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"Torchlight 2": Elemental Dual Wand Outlander Build Guide

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Dual Wand Outlander, Copyright Runic Games

Dual Wand Outlander, Copyright Runic Games

Outlanders can also be built as elemental caster like Embermage, using dual wand boosting overall damage with focus, Long Range Mastery, and Master of the Elements.

Aside from using Wands as primary weapon, the build rely damage on elemental skills such as Cursed Dagger, Glaive Throw, and Flaming Glaives.


  • Dexterity (100 Stat Points): Don’t worry about your low dexterity. You will get bonuses from Charge, Dodge Mastery, Share the Wealth, and Outlander armor set.
  • Focus (345 Stat Points): This is the main stats for the build. It boosts all your elemental damage from wands to skills, increases mana, and more chance to strike both similar weapons when dual wield.
  • Vitality (50 Stat Points): Put some points here if you are planning to play on elite difficulty.


Warfare (30 Skill Points)

  • Cursed Daggers (15 Skill Points): This is the first skill that you are going to cast when you encounter enemies. It has the benefit of debuffing your enemy and buffing your damage.
  • Long Range Masteries (15 Skill Points): Boost the damage and range of your wand. Max this skill first together with Master of the Elements.

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Lore (41 Skill Points)

  • Glaive Throw (1 Skill Points): Now you're wondering why I only recommend 1 point for this skill. Resource wise, it only cost 10 mana to cast. You can spam this skill and the damage also scales on player level. By the way, it’s your default starting skill. So you don’t need to reskill during start of the game.
  • Flaming Glaives (15 Skill Points): This skill provides massive punishment with both weapon DPS and damage over time. Alternately cast Cursed Dagger, Flaming Glaives, then spam Glaive Throw.
  • Dodge Mastery (9 Skill Points): Since your stats are more concentrated on focus, you can still have a good dodge chance even with lower dexterity.
  • Poison Burst (1 Skill Points): I only put single point to this passive skill for some extra poison. You do not want to waste more skill points on this.
  • Share the Wealth (15 Skilll Points): Skill that lets you and your allies attack/cast faster, dodge better, and strike more critical hit.

Sigil (61 Skill Points)

  • Stone Pact (15 Skill Points): Defensively buff and heal your allies. This is the best support skill in Outlander’s arsenal.
  • Shadowling Brute (15 Skill Points): It’s good to always have a Shadowling Brute on your side. It strikes hard, can leap and dash through enemies.
  • Shadowling Ammo (1 Skill Points): This build is not concentrated on Shadowlings that’s why a single point is enough. You will get better chance to spawn the more enemies around.
  • Death Ritual (15 Skill Points): Boost the damage of your Shadowlings and lets them last longer.
  • Master of the Elements (15 Skill Points): One of the first skill to max together with Long Range Mastery. It boost the damage of your Wands, Glaive Throw, Cursed Daggers, and Flaming Glaives. Wands with multiple elemental damage complements well with Master of the Elements.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Elemental Overload - It increases the damage of your Wands and Spells. The only down side of this spell is the short duration.
  • Tome: Arcane Tools - Permanently increases the damage of your Wand.
  • Tome: Dual Wielding - Permanently increases your Wand damage when dual wield. Just make sure you are wielding dual wand or it won’t work.
  • Tome: Animal Handling - Permanently increases the power of your pet and shadowlings.

Equipments Affixes Priority

  • Dual Wand: Your Wand will really benefit from your high amount of focus especially if it is dual wield.
  • Boost elemental damage especially poison: More damage is welcome for your Wands and Spells.
  • Critical hit chance: You need this bonus since you have low dexterity.
  • Health: The extra health is helpful especially for higher difficulty.
  • Health stolen on hit: Lets you survive on harder enemies.

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