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"Torchlight 2": Simple Sniper Outlander Build Guide

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This is a simple to use super long range, heavy hitter Outlander build. Skill choices in this build are easy to use that lets Outlander maintain long range combat.

Crossbows hold the longest range among ranged weapon in Torchlight 2. And it is the recommended weapon for this build.

Crossbow Outlander, Copyright Runic Games

Crossbow Outlander, Copyright Runic Games


  • Strength (385 Stat Points): The build is all about hitting enemies hard. Invest almost all stat points in strength increasing weapon and critical hit damage.
  • Dexterity (110 Stat Points): Place remaining stat points here. First, you need critical hit chance or else your critical hit damage is near useless. Second, you need dodge and fumble recovery since the obvious cons of this build is low defense. Don't worry about your limited dexterity since charge, Dodge Mastery, and Share the Wealth can cover up.


Warfare (16 Skill Points)

  • Rune Vault (1 Skill Point): Your first 1 point marvel lets you instantly move backward away from target. It lets you avoid dangerous situations. This skill is your panic button.
  • Long Range Mastery (15 Skill Points): Long Range Mastery is the most important passive skill in this build. It increases the range and damage of your crossbow period.

Lore (32 Skill Points)

  • Tangling Shot (1 Skill Point): The projectile from this skill can immobilize target when fired at them. Use this in holding down dangerous enemy preventing them to come close. Since you only need the immobilize effect of this skill, don’t waste more points here.
  • Bramble Wall (1 Skill Point): A sniper should fire at safe distance. Single point in Bramble Wall grants ability to create a gap between you and your enemies. Having this skill lets you build temporary bunker so that you can safely fire at enemies.
  • Dodge Mastery (15 Skill Points): It increases your dodge chance passively. No further explanation needed.
  • Share the Wealth (15 Skill Points): You basically need this skill to build up critical hit chance, attack speed, cast speed, and dodge. Plus sharing the charge benefits to your allies increases overall effectiveness of party.

Sigil (84 Skill Points)

  • Shadowshot (15 Skill Points): Shadowshot is the main damage dealing skill for this build. You will basically spam this skill to hit multiple enemies. The skill has longer range and hits really hard.
  • Repulsion Hex (15 Skill Points): A sniper should avoid melee fights. Repulsion Hex pushes away incoming melee enemies. The skill can also interrupt or tell enemies to flee.
  • Stone Pact (15 Skill Points): Basically, Stone Pact can help this build survive from some heavy damage. It is also your primary source of health recovery aside from potion. The reflect damage is good but it’s not that important in this build for obvious reasons. Never miss casting this skill for your party.
  • Shadowling Brute (15 Skill Points): The Shadowling Brute will dash and leap into battle taking care of melee fights while you deal damage in range.
  • Shadowling Ammo (9 Skill Points): Grants chance to summon Shadowling Bats when you kill enemies. The bats maybe weak but in group, they are strong.
  • Death Ritual (15 Skill Points): Passively makes your Shadowlings deadlier and can serve you in battlefield longer.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Haste - Temporarily increases movement and attack speed. Movement speed increase is great for exploring maps. Attack Speed increases damage per second.
  • Tome: Marksmanship - Permanently increases damage of your crossbow.
  • Tome: Armor Expertise - Increase armor absorption for defense.
  • Tome: Animal Handling - Boost up the power of pet and shadowlings.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • Crossbow: In Torchlight 2 Crossbows have the highest range among ranged weapons.
  • Critical hit chance and Critical hit damage: You still need more of these affixes from items.
  • Health on hit: Good for toe to toe situations.
  • Attack Speed: Increases damage per second and works well with health on hit.
  • Health, All Armor, and Damage reduction: Since this build doesn’t invest stat points on vitality, get these affixes from items.

Feel free to make your own version of this build.


Guil on July 27, 2020:

great , but u should add a leveling guide, like how u should spent points while leveling...

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