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"Torchlight 2": The Melee Outlander Build Guide

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Just for fun. I tried building Outlander as melee using Burning Leap to quickly attack enemies, then casting Flaming Glaives when at the center of battle.

Melee Outlander may not be as good as the typical range build, but provides fun way to play Torchlight 2.

Melee Outlander, Copyright Runic Games

Melee Outlander, Copyright Runic Games


  • Strength (295 Stat Points): Increases weapon and critical hit damage.
  • Dexterity (100 Stat Points): 100 dexterity is enough. You will get more bonuses from Dodge Mastery, Share the Wealth, and Outlander armor set.
  • Vitality (100 Stat Points): Melee build needs extra vitality because they are more prone get hit. Without this stat, you are dead when something gets through your dodge.


Lore (72 Skills Points)

  • Burning Leap (15 Skill Points): The primary skill! It inflicts huge amount of damage base on Weapon DPS as fire with chance to burn (100% chance at level 15). You can also use the skill to strike quickly on enemies and for escaping danger.
  • Flaming Glaives (15 Skill Points): Cast this skill after Burning Leap since you are usually at the center surrounded by enemies. The skill inflicts Weapon DPS with damage overtime as fire. After using the skill, struck enemies are more vulnerable to fire and poison damage. So your next Flaming Glaives or your Poison Burst are more powerful.
  • Dodge Mastery (15 Skill Points): As melee build, you need more chance to dodge enemy attacks. This can cover your low dexterity.
  • Poison Burst (12 Skill Points): Put your remaining points in this skill. The passive will make your enemies swim in poison. One good thing about boss fights in Torchlight 2 is it also spawns minions so you have chances to proc this skill.
  • Share the Wealth (15 Skill Points): The passive covers some missing dodge and critical hit chance because of low dexterity. You also share the bonuses to your allies.

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Sigil (60 Skill Points)

  • Stone Pact (15 Skill Points): You should always have this skill. This is a great defensive buff for the group especially melee class. Provides health recovery, armor boost, and damage reflect.
  • Shadowling Brute (15 Skill Points): Your powerful melee partner in combat!
  • Shadowling Ritual (15 Skill Points): Makes your Shadowling Brute stronger and live longer.
  • Master of the Elements (15 Skill Points): Boost the damage of Burning Leap, Flaming Glaives, Poison Burst, and any elemental damage from your melee weapons.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Haste - As a melee fighter, you need to move quickly and attack faster. Cast this spell whenever possible.
  • Tome: Weapon Expertise - Permanently increases the power of your claws, swords, axes, maces, and polearms.
  • Tome: Willpower - Melee needs resistance to slow and immobilizing effects.
  • Tome: Concentration - Skills such as Burning Leap cost a lot of mana so the tome can help your resource regeneration.
  • Tome: Dual Wielding (Alternate) - Use this tome if planning to dual wield two similar melee weapons.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • Melee Weapon: Any melee weapon that you like to equip will do. If planning to dual wield, equip items with chance to execute since you don’t have focus stats.
  • Critical hit chance: Since dexterity is not your main stats, get more critical hit chance from equipments.
  • Elemental damage especially poison: Master of the Elements passive is included in this build. So don’t waste the good passive and equip elemental melee weapons especially with poison.
  • Health on hit: This will keep you alive. You can get more health on hit by dual wielding weapon with gems (embers).
  • Health, Armor, and Damage reduction: Melee build is more prone to enemy attacks than range so having extra health is good for survivability.

Now you try your own variants.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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