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"Torchlight 2": Poison Weapon Outlander Build Guide for Beginners

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Inflict powerful weapon damage as poison.

Both Venomous Hail and Poison Burst scales with weapon damage per second. So strength is still the main stat of this build and not focus.

Poison damage can cause poison effect. Units that are poisoned receive more damage and deals lesser damage.

Bow Outlander, Copyright Runic Games

Bow Outlander, Copyright Runic Games


  • Strength (335 Stat Points): Although the build is all about dealing poison element, skill Venomous Hail and Poison Burst scales with weapon damage. That’s why strength is still the primary stat for this build.
  • Dexterity (110 Stat Points): We put average amount of dexterity to: Add critical chance to make poison deal more damage. Dodging blows is better than reducing it. Recover quickly from fumble attack.
  • Vitality (50 Stat Points): Combine vitality with Stone Pact to survive on higher difficulties like elite.


Warfare (31 Skill Points)

  • Rune Vault (1 Skill Point): When in danger, this is the first skill that you are going to use. You only need the ability to quickly move backward so put only 1 skill point. You will save both mana and skill points.
  • Venomous Hail (15 Skill Points): Venomous Hail is the main damage dealing active skill for this build. It rains down numerous poison bolts that deals weapon DPS as poison to multiple enemies. This skill can also shatter shields at max level. Master of the Elements greatly increases the damage of this skill.
  • Long Range Mastery (15 Skill Points): This skill can also increase damage of Venomous Hail and Poison Burst as long as you are using ranged weapon.

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Lore (32 Skill Points)

  • Tangling Shot (1 Skill Point): Use Tangling Shot to immobilize target enemy. Good for holding priority threat at bay. It also deals damage overtime as poison for 3 seconds. The DOT (damage overtime) doesn’t stack so don’t spam it for the sake of more damage. Place only 1 skill point since you only need the immobilize effect and its damage also scales with player level. Master of the Elements greatly increases the damage of this skill.
  • Bramble Wall (1 Skill Point): Cast this to create a temporary wall preventing enemies from reaching you. It’s another good 1 point wonder skill.
  • Poison Burst (15 Skill Points): Poison Burst is the main damage dealing passive skill for this build. This skill is the passive version of Venomous Hail. It grants chance to inflict weapon DPS as poison if an enemy is killed. With this skill, you can quickly finish off multiple enemies even by using single target basic attacks only. Master of the Elements greatly increases the damage of this skill.
  • Share the Wealth (15 Skill Points): This is a generous passive skill that shares charge benefit to your allies. You also gain the charge benefit as additional bonus.

Sigil (69 Skill Points)

  • Stone Pact (15 Skill Points): Poisoned enemies plus buff from Stone Pact means higher survival rate from powerful enemies. This is a great defensive support skill for the whole group. Always make sure there is a Stone Pact on the ground to pass by.
  • Shadowling Brute (15 Skill Points): This Brute will dive through enemies while you poison them.
  • Master of the Elements (15 Skill Points): Master of the Elements greatly increases your poison damage. Other non poison elements are also boosted by this skill. To maximize the use of this passive skill, equip weapons that also deal elemental damage especially poison. It complements with Venomous Hail, Poison Burst, and Tangling Shot.
  • Shadowling Ammo (9 Skill Points): Two things may happen when you kill an enemy. Either they explode in a cloud of poison due to Poison Burst or converted into Shadowling Bats because of this skill.
  • Death Ritual (15 Skill Points): You allied Shadowlings will greatly benefit from Death Ritual. It makes them last longer and deal more damage.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Haste - Cast Haste to increase DPS which benefits this build. The movement speed increase is also good for exploring maps.
  • Tome: Marksmanship - This is a tome for a Bow user Outlander.
  • Tome: Armor Expertise - Armor Expertise increases survival capabilities of this build.
  • Tome: Animal Handling - It increases the power of your allied pet and Shadowlings.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • Bow with high Damage Per Second: I personally recommend Bow as weapon of choice for this build. But you can use other ranged weapons. To maximize Master of the Elements, equip weapons that also deal elemental damage especially poison. The best source of elemental damage for weapons is from Ember sockets.
  • Increase Poison Damage: Get this affix to boost Venomous Hail and Poison Burst more.
  • Critical hit chance and Critical hit damage: These affixes multiply your poison damage.
  • Health on hit: It’s not just about poisoning enemies. You also need to recover health while hitting them.
  • Attack Speed: Attack Speed can also boost damage of Venomous Hail and Poison Burst.
  • Health, All Armor, and Damage reduction: You need these for higher survivability since your useless when dead.

Feel free to make your own version of this build.

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