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"Torchlight 2": Strength Embermage Build Guide for Beginners

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The build is just for fun alternative to Embermage. It may not be as effective as the traditional focus type.

Unorthodox build for Embermage investing points in strength instead of focus.

Strength mainly increases weapon damage so skills like Shocking Orb and Magma Mace benefits from it. Also, strength makes your critical strike more damaging.

Embermage, Copyright Runic Games

Embermage, Copyright Runic Games


  • Strength (295 Stat Points): Strength increases the power of skills that is base from weapon damage like Shocking Orb and Magma Mace.
  • Dexterity (150 Stat Points): Increase in critical hit damage should not be wasted. So invest points in dexterity to increase critical hit chance.
  • Vitality (50 Stat Points): Place few points in vitality to survive few hits from tough enemies.


Inferno (39 Skill Points)

  • Magma Mace (15 Skill Points): The skill that you are going to use when enemies reaches you in melee. It damages enemies and can break their shields. Magma Mace is also a good defensive skill since it can stun and reduce attack speed of affected enemies. It also proc Staff Mastery decreasing affected enemy’s elemental armor.
  • Immolation Aura (15 Skill Points): Always make sure that you have Immolation Aura casted to reduce incoming damage from enemies.
  • Charge Mastery (9 Skill Points): Place all remaining skill points in Charge Mastery. It lets you full charge faster and longer.
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Frost (48 Skill Points)

  • Frost Phase (1 Skill Point): One skill point and you have the ability to teleport. Good for chasing and escaping.
  • Elemental Boon (15 Skill Points): Use this super buff when there are elite enemies or bosses around. It increases both damage and defense.
  • Ice Prison (1 Skill Point): Cast this skill on enemies that you need to hold for a while so 1 point is enough for Ice Prison.
  • Astral Ally (15 Skill Points): Always summon your clone whenever available to deal more damage on enemies. At higher level, Astral Ally duration is longer than its cooldown.
  • Staff Mastery (15 Skill points): The passive skill reduces enemy’s elemental armor when you hit them with Staff or Magma Mace.
  • Frozen Fate (1 Skill Point): Grants surprising immobilize on enemies.

Storm (45 Skill Points)

  • Death’s Bounty (15 Skill Points): Provides mana which is important since this build doesn’t invest in focus. It also provides health recovery. At higher level, you can cast this skill to slow and stun enemies.
  • Shocking Orb (15 Skill Points): Shocking Orb is the main damage dealing skill that you are going to spam. The skill inflicts electric element base on weapon damage and hits multiple enemies multiple times.
  • Prismatic Rift (15 Skill Points): This skill grants chance to cast Rift Warp on enemies that hit you. Rift Warp teleport enemies away with chance to inflict random elemental effects.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Heal All - Your another source of health recovery aside from potions and Death’s Bounty.
  • Tome: Arcane Tools - Passively amplify the damage of your staff.
  • Tome: Concentration- Important tome for this build since it doesn’t have focus to increase maximum mana.
  • Tome: Willpower - Resistance to slow and immobilization is needed for this build.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • High Weapon Damage Staff: The highest weapon damage staff is needed for Shocking Orb and Magma Mace.
  • Critical hit chance and critical hit damage: Get more of these affixes from equipment.
  • Boost Electric damage: Since Shocking Orb is your main damage dealing skill.
  • All Armor, Health, and Reduce damage taken: You need these affixes to survive on higher difficulties.
  • Mana recovery and Maximum Mana: The build’s primary weakness is lack of mana resources. Get these affixes from equipment.

Feel free to make your own version of this build.

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