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"Torchlight 2": Shadow Fire Bow/Crossbow Outlander Build

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Bows and Crossbows in Torchlight 2 usually have longer range than other ranged weapons. To differentiate, Bows are faster to fire while Crossbows deal better damage.

The build’s primary skills are Shadowshot for multiple enemies and Rapid Fire for single target or compress enemies in line.

Most skill points of this build are invested in Sigil Tree. But the Warfare Tree should be the first priority to invest skill points.

Bow and Crossbow Outlander, Copyright Runic Games

Bow and Crossbow Outlander, Copyright Runic Games


  • Strength (325 Stat Points) - Points in this stat increase your weapon and critical hit damage.
  • Dexterity (120 Stat Points) - Huge critical hit damage is nothing if you don’t have critical hit chance. The dodge and fumble recovery increase from dexterity is also important for survivability.
  • Vitality (50 Stat Points) - Investing some few points in vitality is important during higher difficulties.


Warfare (31 Skill Points)

  • Rapid Fire (15 Skill Points) - Use Rapid Fire in dealing damage to single target enemy or compress enemies in line. This skill hits hard overtime since it reduce target armor and can ignite them.
  • Rune Vault (1 Skill Point) - Range class should avoid melee fights. This skill lets you quickly move away backwards. 1 level for Rune Vault is enough to conserve both mana and skill points.
  • Long Range Mastery (15 Skill Points) - This is the first passive skill that you should learn and max. It increases the damage and range of your ranged weapon.

Lore (16 Skill Points)

  • Bramble Wall (1 Skill Point) - Since it is important to avoid melee combat, Bramble Wall lets you create a barricade to prevent enemies from approaching you. It’s another 1 point wonder skill to practically conserve mana and skill points.
  • Share the Wealth (15 Skill Points) - It’s a good passive support skill for the party. It increases the party’s cast speed, attack speed, dodge chance, and critical hit chance. Just make sure you have Charge for the skill to take effect.

Sigil (85 Skill Points)

  • Shadowshot (15 Skill Points) - Use Shadowshow in dealing damage to multiple enemies. It releases multiple shards upon impact to look for additional enemies. The skill’s initial projectile is damaging enough for single target elite enemy.
  • Repulsion Hex (10 Skill Point) - Another good skill in avoiding melee fights. The Hex can either knockback, interrupt, or flee a target.
  • Stone Pact (15 Skill Points) - This is probably the best defensive support skill in Outlander’s arsenal. It provides massive health recovery, increase to all armor, and damage reflect on attacker for you and affected allies.
  • Shadowling Brute (15 Skill Points) - Summon Shadowling Brute to take care of melee fight business for you.
  • Shadowling Ammo (15 Skill Points) - Lets you spawn Shadowling Bats that also take care of melee fight business for you. Put your remaining points in this skill.
  • Death Ritual (15 Skill Points) - This is the power up passive skill for your Shadowlings that increases their damage and lets them live longer.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Haste - Initially use this spell to travel faster. You can also use it to increase attack speed.
  • Tome: Marksmanship - Passively increases the damage of either your bow or crossbow.
  • Tome: Animal Handling - Passively increases the power of your pet and shadowlings.
  • Tome: Willpower - Squishy character needs resistance to slow and immobilize effect.

Equipment Affixes Priority

Bow or Crossbow - This build is all about using Bow or Crossbow.

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Critical hit chance and Critical hit damage - Get more critical hit bonus from items to multiply your damage.

Health on hit - Health on hit is really important to hitter builds.

Attack Speed - You need this affix since both bow and crossbow have lesser attack speed compared to other ranged weapons. It increases your damage per second and health on hit potential.

Health, Armor, and Damage reduction - You need these defensive affixes on higher difficulties.

Feel free to make your own version of this build.

© 2014 Arc Sosangyo


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