thanks for reading!)

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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Toys

I'm a serious fan of Toy Story, particularly Buzz Lightyear. My collection of Buzz figures was recently the subject of another hub. Normally I wouldn't make one so similar, especially so soon after the first. But in the previous hub, I mentioned a newer Buzz Lightyear designed directly from Pixar's digital data files.

I didn't yet have one, so my description was limited to bare bones, and the statement that "This was going to be my next Buzz!"

I have one now. (Actually, I have an even newer one, with the Utility Belt!) Fanfare, please. Found him in Wal-mart while cruising the toy section. There were 3, right down on the floor shelf. I bought all three. Would have gladly kept them all, but at the price, it was more than I should have spent. So I kept one, and listed the other two on eBay. Now that I have him, it seems only right to give a real review. The good, bad, and spectacular.

Buzz Lightyear at his best!

A Whole New Range of Buzz Lightyear Figures

The first thing I've noticed, the new movie-accurate design is not just one single model, but a series of newer Buzz Lightyears with differing features.  That means there are plenty more great Buzz Lightyears out there for me to collect!

Also,  the best ones are pretty hard to get.  Like the original Buzz action figure, stores just aren't stocking enough.  And a lot of places online that claim to stock them, are temporarily out when you place an order.  Especially when you want a very specific model.  Quoting Tour Guide Barbie… "And this is the Buzz Lightyear aisle. Back in 1995, short-sighted retailers did not order enough dolls to meet demand! " 

History repeats itself.

Buzz relaxing behind the scenes...

Buzz Lightyear Instructions

Highly Poseable Deluxe Film Replica

Highly Poseable Deluxe Film Replica

The instructions fold, the 2 pics above are the outside and inside pages.

The instructions fold, the 2 pics above are the outside and inside pages.

A grocery list of cool stuff

  • Highly Poseable
  • Deluxe Film Replica
  • Glow-in-the-dark Trim
  • Pop-out Space Wings with Light-Up Tips
  • Laser button w/LED Laser light
  • Buttons for Space Ranger mode, Toy Buzz mode, and Microphone On/Off.
  • Interactive Retractable Helmet
  • Wing Release Button with Sound Effects
  • Interactive Flip-Up Communicator
  • Rubberized Waist
  • Interactive Utility Belt with Light and Sound Effects
  • Movie-Inspired Rocket Storage Box
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Dual Interactive Space Ranger and Toy Buzz Modes
  • Over 60 sayings in Tim Allen's original voice
  • Three Batteries included for demo purposes... they may need to be replaced for full strength.

Strike a pose, Buzz

Even with limited shoulder range, he's got very dynamic movement.

Even with limited shoulder range, he's got very dynamic movement.

Highly Poseable

I'll give him 4.9 out of 5 stars here.  The poseability is better than any Buzz Lightyear I own.  He has all the usual joints, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and waist.  The fingers can be moved separately, though the thumbs are fixed in place.  The ankles and waist hinge back and forth with 'click-stops', which makes it much better for holding poses.  Less likely to 'lean' off balance over time.

The waist is a fabulous improvement over previous models.  Looks the same, but is a rubberized flexible surface covering the joint.  Along with the very firm 'click-stop' motion back and forth, it also rotates smoothly left and right, with a lot more range than the older Buzz Lightyear models.

My only (minor) complaint is the shoulder joint.  Construction quality is fine, but doesn't flex as far as I'd like.  You can still get him into plenty of classic Buzz poses though, so I'm not really counting this against him.


Buzz comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

Buzz comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

Note Buzz's Utility Belt lights up.

Note Buzz's Utility Belt lights up.

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Deluxe Film Replica

This is the part I most enjoy.  The deluxe film replica Buzz Lightyears have been lovingly crafted using Pixar's original digital data files.  It's the body design that should have been in use all along, and I have to applaud Disney, Pixar, and Thinkway for making a great toy even better.

There's no documentation to prove it, but obviously this particular Buzz is modeled from Toy Story 2, with the Anti-Gravity belt.  It's integrated into the figure, and can't be removed.  Push the blue belt buckle and it lights up with a soft blue glow while Buzz reacts.  

The green trim now glows in the dark.  The attention to detail just goes on and on!

The Wing's the Thing

Movie Replica on the left, old-style Buzz on right.

Movie Replica on the left, old-style Buzz on right.

Reverse view- See how much better the wings are on the movie-accurate Buzz?

Reverse view- See how much better the wings are on the movie-accurate Buzz?

