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"Torchlight 2": Ice Tundra Berserker Build Guide for Beginners

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Caster Berserker, Copyright Runic Games

Caster Berserker, Copyright Runic Games

Turn your hard hitting berserker into a devastating elemental caster.

The Tundra mage blast enemies with ice damage by alternate cast of Permafrost, Glacial Shatter, and Northern Rage. It is further enhanced by passive skills Cold Steel Mastery and Shatter Storm.


  • Focus (395 Stat Points): Focus is the main stat for this build increasing the damage of your ice skills. It also increases your maximum mana. Almost 80% of stat points should be invested here.
  • Vitality (100 Stat Points): Increase your vitality to boost health, all armor, and chance to block.


Hunter (31 Skill Points)

  • Howl (15 Skill Points): The skill increases the damage taken of affected enemies. It also reduces their overall speed.
  • Battle Rage (15 Skill Points): Cast this skill on group of enemies to increase your all damage. You will also take lesser physical damage.
  • Rampage (1 Skill Point): Place 1 point in Rampage to have unexpected cast speed, movement speed, and attack speed.

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Tundra (70 Skill Points)

  • Northern Rage (15 Skill Points): The skill that you’re going to spam when both Permafrost and Glacial Shatter is on cooldown. Northern Rage hits multiple enemies with ice damage. It can also knockback enemies with chance to freeze and break their shield.
  • Permafrost (15 Skill Points): Permafrost has the largest area of effect in your arsenal. The skill grants high chance to completely immobilize or freeze enemies. Cast this skill on enemies whenever available.
  • Glacial Shatter (15 Skill Points): Having other elemental damage like fire can be helpful on high ice resistant enemies. Glacial Shatter deals both ice and fire damage. The skill can also Interrupt and blind enemies.
  • Cold Steel Mastery (15 Skill Points): Although skill description says “only affects melee attacks”, Cold Steel Mastery affects all physical and ice damage as long as melee weapon is equipped. The skill boosts physical damage and massively increases ice damage.
  • Shatter Storm (10 Skill Points): Good passive for this build since you freeze enemies a lot. Most important attribute of this skill is the ice armor reduction. Good for enemies with high ice resistant.

Shadow (31 Skill Points)

  • Wolf Shade (15 Skill Points): Summon wolf to deal physical damage and steals health for you.
  • Savage Rush (1 Skill Point): Use this skill to move faster. It’s a 1 point wonder.
  • Battle Standard (15 Skill Points): Include Battle Standard to have tons of mana supply. It lets you spam your ice skills without worrying where to get mana resources. Aside from the bonus mana recovery, skill also grants dodge chance, knockback resistance, and increase charge rate for the whole party.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Heal All - Good support skill for casters that heals you and your allies.
  • Spell: Elemental Overload - Cast to maximize damage potential. The spell has higher cooldown than the duration so use it wisely.
  • Tome: Willpower - This tome grants you resistance to slow and immobilizing effects.
  • Tome: Blocking - Passively increases chance to block when using shield.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • Melee Weapon and Shield: Equipping a melee weapon is a must to activate Cold Steel Mastery on your ice skills. Also include ice damage to your melee weapon to further maximize the potential of Cold Steel Mastery. Use shield to enhance survival capability.
  • Critical hit chance and Critical hit damage: Get these affixes on items since the build doesn’t invest points on dexterity and strength.
  • Boost Ice damage: Further boost your ice damage.
  • All Armor, Health, and reduce damage taken: Your high ice damage is nothing if you’re already dead.

Feel free to make your own version of this build.

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