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"Torchlight 2": Tank Berserker Build Guide for Beginners

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Turn your Berserker into tank that can counter multiple enemies attack.

This defensive build either take the punishment using high vitality, or dodge it with good dexterity.

Basically, the play style is letting enemies hit your Berserker while combination of Rage Retaliation, Shred Armor, and Red Wolf do the damage. Wolf Pack is the active skill that you are going to spam with the help of Battle Standard.

Tank Berserker, Copyright Runic Games

Tank Berserker, Copyright Runic Games


  • Dexterity (200 Stat Points): High dexterity means more critical hit chance to proc Blood Hunger and Red Wolf, increase dodge chance, and fumble recovery.
  • Vitality (295 Stat Points): Main stats of a tank build.


Hunter (30 Skill Points)

  • Howl (15 Skill Points): Weaken enemies by reducing their movement, attack, and cast speed. It also increases their damage taken. The skills range is also excellent that you affect lots of enemies.
  • Blood Hunger (15 Skill Points): The passive skill works well with the stats (dex and vit). Critical strike proc the skill while you get more life the better health you have.

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Tundra (26 Skill Points)

  • Ice Shield (11 Skill Points): This skill is your defense against range enemies. It reflects projectile damage and has chance to generate charge.
  • Rage Retaliation (15 Skill Points): Your ultimate counter skill lets you retaliate whenever you are struck by enemies. The skill can proc both Shred Armor and Red Wolf passive.

Shadow (76 Skill Points)

  • Wolf Shade (15 Skill Points): Since tank doesn’t concentrate on damage, summoning this ally can help you bring extra damage. This summon can also steal health for you.
  • Savage Rush (1 Skill Point): Put a single point on this skill to let you move faster. It can also deal damage and reduce enemy’s armor.
  • Battle Standard (15 Skill Points): Buff for you and your allies. Increases dodge, knockback resistance, charge rate, and mana recovery. The mana recovery is excellent to almost permanently cast Wolfpack.
  • Wolfpack (15 Skill Points): This is your main damage dealing active skill. It can deal tons of damage even with low weapon DPS. Having Battle Standard lets you cast this skill a lot.
  • Shred Armor (15 Skill Points): It lets you steal armor to be tankier and makes your enemies more vulnerable. This passive complements well with Rage Retaliation.
  • Red Wolf (15 Skill Points): You need this skill since tank inflicts lesser damage. The passive skill has chance to proc whenever you deal critical strike. This passive complements well with Rage Retaliation.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Retribution - Improves your damage reflection capability combine with Rage Retaliation.
  • Tome: Blocking - Permanently increases chance to block with shield.
  • Tome: Weapon Expertise - Permanently increases power of melee weapons like claws, swords, axes, and polearms.
  • Tome: Armor Expertise - Increases armor to tank better.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • Shield with high chance to block: This is what a tank needs, high chance to block for more survivability.
  • Critical hit chance: You still need more critical hit chance for better damage, Blood Hunger and Red Wolf proc.
  • Physical and elemental armor: You high health is nothing without armor to reduce enemy’s damage.
  • Reduce all damage taken: Combine this stat with high armor and you can tank better.

Feel free to build your own variants.

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