The wings compress lengthwise

The wings compress lengthwise

And swivel down on a hinge

And swivel down on a hinge

To completely hide under the jetpack, just like in the Toy Story movie!

To completely hide under the jetpack, just like in the Toy Story movie!

Finally - Buzz Lightyear CAN fly!

For me, the best part is the wings. They are awesomely TRUE TO THE MOVIE! In all the time I've collected Buzz Lightyear action figures, my one real complaint has been the wings.

In the movie, Buzz gets these great swivel-release streamlined wings, with a green and red light alternating from one wing to the other. Until now, no larger Buzz Lightyear has ever looked as cool as the one in the movies. They all had stubby, short, pop-straight-out wings. And no lights!

With this new release, finally, Buzz Lightyear toys look as cool as the movie Buzz. His wings are kept stored at half-length under the jetpack. When you push the big red button, they swivel up and extend to full length with a fast snap. Their proportions are long and sleek, with alternating lights at the ends!

This may not seem like such a big deal to some, but I would have bought this Buzz just because of the wings. After all these years, someone finally got the wings right.

Lots of minor redesigns

Old Laser and Button design

Old Laser and Button design

New design - Subtle improvements

New design - Subtle improvements

Lots of minor improvements

The laser, control buttons, and much of the minor trim details, have been touched up.  Not a huge difference, but all those minor improvements add up.

The interactive flip-up communicator works very well.  It clicks shut extremely firmly.  Takes a deliberate effort to open.  When you open or close it, the communicator chirps, and Buzz will often respond with an appropriate comment, depending on his current play mode.  Inside is an adhesive sticker, just like in the movie.

When his helmet is opened or closed, it makes "that whooshing noise!"  Buzz will make a comment if he's in Space Ranger mode.

Toy, or Space Ranger- Which will I be?

I choose... Both!

I choose... Both!

Buzz Lightyear the Toy... and the Space Ranger

He's got 2 operating modes.  In "Toy" mode, Buzz knows he's a toy, and that's exactly how he acts… like "a child's plaything!"  He's quite fun in this mode, but limited compared to Space Ranger mode.

Put Buzz in Space Ranger mode, and look out… he's Buzz Lightyear and he's ALWAYS RIGHT!  In Space Ranger mode he's super-interactive.  Responds to you in a variety of ways, knows when you're talking, and even WHEN YOU YELL!  (Yell at him, and he'll get a bit panicky himself, or try to calm you down.)  I'm soft-spoken; to get his attention, I have to really raise my voice.  When tilted as if in flight, he makes a number of swooshing, flying, and landing sounds.

While talking, his head moves back and forth.  Ignore him, and he goes into hyper-sleep.  He's got over 60 different sayings, and speaks in Tim Allen's voice.  Many of his responses are cued by specific actions.  There's hours of playtime making him do all his tricks.

On, Off, and Demo

Buzz is pre-set to "Demo". To get all the features, move switch to "ON".

Buzz is pre-set to "Demo". To get all the features, move switch to "ON".

On - Off - Demo Mode

Here's a very important tip - When first unpacked, Buzz is in demo mode. Just under his chest and above the waistline, on the back side  there's a switch. For all the features to work, he needs to be switched from "demo" mode, to "On." It took me a while to realize what was wrong… I had to stop playing and read the instructions.

Worlds Best Box

Straight from the Toy Story movie!

Straight from the Toy Story movie!

Even the back of the box.

Even the back of the box.

Weeks to repair!

Weeks to repair!

The Box

With most toys, once you've described the toy, that's enough.  Not the Film Replica Buzz Lightyear:

This box is a great collector's item, makes a wonderful display.  Specially cut and shaped to look like the 'space ship' box from Toy Story 1, with two cardboard wings inside.  You can mount the wings for the complete look.  The inside art is designed to be Buzz's Hyper-Sleep chamber. 

When I opened my Buzz Lightyear, I learned he is exceedingly secure in the box.  First there's a form-fitting interior box that has to be pulled completely out.  Then there's multiple layers of tape thoroughly sealing him into the custom-molded clear plastic. He's not moving even a little bit until you work through all of that.  His last line of defense is the metal ties and plastic stoppers holding him in place.  So be careful while taking Buzz out of his ship, and you'll have an excellent background display piece to go with your collection (unless you just bought him to play with!)

I've heard it's hard to find a box in perfect condition.  If the box is a bit crumpled, no big deal... just re-enact Buzz when he first sees the damage to his box... "My Ship - This will take weeks to repair!"

