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"Torchlight 2": Melee Stunner Coup de Grace Engineer Build

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Stunner Engineer, Copyright Runic Games

Stunner Engineer, Copyright Runic Games

This build is a variant of my Melee 2 Hand Weapon Engineer.

It unleashes tons of stun on enemies to trigger powerful Coup de Grace.

Stun is really useful since it disables the affected enemy.

High amount of strength is recommended to make Coup de Grace amazingly powerful.


  • Strength (345 Stat Points): Heavy damage of this build comes from high amount of strength. Your passive skill Coup de Grace also deals damage based on Engineer’s strength.
  • Dexterity (75 Stat Points): Put enough points for critical strike chance, dodge, and fumble recovery.
  • Vitality (75 Stat Points): Don’t worry you will get more vitality from engineer specific equipments.


Blitz (61 Skill Points)

  • Seismic Slam (15 Skill Points): The bread and butter skill of this build! This skill deals fire damage with crowd control. Affected enemies are surely interrupted with high chance to be stunned at max level. Seismic Slam complements with Fire and Spark and Coup de Grace.
  • Onslaught (1 Skill Point): One point wonder skill. Onslaught is very useful on following situations: Quickly move to your enemies. Chase down escaping enemies. Escape from trouble. It reduces enemies attack speed, movement speed, and cast speed by 50% for 2 seconds. The debuff is fix on any level.
  • Heavy Lifting (15 Skill Points): Basic attack is your primary source of damage early game. So make this skill as one of your priorities to max. The passive skill provides increase attack speed and chance to stun target when using giant weapon. This skill greatly complements with Coup de Grace since it increases chance to stun target with attack speed to trigger it more. Supercharge also benefits from this skill.
  • Supercharge (15 Skill Points): Even at lower skill level, Supercharge procs a lot. Becoming supercharged boost your damage and quickly fills up your charge bar. A filled up charge bar boost the shield of Forcefield.
  • Coup de Grace (15 Skill Points): The main passive skill for this build which triggers when you hit a stunned enemy. At early levels, you won’t appreciate Coup de Grace since there only few stun chance available. You will experience Coup de Grace power once Seismic Slam and Heavy Lifting is at higher level. And you have other bonus chance to stun on equipments.

Construction (31 Skill Points)

  • Healing Bot (15 Skill Points): Learn and max this skill early. Healing Bot provides basic necessities that the whole group needs. Almost every Engineer had this skill in their arsenal.
  • Fire and Spark (15 Skill Points): Basically, this passive skill boosts damage of your Seismic Slam, Onslaught, and Coup de Grace. To maximize the use of Fire and Spark, equip weapons with electric or fire damage.
  • Charge Domination (1 Skill Point): Single point wonder that provides you with surprising full charge bar proc.

Aegis (40 Skill Points)

  • Forcefield (15 Skill Points): Necessity for almost any Engineer build. It is a powerful defensive support skill for the whole party. As much as possible, cast Forcefield when charge bar is full to get maximum amount of Shield.
  • Immobilization Copter (15 Skill Points): Summons a companion that reduce enemy’s movement, attack, and cast speed. At higher levels, the copter can also damage and interrupt enemies.
  • Aegis of Fate (1 Skill Point): Just like Charge Domination, one point wonder provides surprising proc. It has chance to cast Aegis that absorbs damage with extra resistance to knockback.
  • Charge Reconstitution (9 Skill Points): It provides health recovery whenever you use charge for skills. This passive complements well with Supercharge and Forcefield skill.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Haste - Cast this spell whenever available to increase speed. More attack speed unofficially contributes to increase chance of stunning enemies. It is also helpful when exploring map.
  • Tome: Weapons Expertise - Permanently increase melee damage.
  • Tome: Willpower - Permanently grants 50% resistance to slow and immobilization.
  • Tome: Adrenaline Shock - Another version of supercharge. But this time, you gain attack speed and movement speed. The tome proc when struck.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • Two Hand Melee Weapon (Great Weapon): Passive skill such as Heavy Lifting only works with great weapons.
  • Chance to stun: Since this build is all about stunning enemies. You need all the stun chance that you can get.
  • Critical hit chance: Engineers relies boosting critical hit chance from equipments.
  • Electric and Fire damage: Bonus Electric and Fire damage to maximize the effect of Fire and Spark.
  • Health on hit: Helps you survive heavy fights.
  • Heal, Armor, and Damage reduction: Although Engineers are natural tank, you still need these defensive bonuses.

Feel free to make your own version of this build.

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