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"Torchlight 2": Melee 2 Hand Weapon Engineer Build Guide for Beginners

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Two Hand Weapon Engineer, Copyright Runic Games

Two Hand Weapon Engineer, Copyright Runic Games

My first character build in Torchlight 2 to reach level 100. What I like about this build is the heavy damage it unleashes on multiple enemies, while being able to withstand punishments.

The build is viable in Elite difficulty.


  • Strength (245 Stat Points): This is your main stats.
  • Dexterity (150 Stat Points): Don’t waste the bonus critical damage from Strength. You need this stats for more critical hit chance. Extra dodge is also welcome.
  • Vitality (100 Stat Points): Why only 20 percent? You will deal more damage than tanking. Don’t worry you will get more vitality from engineer specific equipment.


Blitz (61 Skill Points)

  • Ember Hammer (15 Skill Points): This is your main active skill for damaging enemies. Ember Hammer’s ability to destroy shields makes it very useful in Elite difficulty. At earlier levels, just use the skill for destroying enemy shields. Once you gain tier bonus, fill up your charge bar first before using it to amplify the skills damage.
  • Onslaught (1 Skill Point): This active skill has a lot of uses: First, you can use it to quickly move to your enemies. Second, you can use it to chase down escaping enemies. Third, you can use it to escape from trouble. Fourth, you can use it to debuff foes. It reduces enemies attack speed, movement speed, and cast speed by 50% for 2 seconds. Just put a single point in this skill because it is not you main damaging ability, don’t need the tier bonus, and debuffs are fix on any level.
  • Heavy Lifting (15 Skill Points): The first passive skill that you should max since your basic attack is your primary source of damage. The attack speed bonus lets you deal more damage per second and helps proc Supercharge. The bonus chance to stun disables target enemy and helps proc Coup de Grace.
  • Supercharge (15 Skill Points): This is the second passive skill that you should max. Even at lower skill level, the passive procs a lot. Becoming supercharged boost your damage and quickly fills up your charge bar. Ember Hammer and Forcefield will benefit most from this passive.
  • Coup de Grace (15 Skill Points): At earlier levels, you won’t appreciate this skill since there are few available stun chance. Just put a single point early game and max this skill last. You will experience its true power on your higher levels where lots of stun chance is available from skills to equipment.

Construction (31 Skill Points)

  • Healing Bot (15 Skill Points): Almost any Engineer has it. You and your party will benefit from early to higher levels. The skill is also economical since you will use lesser health and mana potions.
  • Fire and Spark (15 Skill Points): Tip of advice; learn this skill on higher levels where you have lots of fire and electric damage from skills and weapon. Boost your overall damage. Just make sure that the weapon you are using has electric or fire damage.
  • Charge Domination (1 Skill Point): Single point in this passive skill is enough. Don’t waste additional points since you get more chance if there are more enemies.
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Aegis (40 Skill Points)

  • Forcefield (15 Skill Points): Aside from Healing Bot, Forcefield is also a necessity for Engineers. It protects you and your allies from harm. Cast it whenever your Forcefield is gone. Just don’t forget that the more charge you have, the more powerful Forcefield is.
  • Immobilization Copter (15 Skill Points): Another helpful companion in you arsenal! It debuffs multiple enemies and at higher skill levels, can also damage and interrupt. You will really appreciate this skill on Elite difficulty.
  • Aegis of Fate (1 Skill Point): Single point in this passive skill is enough. Just like Charge Domination, don’t waste additional points since you get more chance if there are more attacking enemies.
  • Charge Reconstitution (9 Skill Points): Your another source of health recovery. This passive complements well with Supercharge and Forcefield skill.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Haste - Once cast, provides bonus attack speed and faster movement speed. The bonus attack speed for more damage per second and faster movement to quickly roam around the map. The cooldown is also the same as the duration of the spell. So you can always haste as long as you have mana.
  • Tome: Weapons Expertise - Permanently increase melee damage.
  • Tome: Willpower - Permanently grants 50% resistance to slow and immobilization. It makes you more unstoppable force.
  • Tome: Adrenaline Shock - Just like supercharge, but you gain attack speed and movement speed, proc when struck.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • Two Hand Melee Weapon: Without Two Hand Melee Weapon, the build won’t work.
  • Chance to stun: Extra stun means more Coup de Grace and lots of staggered enemies.
  • Critical hit chance: Engineer has naturally low starting dexterity and you won’t get any critical hit chance from skills. So get critical hit chance from equipment.
  • Bonus Electric and Fire damage: Enemies have different resistance. Being able to deal physical, electric, and fire damage is a must. Engineer’s Fire and Spark boost your electric and fire damage.
  • Health stolen on hit: This makes you almost immortal. You can get more health on hit from embers (gems).
  • Heal, Armor, and Damage reduction: Although Engineers are natural tank, you still need these defensive bonuses.

Comments and Suggestions are appreciated.

© 2014 Arc Sosangyo

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