They're only plastic

The screws are only painted plastic.  Pop the jetpack off to get to the REAL battery pack screw.

The screws are only painted plastic. Pop the jetpack off to get to the REAL battery pack screw.

Be Careful Changing Batteries

Word of warning -  When putting batteries in, the wing backpack has to be removed.  In all my previous Buzz figures, that involved unscrewing it from his back.  On this Buzz, the backpack pops on and off.  The battery cover itself needs a small screwdriver to open.  THE SCREWS ON BUZZ'S BACKPACK ARE ONLY FOR SHOW, MADE OF PLASTIC!  I misunderstood the instructions, and tried to unscrew the backpack.  Wound up 'stripping' the slots.  If that wasn't dumb enough, I did it to BOTH screws on the backpack, before I realized they were form-molded pieces of the backpack and not really screws.  

It was my own fault.  It's not that noticeable, and doesn't really bother me since my collection of Buzz Lightyears is for my own pleasure.  But something to be careful of.

Very good review without the utility belt. I couldn't find one with the belt

Where's Buzz?

Buzz stays on top of my computer.  We fly missions now and then.  Where do you keep yours?

Buzz Lightyear standing guard

Nobody gets by on MY watch!

Nobody gets by on MY watch!

Toy Story

Entire contents of this site copyright August 20, 2010.


Crewman6 (author) on August 24, 2013:

Thanks for the comment! I visited your pages, and liked them very much. Well written and very informative.

David Heinz from Salt Lake City, UT on August 23, 2013:

That was a cool YouTube video! I love Toy Story and I hope there is another movie. Thanks for the action figure collection!

Crewman6 (author) on July 03, 2013:

Hi John,

So very sorry for the delayed reply. I rarely check on my hubs any more... too many irons in the fire.

As far as which Buzz to buy... all of them! :^)

But as far as one single Buzz, I can't really advise you on dollar value as a collector. I collect because I enjoy them. My favorite ones (at the moment) are the newer designs that look more movie-accurate.

John on May 20, 2013:

Hi!thank you for the article,really a good job...I'm a collector,which one should I buy?the original 1995 buzz or the Toy Story Collection one?

Crewman6 (author) on August 15, 2011:

They are fortunate to have such a great uncle. It would be nice if more adults cared like you do.

Travel Chef from Manila on August 15, 2011:

Crewman6, yes! I really have a good relationship with them that's why I do everything just to make them happy. But of course, they need to be good children to their parents and be good students in their school in order to gain their prize!

Crewman6 (author) on August 15, 2011:

Hi Dredcuan, thanks for the read! If your nephew and niece are anything like me, a cool toy story figurine would always do the job. I bet you're their favorite uncle!

Travel Chef from Manila on August 15, 2011:

My nephew and neice love toy story so much and they are avid fans of Buzz lightyear. I want to give them a toy to make them really happy. :)

Crewman6 (author) on May 16, 2011:

Hi Sidestepper; I feel your pain. The original Buzz figures typically broke the springs in the wings... I've got several that way myself. What I did was to combine other broken ones to form one in good shape. I've had good luck contacting Thinkway Toys for replacement instructions, and if they're the manufacturer of your Buzz, they might be helpful. But if it's an older Buzz, you might have to fall back on yard sales and keeping an eye out for other Buzzes.

I lost one of my very favorite ones to a bad fall, (Buzz does have that habit, doesn't he?) and thought I could get him fixed up/replaced easily. Turns out, he's so out of production, I had to hunt for a year, and buy one from an England eBay auction. I'm super careful with this one!

I left your comment up, just in case someone else can help. Good luck with him!

Sidestepper on May 16, 2011:

Looks like I found a genuine fan! Splendid!

I found my old Buzz lightyear 1995 figurine, and since I'm moving out and my girlfriend is pregnant, I was hoping you might be able to help me track down some parts for it. I lost the helmet years ago and the wing span thingy is broken, and i would love for my son to have as much fun with it as I did.

e-mail me on if you can help me in any way, and i will really appreciate it

Crewman6 (author) on March 06, 2011:

Hi Trish! Thanks for stopping by- I love Toy Story... and my wife says my son is more mature than me :^)

I see that as a good thing - I'm 50 so far, and haven't grown up yet. Your son is on the right track!

Tricia Mason from The English Midlands on March 06, 2011:

Hi :)

My son is a Toy Story fan.

(I'm a bit of a fan, myself, actually.)

His colleagues ask if he will ever grow up.

Not sure if he has this one, though :)

Crewman6 (author) on February 09, 2011:

Hi Matts Mama! You're son is a lucky young fellow. Getting the best Buzz Lightyear is a very subjective thing; my current overall favorite is this one- the 'Collection' movie replica with accurate wings. I like him both with and without the belt, but the belt version includes more variety in his sayings.

If money is not so much an issue, I really like the oversized Buzz Robot- he does an incredible amount of interaction, and has a very responsive voice reaction system.

Also, very hard to find but still one of the best ever, is the original Ultimate Buzz - he's the most playable Buzz, with motion and position sensors. He reacts in many ways to how he's being held, what he's doing, and which buttons get pushed. Unfortunately, he's out of production. My wife won mine for me in an auction from England, and that was the only one we could locate.

For pics and descriptions of these and others, read my other Buzz Lightyear hub (link is at beginning of this article).

Just remember, there's so many Buzz Lightyears available, and the sophistication and variety can be amazing. There probably isn't any one 'best' Buzz, it's just a matter of what your favorite one is.

Thanks so much for the question, I enjoyed answering it!

Matts Mama on February 08, 2011:

Hi! im getting my son a buzz and woody set for his birthday. we got the toy story collection round up woody doll and he seems very cool. i am currently looking for a buzz and i want the best one. is the one with the utility belt the best? i've seen 2 in the rocket ship box. one with a blue sticker and one with a yellow sticker. the yellow sticker one is the older one. i read your hub and its very detailed and i love the info. i want a nice looking buzz, with lots of features and different modes. is the one in this hub the best? thanks so much :]

Crewman6 (author) on January 10, 2011:

Thanks for the comment, legetoj; I can appreciate Woody too. Buzz is still my favorite, but I have a few "Rare Sheriff Woody" toys in my collection!

legetøj on January 10, 2011:

mega sejt kostume buzz, en figur på den størelse vil få salget helt i top, toy story sejeste figur er stadig woody

Crewman6 (author) on October 26, 2010:

Thanks, Daisy. According to my wife, I'm my own grandkid... just never totally grew up.

daisy on October 26, 2010:

Wow, you really do like Buzz. My grandkids started me out on the Toy Story characters and I will admitt Buzz is my favorite too. Great site. Thanks.

Crewman6 (author) on October 26, 2010:

Thanks, Susana! In the movies, the aliens never got a real designation; but in the cartoon series, they were sometimes referred to as LGM, an acronym for 'Little Green Men'. As far as I know, they never got more of a designation than that.

Susana on October 26, 2010:

Hi, you have such a great collection of Buzz figures! I start now a collection of toys from th 70's & 80's and discover a small pvc figure, one of the toy story alien. He came with a silver clothing. I nerver saw one like this. Did you know what kind of alien this is?

Crewman6 (author) on October 11, 2010:

Hi Mojo, Two thoughts occur. First, with my Buzz, he's a bit hard of hearing, and I have to be pretty loud to get him to react properly. If that's not the problem though, try contacting Thinkway, the company that made him. A few months ago I needed to replace the instruction manual for one of mine, and they were incredibly gracious. If he's still under warranty, you might take him back, but then replacing him could be difficult.

Good luck with Buzz, and thanks for the comment!

mojomark on October 11, 2010:

My buzz doesn't seem to interact properly... the mic is not picking up our voices and reacting as the instructions say. Very upsetting. Do you have any suggestions??? P.S great site/ hub

Crewman6 (author) on September 14, 2010:

No, the utility belt is part of the sculpt, and the electronics. The buckle triggers some of his responses. There's an earlier version without the belt, you might find one of those on eBay or Amazon. Good luck, and thanks for the question!

Steph on September 14, 2010:

does the utility belt come off?

Crewman6 (author) on September 12, 2010:

Your son is one lucky fellow! Of course, ALL Buzz Lightyears are cool, but with his movie replica accuracy, this Buzz satisfies a craving I've had for years! Glad you liked the review (and found the instructions useful!)

Val Brown on September 12, 2010:

Thanks for the instructions and detailed review!! My son got one for his bday yesterday, and we lost the instructions immediately after! We knew it was a cool Buzz, but didn't realize he was SUPER cool!

Crewman6 (author) on August 21, 2010:

You're right- at my age, Buzz is far more poseable than me! I'm a kid at heart, thank goodness Monique doesn't mind.

Audrey Kirchner from Washington on August 21, 2010:

Gosh - if only I was highly poseable! I'd settle for highly bendable! Great hub on something I do not have but I know you're gonna get lots of hits from folks who do! They are great 'toys'!

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